there are two types of people in this world

Thursday, October 29, 2009

so i was thinking yesterday about my friends/family/colleagues and i've decided that there are two types of people in this world...

...people who like purple grapes and people who like green grapes

...women who wears uggs and women who do not

...people who listen to and love howard stern and people who do not

...people who like cats and people who HATE cats with every bone in their body

...people who love neil diamond and people who do not

...people who can drink an entire bottle of wine at one sitting and people who can not

...people who have read and are obsessed with twilight and people who have not whose names i add a "Y" to for no apparent reason and those i do not

...people who have tattoos and people who do not

...people who love the movie zoolander and people who do not

...people who place the toilet paper to fall over the roll and those who place the toilet paper to fall under the roll

...people who have cheesy quotes in their email signatures and people who do not

...people who love seinfeld and people who do not

...people who have their phone on silence/vibrate and people who have the newest nickelback song as their ringtone

...people who get along splendidly with their family and people who do not

...people who think i rule cleveland and people who do not - (you MUST click on that link)


for the record, this is the type of person i am...
purple grapes, do not wear uggs, love howard stern, HATE cats, love neil diamond, can drink an entire bottle of wine, have not read twilight, the names change daily, have tattoos, love zoolander, over the roll, no email signature quotes, love seinfeld, phone on silence/vibrate, get along with my family, do not think i rule cleveland (that's all

what about you?


  1. You we friends if you hate CATS! You've never met Captain Jack.

  2. Ohhh. That explains the "Petey" lately.

    And how can anyone not like Seinfeld?? Probably Family Guy fans.

  3. I'm pretty sure you do rule Cleveland. Queen Alexa. I like it.

    You forgot one: people who like pumpkin flavored stuff (i.e. beer, lattes, etc.) and people who don't.

    For the record I love pumpkin flavored stuff. Mainly beer.

  4. What about:

    People that know Opie and Anthony are funnier than Stern, and people that just refuse to accept the fact that Opie and Anthony are funnier than Stern.

  5. Very interesting. You've covered a lot of ground here.

    And I think you do rule Cleveland. I mean, I know you and only a few more people there...

  6. I fear I fall more into the Have Not for this one...

  7. both grapes, no uggs, howard stern, one cat @ a time, neil diamond, whole bottle of vino, not read twilight-saw movie (not obsessively), boys-find out middle names, 2 tattoos, zoolander, TP OVER THE ROLL-if not i HAVE to change it, no quotes-although i could come up with some stupid, silly ass stuff, seinfield-not love, but enjoy, phone-me singing bc i refuse to pay for a song-they'd add up- i get bored easily HAHA, family for sure, you definitely rule CLE

  8. I was just telling Narm that I wish I had thought to go as Alexa for Halloween.

    I do have opinions on every one of those subjects and I do not wear Uggs.

  9. haha, love the binaries.

    I'm with you on almost every single one except: haven't ever heard Howard Stern, so cannot judge; was forced to read one Twilight book, but did not like it or continue with it; no ink.

    Dude, though, people who prefer green grapes and disrespect THE JEWISH ELVIS are clearly all lame.

  10. Who can't drink a bottle of wine in one sitting?!?!?

  11. Hates cats, have ink, I think you know where I stand on the Y thing.

  12. I think I'm with you on most of them. Except maybe Howard Stern. I don't get offended, but I won't go out of my way to listen to him.

  13. purple grapes, love uggs, don't listen to howard stern, HATE cats, LOVE neil diamond, can drink an entire bottle of wine, have not read twilight, make up a new name altogether, do not have tattoos (I like them but have no threshold for pain), love zoolander, over the roll, cheesy e-mail quote, love seinfeld, phone on vibrate, get along with my family, it's been like 12 years since i've been to cleveland, so i'm thinking no on that.

  14. TP over the roll. easy.

    and i drink wine like Welch's.

  15. Well you definitely rule Cleveland, there's no questioning that.

    I never really got into downloading the songs for ringtones but I like creating my own for my friends using sound bites. When my Dad calls Boomhauer from King of Hill spouts off (my dad mumbles).

    As for the rest... purple grapes, no uggs (not ever!), love stern, love cats (and dogs), love neil diamond, can drink an entire bottle of wine in one sitting, have not and will not read/watch Twilight, definitely in favor of altering names, no tats for me, love zoolander, pretty anal (no pun intended) about the paper falling over the roll, never been a quote person, love seinfeld, very close to the 'rents.

    Though if you've ever seen My Date With Drew, I agree with the lead that all people can be divided into two groups, those who LOVE Grease 2 and everyone else. I'm definitely in column A.

  16. People who eat meat and who don't.

    I can't be friends with vegetarians.

    Except for ben... only cause he's cute.

  17. I'm one of those people who doesn't care which way the TP goes... is that weird?
    I keep my phone on vibrate too! I'm not sure why- I miss a lot of calls.
    I don't drink wine at all. I usually go for the purple grapes (I don't have reasoning behind that.. hmm).

  18. I was pretty much right in all of them, except for the tattoos one. I thought you didn't have any.

    By the way, if I ever visit Cleveland I'm dressing up as you. Even if it's not Halloween.

  19. Kool-Aid Man RULEZ THE WORLD. w00t!

  20. Maybe it should have been people who can drink 2 bottles of wine in one sitting b/c drinking one bottle is a breeze!

    Also--and probably more applicable to girls--people who drink beer and people who don't. I don't, but get classified as high maintenance b/c of it. I hate looking like THAT girl!

  21. I was unaware that there are people who do not love Zoolander.

  22. What a great post... there is no middle ground for any of the comparisons you listed. I love the Zoolander comment - it was delightful!

  23. oh i like this. i am both grapes though, no uggs, no howard stern, no cats, no neil diamond, oh yes i can drink a bottle of wine, obsessed with twilight yes i think so, i add y's, no tattoos, love zoolander, tp over the roll, no quotes, don't love seinfield, phone on silence, love the fam and of course you rule cleveland!

  24. I can't imagine somebody not loving Seinfeld or Zoolander. What's wrong with those people?

  25. I love this, and I agree that on most of them, you like either one thing or the other. I've also never read twilight. I work with teenagers, so that basically makes me a heathen.

  26. green grapes, no juggs, hell yes to howard stern, hate cats, love neil, down a bottle like its nobody's business, read twilight, no "y" to men's names, could take or leave zoolander, toilet paper goes over the roll, one email has quote one doesnt, enjoy seinfeld, phone on silent/vibrate, get along with my family most of the time, and I fully believe you rule cleveland and have the crown to prove it. You do, right?

  27. I like green grapes. But seedless ones

  28. green grapes, wear UGGS (only to keep my feet warm, i think they're kinda ugly though), i'd PROBABLY love howard stern (but have never listened), love cats, hate neil diamond, can drink TWO bottles of wine in one sitting, have read TWO twilight books, no tattoos, love zoolander, don't care about toilet roll (as long as there IS some...), no email sig quotes, love seinfeld, phone always on silent, get along with family . . .

    I suppose I agree with a lot of that, but in some I kinda fall into the middle somewhere...

  29. I'm glad to hear you are the type who does not like uggs. we can still be friends now :)

  30. This post reminded me that I needed to fix my TP roll. I'm definitely an over the roll guy and the ladyfriend placed it under the roll. It's been irking me for days.

  31. purple grapes, no uggs, no cats, and I totally think you rule cleveland!:)

  32. I am totally of the green grape, no uggs or howard stern, love cats and neil diamond, CAN'T drink a bottle of win, unobsessed with twilight, add "y" to guys names, tattooed, indifferent about zoolander, over the roll tp, no email signature quotes, non seinfeld loving, phone on vibrate, and think you rule cleveland variety :-)

  33. You are so very right, and now I'm compelled to list which of each I am, ha.

    Green grapes, no uggs or Stern, hate cats, no Neil Diamond, love Twilight (maybe no obsessed though, except with Jacob...), totally add Ys to some guys names, love Zoolander, over the TP roll, no cheesy quotes and def no Seinfeld, the phone is always quiet, adore (most of) my family and of course you rule Cleveland. Duh.

    P.S. I wanted to call it the Cleve. Hahahaha.