greece, the cavs and cleveland bloggers - oh my.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

you all know i'm greek right?

100% in fact...
but all that basically means is that i'm loud, wear a lot of black, have a nosy big family, eat feta cheese and lamb, can get very tan in the summer, have dark hair and big boobs.

stereotype much?

moving on.

this past monday night my friend pete who writes the sports blog cleveland frowns, and also a fellow greek, invited me to the cavs preseason game at the Q verse greece's team olympiakos.

pete also invited a couple other local sports bloggers in scott from waiting for next year and vince from scene magazine - which was perfect cause i could not only geek out about the cavs/greeks but also about bloggers. nerd alert.

vince, scott and pete showing their man love for each other

pete, scott, me and vince who is really awesome at smiling in pics - #sarcasm

to say that the game was a greek fest would be an understatement.

i was literally bouncing around the arena visiting friends and family. but while i was busy bouncing vince experienced quite the hilarious "it's all greek to me" situation - read about it here.

halftime brought the st haralambos hellenic dancers on the court which was extra special because, 1. st haralambos is my church in canton, 2. i actually was a member of the dance troupe many moons ago, 3. i had friends/family that were performing

talk about a blast from the past - here's a pic of the junior dancers from the early '90's. i'm not in it, i think i was in the senior group by now, but my sissy is standing dead center.

a handful of the dancers in this picture are actually still dancing - crazy!

they've come a long way from the first pic huh?

halftime came and went and the cavs starters began to gravitate to the bench because the lead was so demanding.

rest up lebron james, we have a long season ahead of us - also, i love my new camera's zoom!

after the game we walked to la strada on east 4th for "greek night".

a shot from the la strada balcony

it was pretty packed actually. there was a band, too many cheesy greek men to count (a couple normal ones too), lots of champagne (including a broken glass courtesy of me), one mr. anderson varejao and an acrobatic blogger.

pete showing us that he like yoga. i've learned that this is actually normal for him.

just a normal monday night in cleveland kids.


  1. ...i'm loud, wear a lot of black, have a nosy big family, eat feta cheese and lamb, can get very tan in the summer, have dark hair and big boobs.

    I'm pretty sure you just described a Jew, too. Oh, we ethnic people have so much to be proud of. =)

  2. nilsa - HAHA! i actually have way more people thinking i'm jewish over say italian any day.

  3. we have 2 greek fests at 2 greek churches here in DC. i am not greek but always go to both of them and i feel disgustingly stuffed for days. but the dancers are always sooo cute and the flaming cheese is toooo tempting!

  4. You can do some damage with that zoom.

  5. Love the blog! Good to meet you the other night!

  6. Agreed with Vivian - it was fun hanging out with you and Pete and Vince at Flans.

  7. Yep that's us Greeks. :)

  8. woo for the greekness! and lebron. that is all :)

  9. Looks like you had so much fun! I miss Cleveland... and staring at LeBron... such a sexy, sexy man... SIGH.

    Here in Syracuse they are obsessed with Carmello Anthony... not sure why... he only went to school here for like two semesters.

  10. I just heard on the radio today that the Cavs are playing at Pitt on Tuesday. It's the closest Pittsburgh will ever come to having an NBA team.

  11. Ha! I went to high school with the lead singer of that band!

  12. "literally bouncing around the arena"

    do you happen to be a bouncy ball? did someone throw you? how does one bounce? explain. good day.

    your friend in grammar,

  13. Certainly doesn't sound like a bad stereotype to be part of... Ha.


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