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Monday, October 26, 2009

over the course of the next year i have a feeling that 30th birthday parties are going to be a theme here on the plum, as myself and all my fellow '98 high school grads turn the big 3-0.

i just had to pause for a moment after typing that to let my age sink in.

last night it was time for my good friend hatchel to celebrate his 30th with a surprise party at the clevelander thrown by one of my favorite people ever and his girlfriend court.

for those of you that are familiar with the upstairs of the clevelander it isn't exactly known for its decor - but they did one hell of a remodel job because it looked great up

court helped decor too, and with her creative streak we knew this wasn't going to be a "normal" 30th birthday event.

the party was titled "three decades of matt: at retrospective" and you were asked to dress up as a person or object which represents some place that matt has lived over
the past 30 years which include many locations in illinois (champaign, chicago, etc), NYC and cleveland.

being really into dressing up in costume (PSYCHE), i came dressed in black, as myself.

hey, I AM a person or object which represents a place that matt has lived -
cleveland's a plum bitch.

the party was a success, so much fun and my favorite bartender trevor was pouring the blueberri stoli with a heavy hand - just the way i like it. after the party we went to maproom for a hot second and finally ending up the night at hotz's in tremont.

good times kids, good times.

hatchel being lead in to the party by court - surprise!!

hatchel and court post costume change - ZUBAZ!!!

which one is the real hatchel?

court, the klutz and muffin having some fun with hatchel's cardboard cutout

and that would be cleveland's own drew carey and mimi - aka jeremy and nikki

mitch as a white dennis rodman - nailed it.

ahmed dressed as captain and captain dressed as..... i have no idea other than his shirt said pants on it

awesome jen page and lara dressed up as each other which also means that they switched boyfriends for the evening - hope jon and wes liked the transition

driggs, fitchko, verdova, travis, hatchel, ahmed, captain and the jerk

hooray for hatchel!

hope everyone had a great weekend, now who's ready for halloween?!?!


  1. No one said the fun had to stop when you turned 30! Thanks for making me less scared.... for that five-years-from-now birthday. ;)

  2. I refuse to believe you're turning 30. I'm just gonna pretend we're the same age and call it a day, kay?

  3. Ummm... I graduated FROM COLLEGE the same year you graduated from high school. That is all.

  4. I graduated from high school in 98, but I stopped aging at 25.

    Was there really a cardboard cut out because that is spectacular.

  5. These people are party edict. They are just come enjoy the party.


  6. I think you gonna have a fun crazy amazing life, regardless your age. And your friend's party look amazing. Hope your friends surprise you like this too, or even crazier :D

  7. Your friends have the most fun party ideas! :) So when's the big 3-0?

  8. Dude, turning thirty traumatized me. My wonderful gf at the time had to spoil me a tonne to keep me from running away from home. We had conversations like this:

    Peter: I'm too pretty to be 30!

    Her: You've never been that pretty.

    Peter: Oh yeah... I'm gonna need more presents.

  9. HA. That Rodman costume was money!

  10. I don't even want to think about turning 30 in January!! My friends keep asking me what I'm going to do and I keep saying "crying in the fetal position!"

    Oh and I know spelling and punctuation are not your thing, but seeing as I went to school in Champaign and then lived there for another 2 years after college, please don't put an 'e' on it. . . it drives me nuts being from IL!! haha!!

    Did Hatchel go to the UofI too?? Is that why he lived in Champaign?? :)

  11. That looks like a blast. I actually have a birthday to go to this weekend where we're supposed to dress up as the many faces of the birthday boy as well. Is this a new trend?

  12. His shirt said "pants." Nice.

    And Drew and Mimi were pretty spot on.

  13. suburban - rub it in that you're younger than me, go ahead!

    maxie - i refuse to believe that you are 23. how about them apples.

    AAB - you are an old hag. xoxo

    mandy - i did too. shhhhh don't tell anyone

    andhari - i don't even want to think about what i'll have in store for me at my 30th

    rachel - not till july 2nd, i have some time...

    peterdewolf - im going to run away to canada when i turn 30

    allison - i think you need a cardboard cutout of yourself

    matt - it was spot on. he had a bull nose ring in too

    idea #527 - i changed it for you! and yes, that is why he was living there

    liebchen - apparently it's the new trend! i've never heard of it before this party though

    fB - i want a pants shirt now. weren't they perfect?!?! they won the costume contest obviously

  14. Dressed in all black could have easily represented NYC.

  15. what an awesome theme for a party!! i love it! i have a brazillion 30th bdays coming up this year as well. :-P

    we's old. here's to the class of 98!!

  16. I need to go to Cleveland simply to:

    1. Make you dress in something other than black.

    2. Go to one of your Cleveland parties.

    Oh and don't worry about turning 30. I promise, it's really not a big deal!

  17. I love the white Dennis Rodman! :) Def. nailed it!

  18. that party looks amazing, love all the costumes, haha.

  19. Wow that looks like one hell of a party.

    And turning 30 is not that bad... however, the body will tell you otherwise... : (

  20. Sorry, I forgot you do not like the whole emoticons crap...

    *I almost did it again... ha!

  21. That's the best idea for a party. wow.

  22. I saw someone with a hoodie on from my high school with "Seniors '10" on it. I had to stop and think, "Wow, I actually graduated 12 years ago... and now I feel old!" At least with everyone turning 30 this year, there will be lots of big, fabulous parties, instead of just all the lame-ass little ones! Ha ha ha!

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  24. 30 is the new 20. Trust me, cus I'm 23! I know!

    Awesome idea for a party! I think I just got shitfaced for mine, and puked all night like I was 21. But then I really don't remember.

    Halloween, I'm ready! I have two more parties to hit up!

  25. A white Dennis Rodman. I love it. I just wish I could really celebrate Halloween... Le sigh.


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