blog it forward: 12.3.09

Monday, November 23, 2009

for the last few weeks a group of my friends and fellow cleveland bloggers have been trying to put together a "stalk the bloggers" happy hour party.

but as the holiday schedules are quickly filling up we've decided to postpone the happy hour to a yet to be determined date in january, and focus on something a little more important this holiday season.

last week amelia brought to my attention a dire situation that
we all as a blogging community need to get behind and show our support for.

now i don't personally know
anissa mayhew (who also is the editor of the blog aiming low) like amelia but last week was saddened to hear that this 35 year old mother of three had a horrible stroke and is fighting for her life in an ICU.

this sprung amelia into action and she has been gracious enough to offer up her restaurant, the greenhouse tavern, for a happy hour event on thursday december 3rd to benefit annissa mayhew and her family.

if you are available next thursday please try to stop by the greenhouse tavern for some cocktails, good food, excellent company and most importantly to help a blogger in need.

hope to see you there!


  1. i am working on making it there!!

  2. I heart the internet at times like these. I will be there too.

  3. I think it's really great what you guys do for her. I hope you guys can help her, since I'm so far away I'll be sending my prayers and positive thoughts.

  4. I will try to make it. I know annissa through mamapop and the whole thing is just so sad. I'm glad people are doing something locally to help out.

  5. Thank you for advocating this - we'll most definitely be there*


  6. Unless work ignores my request the wifey and I will be there.


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