the weekend according to me whilst half in the bag

Sunday, October 4, 2009

you guys want the truth?

of course you do!

well, since honesty is cool....

i'm typing this as i'm just getting home from an all day browns game outing. i've had a few beers, a few slices of pizza and more than one shot.
it's only 8:30pm and all i can think about is how much work i have to do tomorrow.

in fact, last night (saturday) i dreamt about work and about all the paperwork that's waiting for me when i get into the office tomorrow - this apparently happens to me when i take a day off like i did last friday.

my day of rest this past friday meant a mani/pedi at john roberts spa in mayfield, a stop at beachwood mall, a drive down to canton for a hair cut and color at gsv salon and then quality hangout time with my mommy.

saturday night i had my '09 wedding season closer when my friends batch and ben got married in the cleveland cultural gardens - the greek garden to be specific, with a reception at the beautiful josaphat arts hall.

this wedding had every detail accounted for in the perfect design and flow that one would expect from two creatives. it was pure awesomeness.

congrats to the happy couple, batch and ben!!

the beatles music themed wedding had "all you need is love" drink stirrers - pure perfection.

constance, batch and their fabulous miami university college friends.

after the wedding i met up with friends at around the corner with a move to tremont taphouse shortly there after.

sunday i arose just in time for tailgating in the pit and attending the browns game with muffin, MOB and the klutz. the club seats made our time at the stadium more enjoyable but the browns loss in overtime made it all the more depressing.

but at least the browns showed up this game...

the view from our seats.

blind pig was where we landed before the game even ended to meet up with more friends and fellow bloggers but not everyday, cleveland frowns and vince the polock.

from there we attempted to go to liquid but that place was simply unbearable so maproom it was. pizza and miller lite was ordered and it was the perfect location to wind down our buzzes and our weekend.

and that brings me to the present.

i'm exhausted and truthfully the LAST thing i wanted to do right now was blog but if i didn't write something now while i was half in the bag i wasn't going to be able to write anything until wednesday.

so you'll take this blog post and LIKE it kids.

i hope you all had a fabulous weekend and i'll personally be counting down the days till next weekend when all of my college roommates will be visiting me in cleveland from pittsburgh, dayton and grosse pointe - CAN'T WAIT...

hope this week is a quick one.


  1. that's right! you rock and I can't WAIT to read about your next weekend. I bet it's going to get crazy.

  2. I would like to do a remake of that song: "All You Need is Plums."


  3. is your camera blurry or are my contacts getting old.

    serious question. i'm too lazy to clean them.

  4. I have soooo much to do this week! I really need to get myself together, got the feeling I'll cry in the middle of the week. I love your weekend stories though, involving a lot of my favorite things : self pampering, shopping, parties, and alcohol.LOL.

  5. A Beatles music themed wedding?!? Those people are SERIOUSLY my new heroes.

  6. I liked it and not just because you told me to.

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  8. Awwwww, we had my dad read All You Need Is Love as a reading during our ceremony ... almost one year ago! Brings a little tear to my eye cuz my dad got all choked up while reading it. Great theme for a wedding!

  9. I hate when you are out having a good time and thoughts of work creep up on you. Its lame...

  10. I thought for sure you were going to type- YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH.

    but you didnt.

    however I did think about you this weekend when I saw that sing out commercial.

  11. you're right: at least the Browns showed up this weekend.

    i'm hoping this week is quick, too.

  12. can't wait for this weekend! so excited! is it friday yet?

  13. When do you breathe, my love?

  14. I dreamed about Super Mario Galaxy last're working too hard and I'm not working hard enough, lol.

  15. i now officially want a beatles-themed wedding. SO CUTE.

  16. I like it! I like it! My wedding season closer is actually this weekend AND will be a bit of mini reunion with some of my grad friends.


  17. I'm hoping the week goes quickly too!

  18. that wedding just sounds so cute. love the drink stirrer idea, taking notes here, haha.

  19. I miss John Roberts... And you went to a good game ! I get to see the Browns in Buffalo this Sunday... and, don't shun me forever,... I'm a BILLS fan. BF is driving up from Ohio & he'll be my Browns counterpart!

  20. Alexa, you are more social in a weekend than I am in an entire month. Its pretty impressive.

  21. A Beatles music themed wedding is my dream.

  22. Whoever marries me has zero choice about our wedding song; it will be "All You Need is Love." I <3 the Beatles like whoa, so if I can pull off a Beatles-themed wedding, so be it, I will.

    Just have to be engaged first. Usually that's an important step...

  23. With everything you were doing, did you have time for a pee break?

  24. Your day off with your mom sounded absolutely lovely :) As did the rest of your weekend.

    Hope you are having a wonderful week!


    ps - It's such a challenge to blog when things are super-busy, and I give you A LOT of credit for doing so*

  25. I too thought you'd type "you can't handle the truth"

    and I often get tired just reading about the bazillion awesome things you do.

  26. I just wanted to say I really appreciate your posts and the work you did.

  27. I know there will be many difficulties and challenges but I am determined to do it. If it does not succeed then it will be a lesson for me as well


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