a successful thanksgiving weekend if i do say so myself

Monday, November 30, 2009

while i have blogged since thanksgiving (recapping thanksgiving eve and announcing the HP dm3 laptop winner), i haven't properly shared with you all the awesomeness that was my thanksgiving holiday.

this year we headed over to my cousin cathi and greg's house in north canton for a thanksgiving meal to top all thanksgiving meals.

16 of us gathered for the actual dinner with more family coming in and out throughout the evening even though i was admittedly sleeping during some of the family time i got my fill in.

with euchre playing (even though danny and i lost), laughing till we cried, christmas gift exchange name drawing, video making that didn't end up turning into a video, and eating, there was plenty of quality family time which i was in desperate need of.

i love them.

my cousin jenna, sissy! and my cousin david pre-gluttony

cathi busy cooking in the kitchen, and sissy! making the biggest FAIL of all cocktails - fig infused vodka with earl gray tea and tangerine juice. it was so bad no one could drink it, sad yet very comical.

greg, cathi, tia jo and mike carving up the three different varieties of turkey

the finished platter of turkey resting under some custom warming lamps that are built into a section of my cousin's kitchen. yes, warming lamps.

the spread - salad, bread in a literal bowl made of bread, roasted potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, homemade apple sauce, sauteed green beans, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, egg noodle casserole, wild rice, bread stuffing, sweet corn souffle, and cream spinach.

in our family even the dog, shiloh, gets thanksgiving dinner

dig in kids

family time came and went on thursday and friday found me at my friend alice's baby shower with maia before i headed back to cleveland for captain and travis's duo 30th birthday party.

the one picture i took on friday night - kim, the klutz, court, babs, beaver, muffin, JV and AJP at reddstone

a group of us started at reddstone in battery park and then moved to old angle tavern in ohio city. from there the party started to break up with people ending up all over the place. personally, i headed to maproom with JV and AJP but didn't last too long as my bed across the street was calling my name.

saturday i was back to canton for a triple movie theater marathon with multiple family members guest starring. we saw zombieland, the men who stare at goats, and the blind side. i LOVED zombieland and the blind side, the men who stare at goats? not so much.

sunday brought more family time with brunch at cracker barrel with my mom, sissy and yiayia (grandmother), but also brought saying bye to my sissy as she heads back to manhattan.

as family fun filled this thanksgiving break was i wasn't annoyed with them, it just made me all the more excited for christmas.

hope your thanksgiving was a good as mine - have a great week!

winner of the HP dm3 announced!

Friday, November 27, 2009

so this is a completely anti-climatic way to announce the winner of the HP dm3 laptop giveaway.

especially since i spent about 3 hours with my family last night trying to figure out how to pick the winner, then i preceded to video tape them picking their numbers, video taped my cousin jenna and sissy drawing the finalists, and then had them pull a wishbone apart to choose the winner.

pull a wishbone apart to choose the winner!

how very thanksgiving of me right?

well all that video is currently chillin' on my flip video which isn't allowing me to save and edit the videos for whatever reason and i simply don't have time to mess with it on this black friday as i'm heading out for my friend alice's baby shower...

so guess what? i'm just going to tell you all the winner and how i came to pick it.

i went around to 12 of my family members to picked a number off the top of their head between 1 and 7,555(!) - i took those 12 random numbers and found out what comment/twitter post they matched to.

those numbers connected to - elizabeth, floreta (x2), carmie (x2), ben meck, alana, genna, fashion frugality, jenb, alex the great, and brad.

from there we put those names into a bowl and my sissy and jenna each drew out a finalists name - jenb and floreta.

from there a wishbone was acquired with my sissy on one end and jenna on the other, when the bone was cracked jenb from need to sew was the winner.

so congrats to jenb!!! i hope you enjoy your new HP dm3 laptop and please email me your address.

thanks again to everyone who took the time to comment, twitter, blogpost and spread the word about the contest, i appreciate it very much and i hope it helped me win a HP dm3 of my very own.

crosses fingers.

have a great weekend all, see ya on monday!

turkey for me, turkey for you

Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy thanksgiving kids!

hope you and yours are having a wonderful day with friends and family - you know i am.

last night i headed home to canton for thanksgiving eve going out festivities heading to
pete's grille in downtown canton, legend's in north canton and wrapping up late night over at the O's.

it was very good hanging out with friends and family and it only got me more excited to see everyone today.

sissy, katie, me, sarah and leah - we've known each other our whole lives (greeks unite!) all together at pete's.

biscuit, me and j-birdie at legend's - i desperately miss seeing them on a weekly basis

i'm kind of sad i didn't take more pictures while simultaneously am surprised that the pictures i took both included me as i normally hide from the camera. random.

anywhos it's time to help in the kitchen and get ready for wine, a turkey coma, home alone watching, naps, and...

drawing the winner of the HP dm3 laptop giveaway! i'll be announcing the winner in a post tomorrow - oh the anticipation.

well happy thanksgiving again, and i'm thankful for all of you. mwah.

keep waiting or start moving?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i've been asking a lot of my friends, both male and female, the following question to surprisingly very mixed reviews:

is it ok for the woman to ask the man out?

we're talking sadie hawkins style here.

while some say, "heck yes! go for it!".

others say, "hell no! if he wants to spend time with you he'll ask you".

but what if he doesn't think you're interested in him cause you are too busy trying to be a bad mama jamma?

my mother taught me that your significant other should treat you like a queen, and in the beginning specifically he should be the one chasing after you - call me old fashioned.

that school of thought has generally always caused me to play the aloof "oh the cute boy i'm secretly in love with is sitting at the bar? yes, i did notice, and no i'm not going to talk to him" card when i like a guy, never coming on too strong, or even coming on at all (twss) - which based upon my current relationship status isn't exactly working for me now is it?

so i'm a tad bit guarded, sue me.

perhaps i need to turn off the aloof and turn on the flirt - new years resolution maybe?

i've actually been told on more than one occasion that i can be intimidating to men - which i find to be complete BS, almost laughable, as i think i'm completely approachable and easy to talk to.

but now i'm drifting completely from the point of the post...

i need advice.

is it ok for the woman to ask a man out? i'm looking for the male AND female point of view here.

blog it forward: 12.3.09

Monday, November 23, 2009

for the last few weeks a group of my friends and fellow cleveland bloggers have been trying to put together a "stalk the bloggers" happy hour party.

but as the holiday schedules are quickly filling up we've decided to postpone the happy hour to a yet to be determined date in january, and focus on something a little more important this holiday season.

last week amelia brought to my attention a dire situation that
we all as a blogging community need to get behind and show our support for.

now i don't personally know
anissa mayhew (who also is the editor of the blog aiming low) like amelia but last week was saddened to hear that this 35 year old mother of three had a horrible stroke and is fighting for her life in an ICU.

this sprung amelia into action and she has been gracious enough to offer up her restaurant, the greenhouse tavern, for a happy hour event on thursday december 3rd to benefit annissa mayhew and her family.

if you are available next thursday please try to stop by the greenhouse tavern for some cocktails, good food, excellent company and most importantly to help a blogger in need.

hope to see you there!

osu, going out, down with the sickness

i'm not feeling so hot sunday afternoon as i write this, not sure what's going on but i sure as hell hope it's not the flu. i have way too much to do this week!

so instead of my normal witty weekend recap you guys are going to get short sentences and pictures - even though i didn't take that many of them.

friday night i stayed in and made some delicious kraft macaroni and cheese, so delicious in fact that it tops all kraft macaroni and cheese - this is award winning caliber food here and i was in heaven eating it and relaxing on my couch.

saturday morning i was up and at um early to clean my apartment and work out before i headed to maproom to
meet up with friends to watch the osu michigan game.

we drank, we ate, we finagled bar patrons to give up their osu snuggies and watched osu win the game.

captain, the klutz, colleen and tim (who prefers the flyers over osu, obvy) at the maproom

after a good solid day of drinking at the maproom, day turned into night and the klutz and i knew that if we stayed out any longer we wouldn't make it out again for the evening so we walked home to drink lots of water and rest.

i made it back out though, and the klutz didn't - you'll have that.

i headed to the pub in rocky river to meet up with beaver, nicole and MOB as they were wrapping up their dinner. the highlight of the meal by far was our server (jazz) who flashed us what was under his uniform kilt...

next stop brother's lounge in lakewood for a birthday party and WHOA was this place cool. i've never been before but i plan on attending this music hall and pub again sometime very soon.

the headlining band, hollis brown out of NYC, was very very good as well and kind of reminded me of KoL at times which is always fine by me.

scott, holler, patrick and muffin at brother's lounge

MOB, nicole, drew andy, beaver and hunter at brother's lounge

saturday night ended and morning came early with brunch (that i couldn't even eat) at around the corner with muffin, MOB, beaver and the klutz with a viewing of new moon at crocker park after. new moon was surprisingly good. i've never read any of the books but i'm a sucker for a love story so i was entertained.

and that's a weekend wrap, as i'm writing this i'm actually running a fever - over 101 temperature in fact.

see how much i love you guys? i even blog with a fever.


don't forget that you have until wednesday night to enter to win the HP dm3 laptop that i'm giving away.

the original post has apparently maxed out at over 4400 comments so please continue to enter on the second post that i created - thanks and good luck!

win a HP Pavilion dm3 laptop - continued...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

apparently there is an error with the blogger platform that won't allow a post to go much over 4400 comments...

and you guys are being commenting fools on the HP dm3 giveaway post (thanks!), so i'm creating this post to continue the entering process.

sorry about the confusion as i had no clue there was a commenting limit on a post!

in case you forgot, this is what you are entering to win:

and in case you forgot this is how you enter:

simply leave a comment on this post telling me something you are thankful for - ENTER AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT because it won't only help your chances of winning, but mine as well.

1. multiple comment the heck out of this post - more chances for you to win.
2. link back to this post - more chances for you to win. just leave me a comment with the link.
3. tweet the hell out of this post - more chances for you to win. just leave me a comment with the twitter link of add the hashtag #getaHPforalexa so it can be tracked accordingly

thanks again for entering and good luck!!

everyone has their blankets

Thursday, November 19, 2009

you know how linus from the PEANUTS always has his blanket?

well i've recently started to notice that i have quite a few "blanket's" of my own where that if i'm missing even one of them my world is just not right.

first being that i always have to have a black hair band around my right wrist - true that you never know when you're going to need to pull your hair back, but it's turned into an accessory that i've been sporting for about 15 years.

secondly, i always have to
have a bottle of water with me. normally it's my reusable university of dayton nalgene or a bottle of smart water but for whatever reason the thought of being thirsty at any given time and NOT having water freaks me out.

thirdly, my blackberry. file this one under duh.com - between twitter stalking, email, blogging, and facebook my little blackberry gets quite the work out day to day. i have a total obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to making sure that my little red message alert light is NEVER blinking.

actually now that i think about it my "blankets" aren't that odd.

hair band, water and my blackberry - totally normal right?

so what are your daily "blankets"?


don't forget to enter my HP Pavilion dm3 laptop giveaway contest by leaving a comment telling me something you are thankful for!

don't forget #2 - tonight at 6pm is the Jump Back Ball ticket sales kick off event at AJ Rocco's. see you there!

win a HP Pavilion dm3 laptop

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

earlier this week on twitter i mentioned that i had a giveaway as HUGE as shaq's shoes in the works, well that said giveaway starts today kids.

i'm giving away a brand new thin and light HP dm3 notebook PC to one of YOU.

shall i repeat that for you to let it sink in?

i'm giving away a brand new thin and light
HP dm3 notebook PC to one of YOU.

and it looks a little something like this...

shiny huh? and to think that sleek design all comes in a 1 inch thin package for mobility ease.

it has some awesome features too, most impressive to me being that the HP dm3 has ultra low voltage processors allowing for up to 10 hours of battery life.

this laptop also comes fully loaded with the newest Windows 7 features like snap, pin, shake and peak to make day-to-day tasks a breeze.

the dm3's HP MediaSmart along with its BrightView LED display, SRS Premium Sound and Altec Lansing speakers make the device ideal for experimenting with music and video - Windows 7 goes even further to enhancing that experience with features like Play To.

to see more on the HP Pavilion dm3 click here, and to see more Windows 7 features click here.

so you probably want to know how you can win this awesome machine now don't you?

the contest is going to run for one week from 12:01am wednesday the 18th, to 11:59pm wednesday the 25th. i'm going to choose the lucky winner of the laptop on thanksgiving, and announce the winner in a post on black friday.

to enter simply leave a comment on this post telling me something you are thankful for -

but there's a twist - you see this isn't only a contest for you guys, it's a contest for me.

there are 8 other bloggers who are also giving away the HP dm3 and whatever blogger generates the most interaction with their contest wins their own laptop.


confession: i'm a blogger and i don't own a computer. which is a utter shame that can be resolved with your help.

1. multiple comment the heck out of this post - more chances for you to win.
2. link back to this post - more chances for you to win. just leave me a comment with the link
3. tweet the hell out of this post - more chances for you to win, just leave me a comment with the twitter link or add the hashtag #getaHPforalexa so it can be tracked accordingly

the more entries you have the better your chances of winning - this is for a laptop kids! amaze balls.

thanks so much for entering, and good luck in advance!

p.s. don't forget to include your email in the comment if i can't find it online or don't have it already

UPDATE: looks like there is an error message coming up for people trying to comment on this post. i have created a second post to hold additional comments that you can FIND HERE. keep up the comments kids, and thanks!

it's time for PlayhouseSquare's Jump Back Ball ticket sales kickoff

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

there are quite a few annual events in cleveland that i look forward to year after year like the indians and browns home openers and krusty's summer sauce camp.

but there's one event in particular that i've been attending since my move to cleveland that blows all other annual events out of the water in regard to swankiness.

yes, swank.

swank is defined as imposingly fashionable or elegant; grand; fashionable; smartness in style or bearing; elegance; swagger.

and all of those adjectives describe PlayhouseSquare's Jump Back Ball perfectly.

but now that i think about it, party, dancing, fun, flirting, martinis, dressing up, schmoozing, hot men in suits and tuxes, beautiful women in formal wear and inappropriate behavior all fit perfectly as well.

for those of you who aren't familiar with Jump Back Ball it's an annual benefit that the
PlayhouseSquare Partners throw in the state theater that allows the attendees to roam about the venue consuming a gourmet dinner buffet, endless drinks (including a martini ice bar!), gambling and live music.

it's a chance to dress up and party with nearly 1,000 clevelanders, including yours truly, all to benefit the mission of PlayhouseSquare.

this year's Jump Back Ball themed "Celebrate: Carnaval" is presented by PNC Bank and is set to happen February 27, 2010, and i highly recommend getting your tickets early for a couple of reasons.

1. it's a guaranteed sell out
2. the ticket price increases the closer you get to the event

which is exactly why you should attend the Jump Back Ball ticket sales kickoff THIS THURSDAY november 19th from 6 to 8pm at AJ Rocco's (816 Huron Rd), where you can get nosh on complimentary appetizers, drink specials and mini manicures by the studio salon, plus buy your Jump Back Ball tickets.

the kickoff party pricing is $100 a ticket for PlayhouseSquare Partners, $120 a ticket for Non-Partners, and you can purchase two tickets per person at the kickoff rate free of handling fees on thursday only. also new this year is a payment plan option!

friday the ticket prices go up $15 plus handling fees making attending the kickoff party to purchase your event tickets a smart choice.

i know i'll be at the kickoff party and i hope you will too as this year's Jump Back Ball is a must attend event.

now i just need to buy a new dress and find a date...

happy hours, late nights, brides and champagne

Monday, November 16, 2009

i didn't take any pictures this weekend.

blogging fail.

but i did spend a seemingly random friday night out with some of my excellent friends.

i started the night early at blind pig for their fabulous happy hour, lava lounge for a tasty late dinner, flying monkey for cocktails and running into many more friends, hotz's for miller high life, and more late night beer drinking at kramer's house in ohio city.

flash forward, and it's 5am and i'm parking my car in front of my apartment downtown.

not sure how "two drinks" at blind pig turned into me rolling home at 5am but you'll have that i guess.

the crazy thing was that i woke up saturday morning (only 5 hours later), got ready and headed to crocker park for a champagne brunch at brio with my friends moe and tanya.

guess i did take one pic this weekend with my bberry, that's moe and tanya -cheers!

you see we had some serious business to take care of...
operation find moe a wedding dress.

after a bottle and then some of champagne we were ready for shopping. i think it only took one sip of champagne in the morning for me me to feel all buzzed up again.

shampoo effect.

our first and only stop of wedding dress shopping was at leonardo's bridal boutique in rocky river and i can't say enough positive things about the owner kate and her mother who were so helpful and kind to us and all of their customers. they were so great and easy to work with - leonardo's is a must visit!

after two hours and another bottle and then some of champagne we all agreed on our favorite dress for moe - it has the WOW factor to say the least, but it's all up to moe to make the final decision in the upcoming weeks. we'll see!

once shopping was complete i dropped off the girls at around the corner so i could run back to crocker park to pick something up at H&M.

i had all intentions of going back to the bar. really i did.

but suddenly it was dark, suddenly my blackberry battery completely died, suddenly my partying from the night before and champagne drinking all day caught up with me and i was TIRED.

i got home thinking i'm going to take a quick nap and then head to a friends party in stonebridge.

i think we all know how the rest of my night ended up.

i woke up on my couch at midnight, to 762 missed calls and text messages - oops, looks like i wasn't making it to that party after all.

you'll have that.

guess i'll just have to go out tonight at watch the browns play some monday night football to make up for it.

have a good week kids!

providence house phriends group happy hour

Friday, November 13, 2009

happy friday kids!!

nothing crazy from me today, as i'm on deadlines like whoa, but i wanted to post some pics real quick from last night's providence house phriends group happy hour at bier market in ohio city.

there was a great turnout and i already can't wait for the next one, yo.

drew, nicole, anne and dan

kevin, @lzone, and michael

really really sweet girls who i just met last night that i don't recall of their names - sorry ladies, i still heart you though

hallums, dave, a dude i've met before but forget his name, another dude i met but don't remember his name, MOB, sonpal, trapp, and nicole

matty, sean, jason, steve, salami rose, me, moe and lzone

after the happy hour was over of course lzone and i stayed out on the prowl - we didn't find anyone worthy of us but did thoroughly enjoy being serenaded by a gay canadian.

the following pic was unfortunately the only meat we procured last night.

the meat and cheese board at bier market/bar cento

at least it tasted good...

on that note.

have a good weekend!

a motive for being a cleveland sports fan?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

a guy friend of mine recently had the balls to try to tell me that i don't really care about cleveland sports.


that the only reason that i (and other girls like me) even pay attention to sports is because drinking is involved.


that it's just a social activity for me, and i (and other girls like me) don't even care to watch the game cause all we are worried about are getting good seats.


immediately i took offense to the accusation, because telling me that i don't truly care about cleveland sports is about as bad as telling me that i can never wear the color black again.

and that's bad.

but then i started thinking about what he said and while i still don't agree with him (obviously), i did suddenly realize that there is one convenient reason why being a cleveland sports fan is a benefit for a lady like me.


you don't need to be a rocket scientist to know that 98% of men love sports.

men flock to games, bars, tailgates and their living room couches just to show their support for their teams of choice. they quote stats to each other, argue, debate and want to discuss the topic with just about anyone, even women.

so why i can't i be that woman?

heeeeeeeeey, fellas.

fact - i'm a serious lover of all things cleveland, specifically their sports teams, but let's call a spade a spade here, the knowledge that an abundance of men are always around when sports are involved doesn't exactly hurt - nor do the celebratory beers.

you can't keep this single girl away.

now's as good a time as ever

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i've decided to start my new year's resolutions a little early this year - this past monday in fact.

because why wait till january 1st?

when you're ready, you're ready - no reason to put off the inevitable.

you see i have a lot of things to look forward to and prepare for in 2010:

1. going to salt lake city, utah AND the sundance film festival in park city, utah end of january to see georgia peach, nameless and big pete
2. the first annual fluorescent february party (invites to come, but save the date for february 20th cleveland people!!)
3. jumpback ball at playhouse square, i.e. a good excuse to buy a new fancy dress
4. heading to scottsdale, arizona in march for tigger's bachelorette party with 10 of my college besties
5. traveling to pittsburgh more times than i can count for teen's bridal shower in march, bachelorette party soon there after and wedding in april that i'm honored to be a bridesmaid in!
6. a week in southern california in june for tigger's wedding and then further exploring the region
7. my 30th the beginning of july

that's a lot of stuff to be excited for - some are happening as soon as two months and some are a bit farther off, but regardless of when these events are going to occur i've hit a breaking point pushing me into action.

which is why i'm starting to train with overload fitness is westlake (they also have a location in beachwood).

i had my first session this past monday and holy crap am i excited to get going, specifically because the style of training they do at overload fitness is something i have never experienced before.

i'm going to be doing two sessions a week, at only 30 minutes a session with a focus on strength training in a unique environment that includes a clinically temperature controlled workout environment where my trainer says that i'm never going to sweat - well we'll just have to see about that.

i'll be sure to give you guys a status update in a couple of weeks to let you know how the training/diet is going and if i've even succeeded at my first homework assignment - eating breakfast.

i'm finally motivated people, take note.

(and wish me luck)

winner winner chicken dinner

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

well actually, no chicken dinners will be given away during this post, so the title is a lie.


but i am announcing the winners of my
Starbuck's Doubleshot Energy+Coffee giveaway.

drum roll please.

courtesy of randomizer.org (no time for a fun video competition drawing the winners this time), the following numbers were randomly chosen out of 69 comments and then assigned to their corresponding comment number.

congrats to the winners:

christina k


suburban sweetheart

WFNY scott


i picked some pretty good numbers in my humble opinion as four out of the five winners i have met and are my friends in real life.

jinxygrrl, we apparently need to meet sometime soon to make it a solid five for five.

thanks again for entering kids, and your Starbucks prize package will be coming your way via mail once i gather all of your addresses.

that's it for now, but stay tuned for a post about my new personal training program at overload fitness in westlake to start operation "get my shit together to be in weddings, go on 37,836 vacations and turn 30 in 2010".


is it friday yet?

Monday, November 9, 2009

the past weekend started promptly at 5pm this past friday when i met lara, AJP, jenn and some other fun kids at the blind pig for happy hour.

AJP, jenn, lara and jessica at blind pig

i knew that blind pig had a decent happy hour, that's why we went there in the first place, but i didn't realize that all of their beer drafts, domestic and imported, were only $2 - including GLBC christmas ale.

and here's the kicker, their happy hour goes till 9pm. awesome sauce.

you can really put the $2 price into perspective when you consider the christmas ale i had at bier market last thursday was $7 (which is still well worth it)

blind pig also has cheap ass food, as we ordered an 8 slice cheese pizza for $5. AJP literally got two christmas ales and a large cheese pizza for $9 - NINE DOLLARS.


something else that was ridiculously wonderful was the fact that i got a round of shots bought for me via twitter. one of the owners of dive bar tweeted at me once he realized that i was in the area to show his tweet to the bartender for a round of shots.

free shots via twitter? SOLD!

dive bar shots with AJP, me and lara

by now it was like 9pm and no where near happy hour anymore so we made our way to johnny's little bar for our friend jen's 30th birthday party celebration.

happy birthday jen, hope you had a blast at your party! justin did a good job right?

some of the kids at little bar - AJP, captain, ahmed, justin, jen, travis, andy, the klutz, martha, nikki, kim, lara, cubby and jeremy

saturday morning i woke up and headed straight to canton to spend the majority of my afternoon and early evening at GSV Salon to have the wonderful abby process the crap out of my black hair to make it look like this...

red(ish) is the new black

now i think the pic doesn't do my new hair color any justice as i actually like it more in person - it's way brighter of a red in the pic than it is in real life, but you get the idea i suppose.

saturday night after all the salon time i went to dinner with my mom at
wasabi japanese steakhouse on the strip in north canton and was more than pleasantly surprised with the sushi. SO GOOD! best i've had in a very long time and i was pumped to hear that there will be a wasabi opening in beachwood soon.

and that? is my weekend in a nutshell.
hope you had a great one too!

and tonight? i start my personal training - operation "get my shit together to be in weddings, go on 37,836 vacations and turn 30 in 2010" is in full effect.

feeling saucy?

Friday, November 6, 2009

warning: this post may or may not have been written under the effect of great lakes christmas ale.

i don't know what it is about the last booth in the bar at flying fig in ohio city that always has me leaving the restaurant feeling SAUCY.

i've sat in the exact same booth at flying fig during happy hour on too many occasions to count with always the same result.

it may have been the bourbon apple ciders, the grenache wine or even just misty and salami rose's company but whatever it is that causes the state of mind change, i love it.

which got me thinking about other things that make me feel saucy which in turn was the catalyst for an excellent conversation over christmas ale at bier market.

it was one of those nights where a cocktail napkin becomes a blog memo pad...

1. no, that isn't the alcohol making my handwriting sloppy, i just have horrible handwriting. 2. yes, that is a four color pen.

from that cocktail napkin comes the top ten things that make me (with two cents from my friends), feel SAUCY:

1. anything short - skirt, dress, shorts (but preferably not men)

2. strutting in 4 inch plus heels and being obviously checked out (by a man or woman)

3. witty banter (can you keep up?)

4. a jar of ragu (see what i did there? literal SAUCE)

5. the back booth at flying fig (obvy)

6. a winning sports team (the cavs turn me on... when they win)

7. cooking an awesome meal for your guests (bring on the mmmm's and the wine)

attention from a hot unavailable man (it's so wrong it's right)

9. fake eyelashes (brings a whole new meaning to batting your eyelashes and the lingering stare)

10. good hip hop with a horns hook (think jay z's roc boys, outkast's spottie and kanye west's touch the sky)

so what makes you saucy?

whatever it is, i hope you participate it this weekend.

go ahead and MARINATE on that for awhile

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

yesterday afternoon i had the following status on gchat:

"go ahead and marinade on that for a bit"

a phrase that for a very long time has been one of my favorites.

[i started saying it a few years back upon becoming obsessed with a certain outkast song called
spottieottiedopalicious. <-- you should listen to it if you never have, it's awesome.]

so the status was up for a few hours to not much fanfare when i get a chat from my sissy saying the following:

leah wants you to know this.... "tell alexa it's "marinate". lol. "marinade" is a noun"


how have i never known this seemingly simple grammar rule?

i've been typing "go ahead and
marinade on that" for YEARS and no one has ever corrected me.

i guess it took leah, a very good family friend who has her masters in writing to call me out.

i'm actually embarrassed that i didn't realize that i should have been typing, "go ahead and marinate on that for a bit"

apparently you marinate(verb) the chicken with the marinade(noun).


i mean i've always been aware of the other commonly misused words like
-principle/principal (remember the princiPAL is your friend)

but marinade/marinate? nope, no clue - did you know better?

the shame, THE SHAME.


i want to wish happy birthday to my newly employed love MAXIE who knows all the spelling rules.

vote vote vote vote

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

instead of wasting time reading my blog today, how about you head out to your assigned polling location and vote.

all the cool kids are doing it.

i actually read somewhere that voting today and wearing your "i voted" sticker out will increase your odds of attracting the opposite sex (or whatever sex you are looking to attract), tonight by 68%.

78% if you are drinking christmas ale.

voting is sexy.

oh, and if you live in ohio, you should vote yes on issue 3 while you're at it.

spoon + fork = spork

Monday, November 2, 2009

this weekend kicked my greek ass on multiple levels.

and for once i don't feel like sharing it with all the interwebs - i'm just gonna keep it all to myself.

but i will give you one little nugget to nibble on.

a picture so perfect, so amazing, that it can basically sum up my entire weekend with its sheer brilliance.

who do you think won? the spoon or the fork?

the world may never know...

well have a good week kids, and don't forget to enter my starbucks coffee giveaway - you can enter as many times as you'd like!

p.s. how the heck is it NOVEMBER already?