dress me up for halloween

Friday, October 9, 2009

so it's that time of year kids.


parties are thrown, costumes are constructed, girls have an excuse to dress like trashy whores and boys have an excuse to be half naked.

last year the klutz and i hosted a party in our apartment, some people came...

and this pic doesn't even show the deck - it was such a fun night.

i love any kind of party, but i'm not a huge fan of dressing up.

you see i HAD to dress up last year cause i was hosting the party, but most of my recent costumes simply involve me wearing something black with an accessory of some sort and that's about it.

except for that one time when i was a ballerina:

poo poo and i three halloween's ago - maybe i should just wear that costume again...

ugh. what should i be?

can't i just wear
a cleveland's a plum t shirt and be myself? too lame?

thought so.

but you see it wasn't too lame for a group of my friends and coworkers to show up at my party last year DRESSED UP AS ME.

apparently i'm that predictable in what i wear to work everyday.

black dress, black tights, black hair, black rimmed glasses and various accessory options like a scarf, long necklace or large black purse.

i still think about them doing this and laugh out loud to myself multiple times a month.

i'm easily amused.

so i'm wondering what you guys are being for halloween? or if you have any fabulous ideas of what in the hell i could be this year besides myself, please share with me.


  1. If that bottom picture has taught us anything, it's that you'd look pretty decent with a beard.

  2. Like you, I don't do dressing up very well. Only, unlike you, I don't host Halloween parties. Which means, I can get away with not doing a damn thing for Halloween this year. Yes, I'm lame. =)

  3. You can wear the plum shirt and go as a purple scrotum. Since they are one and the same. ;-)

  4. Are you & the Klutz having another Halloween party this year!? I think you should!!

    Also...in the background of the ballerina, Tickled Pink & Clark Kent! Awww, seems like just yesterday!

  5. That party was AMAZING.

    And I think BJ and I are getting a group of guys and going as the volleyball scene from Top Gun - think jeans, aviators and oil. It's going to be a hot mess.

  6. I think you should wear your Plum t-shirt and come as yourself to a costume party the weekend befoooooooooooore Halloween!!!

  7. you could dress up as a battered woman and say that Braylon broke up with you on his way out of town.

    then carry around a trash bin and various Braylon things, and periodically burn them in the trash bin in an effort to forget him.

    if you can rummage up some crocodile tears when you do it, that would set the costume right off!

  8. Im a freudian slip every eyar--wear a slip adn write words like id and phallic on myself. You should do that too--it is always a hit! You can have it.

  9. I am going to go as a cheap date or a hooker... wait, thats me everyday, Damn. I need to re-think this.

  10. Have no idea what I'm doing yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm going as Caffeine Pill episode Jesse Spano from SBTB. :) And I'm making Dave (my fiance) go as Zack. WIN.

  11. I'm going to be Mega Shark from Mega Shark vs Giant Octupus complete with a plane for me to eat.

    I had hoped that I'd be barry gibb, my wife would be robin gibb and our bestie zombie gibb but they killed that idea.

    damn I thought when I clicked to comment that I had a good idea but now I can't remember it!

    oh well black is sexy anyway!

  12. someone went as "cloudy with a chance of rain" five years ago at an office party, but i was too drunk to remember exactly how that costume worked.

  13. You and your boyfriend could do a role reversal and go as each other - if he'll go for it.

    If nothing else you could go ahead and wear a black short dress, black tights and glasses. When anyone complains that you aren't dressed up say that you are - You're Lisa Loeb!

  14. I think all the interns (and wives) are going as the cast from Saved by The Bell.
    Any idea where you can get some awesome high rise, tapered, stone washed jeans?

  15. peter - how do you know i don't already have a beard?

    nilsa - you are the farthest thing from LAME!

    lilu - good thing scrotum's are your favorite things in the world.

    bird - i know you and captain joe are totally the background of that pic! we aren't going to have one this year a couple other friends parties are happening. maybe next year?

    narm - are you going to shave your chest hair?

    court - i'm totally going to do that for the PRE-halloween party ;)

    quarter thrower - that's a horrible idea! haha.

    lemmonex - you know i may be stealing this - it's almost a guarentee

    just jp - it should be easy for you to dress up then!

    lacey - dave better get a big cellphone then too

    cleveland poet - zombie gibb?!? brilliant.

    dmb - i just may have to google that

    mike steelman - how kind of you too think that there's a man out there dumb enough to date me. i'm very single - no couples costume for me

    georgia - are you going to be jessi spano?!? obvy jamie is going to be zach. OMG what if you were violet?!?!

  16. I think there are a million really cute gyspy costumes this year. And you can have so much fun with makeup.

    I'm going as Indiana Jones, though. I can't wait. I love halloween!

  17. DUDE! that is so awesome that your coworkers dressed up like you.

    i love that.

    unfortunately i have no ideas about what you should be this year because i'm lame. sorry.

  18. That pic of your coworkers cracks me up! A friend of mine and I discussed making ourselves tutus and and going as sugar plum fairies or something. I try to stick with something easy. Last year I went as Amy Winehouse. It was ridiculous!

  19. That's awesome.

    This year, I think I'm going to go as Marilyn Monroe, but in all red (since my hair is already red).

    Last year, I went as an autograph book and a slutty nun (separate costumes).

  20. I think I kind of need that shirt.

    Also, I am tres jealous that your friends dressed up as you for halloween! If my friends did that for me they'd probably wear all black, too.

  21. Can I wear your shirt as go as THE PLUM?

    I haven't read the above comments. I'm SURE I'm not the only one who has said this, but I think it's fucking rad idea.

  22. i LOVE dressing up. last year i won first prize. i was a girl who laid in the sun too long. i came complete with a sunglass tan and pusing blisters all over. i had red body paint on, too. by the end of the night everyone had red on them and there were blisters in random places all over my friend's house

    ...that's gross.but it was a LOT of fun!

  23. some of my girlfriends are going as female video game characters (Laura Croft, Princess Peach, Ms Pac Man etc). We are (randomly) going to phish's halloween show weekend. So... we'll be going as hippies. :)

  24. I suggest Lady Gaga. I might be that myself

  25. that picture of all those folks who dressed up as you still cracks me up a year later.

  26. Pizazz from the Misfits. Bet you'd be the only one!

  27. I'm so lame about Halloween. I would rather do nothing. It's all too overwhelming for me! :P

  28. LOL looking at people dressing up as you makes me wanna cry. ZOMG AMAZING.

  29. I'm really, really bad about figuring out costumes. And since I'll be working on Halloween this year, I plan to be a photographer. Or a tourist. (Just give me a HUGE map, and I'll look confused with my camera.)

    I was a ballerina a few years ago, too! That's always a good costume! But other than that... I've got nothing.

  30. Okay, mine's a secret so don't tell, because it's pretty awesome. But if anyone is not in Pittsburgh, I'm okay with you stealing it. You ready for this?

    Sookie Stackhouse, from True Blood.

    Zomg, it's going to be awesome!!!!

  31. just go as a plum and put a little headband leaf on your head and paint your nails purple, purple tights oooh and you could get big purple eylashes, i kind of want to be a plum now!

  32. That's hilarious your coworkers dressed up like you!

    I have no idea what I am going to be this year. Once in college my friend and I were Two Tickets to Paradise. We dressed up like a pair of dice (white shirt, black dots) and pasted a ticket on our backs.

    Sadly, that's the most creative I've been.

  33. I love this time of year! (first time commenting ps, i love it that much)
    My girls friends really want us to go as TLC which im still unsure about, but could be funny.
    Last year my boyfriend bought some spray adhesive stuff and rolled in the leaves = pile of leaves. It was pretty funny, some pissed bar owners with leaves all over the place though.

    My mom has went in a yellow and white shirt before with devil ears and gone as a deviled egg, but shes a freak for corny costumes...

    Sorry.. not many good ones here either i guess...


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