halloween cold medicine anyone?

Friday, October 30, 2009

what 29 year old has two thumbs and still gets a halloween care package in the mail from their mother every year?

i'll give you two guesses.

but this year's package wasn't exactly what one would expect to receive for halloween.

there wasn't any snack size snickers or milky ways, no candy corn, no plastic spiders to bring the fright
, and not a single ghost sticker.

instead, i got the following in the mail...

doesn't that picture just scream HAPPY HALLOWEEN?!?!?

hand sanitizer? zicam? cough drops? clorox wipes? airborne?

it's like i went trick or treating in the school nurse's office.

i adore my mom, and i would love to tell you that this is the first time she has included vitamins in a gift to me, but that would be a lie - you should see my easter basket.

as my friend jason said upon seeing the above picture via email, "that's a lot of germ fighting power in one single care package. that's really the definition of a care package right there. just a whole box of care."


well here's to you all having a fabulously sexy and safe halloween weekend - don't hesitate to let me know if you need any cough drops.


  1. You've just reminded me that the last time my mom sent me a care package was 1985. Can I borrow yours for a while? =)

  2. you dirty girl... of course it needs a lot of supplies to clean you up.

  3. This made me laugh this morning. My mom bought me handsanitizer and vitamins too!

  4. Sweetest care package ever. Makes me miss my mom.

    Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween!

  5. That's soooo cute!

    Knowing my mom, if she went the school nurse route instead of sending care packages that weren't chock full o' chocolate and weird trinkets, she'd probably include the morning-after pill and some glow in the dark condoms. Oh parents.

  6. So, I read that last part quickly and read, "let me know if you need any sexy cough drops." And I thought, "hm...what are sexy cough drops?"

    But no, just regular ones.

  7. At least she included gum! That's sorta candy-ish, right?


    ..or is that just so you have minty fresh breath when you finally see the doctor because none of this shit helped?

  9. Ha! That's fantastic!

    Happy H1N1! (Oooo, scary!)

  10. Oh Alexa, you make me laugh and I you I guess... Would you expect anything different? I know you really love it! The question to ask is 'How many 29 year olds get anything sent to them from Mom for Halloween'? Love Jason's comment too. Love ya lots and 'take care'. XOXO

  11. Clorox wipes > Candy corn any day of the week.

  12. That is so cute of your mom!! She is awesome.

  13. Too funny! My mother sends me an Easter basket every year and sometimes a Halloween care package, but nothing like this. That's really cute, though. So you'll be staying healthy this weekend, no matter how late you are out trick-or-treating...

    Have fun this weekend!

  14. Your care package isn't good for much trick or treating, but damn if it won't keep the flu away.

    I approve of your mom's package. Enjoy your halloweekend!

  15. Haha, it looks like your mom wants to make sure you dont get sick!

  16. aww, how sweet!!

    my dad still sends me easter baskets every year, but no halloween candy (or cold meds) ;-)

  17. well we know you won't be getting swine flu any time soon, haha. i'll take some extra airborne off your hands if you need it :)

  18. Listen, swine flu is scary stuff! Stay healthy.

    (PS: Are you sure your mom's not Jewish? Geez.)

  19. Must be all those swine flu hype these days, I think she's sweet though :)

    And woman, you should get yourself your own care package with huge snickers and cheesy snacks and lots of booze then :p

  20. Can your mom send me a care package? Seriously that is awesome.

  21. Well, if you get sick, you'll certainly be good to go, right? Something's gotta be said for sending a practical care package, ha.

  22. Awwwwww, mama wants to keep her baby well. I think it's adorable.

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