feeling saucy?

Friday, November 6, 2009

warning: this post may or may not have been written under the effect of great lakes christmas ale.

i don't know what it is about the last booth in the bar at flying fig in ohio city that always has me leaving the restaurant feeling SAUCY.

i've sat in the exact same booth at flying fig during happy hour on too many occasions to count with always the same result.

it may have been the bourbon apple ciders, the grenache wine or even just misty and salami rose's company but whatever it is that causes the state of mind change, i love it.

which got me thinking about other things that make me feel saucy which in turn was the catalyst for an excellent conversation over christmas ale at bier market.

it was one of those nights where a cocktail napkin becomes a blog memo pad...

1. no, that isn't the alcohol making my handwriting sloppy, i just have horrible handwriting. 2. yes, that is a four color pen.

from that cocktail napkin comes the top ten things that make me (with two cents from my friends), feel SAUCY:

1. anything short - skirt, dress, shorts (but preferably not men)

2. strutting in 4 inch plus heels and being obviously checked out (by a man or woman)

3. witty banter (can you keep up?)

4. a jar of ragu (see what i did there? literal SAUCE)

5. the back booth at flying fig (obvy)

6. a winning sports team (the cavs turn me on... when they win)

7. cooking an awesome meal for your guests (bring on the mmmm's and the wine)

attention from a hot unavailable man (it's so wrong it's right)

9. fake eyelashes (brings a whole new meaning to batting your eyelashes and the lingering stare)

10. good hip hop with a horns hook (think jay z's roc boys, outkast's spottie and kanye west's touch the sky)

so what makes you saucy?

whatever it is, i hope you participate it this weekend.


  1. I haven't felt saucy in so long.. stressed, sleepy, frustrated.. I've got those covered, but saucy not so much. I guess good hair though. I love when I can flip my hair. Oh, and I love those 4 colored pens. They get me through my econ classes.

  2. As dumb as this is - new jewelry totally makes me feel saucy.

    It doesn't have to be expensive (it's better if it's not, I lose everything), but damn if I don't feel like I have superpowers when I wear big (but not too big!) Earrings and a ridiculously awesome ring. Awww yesh:)

  3. I think I qualify for #8 if you can get past the whole 'hot' part.

    Call me.

    Actually don't...my wife might answer.

    Saucy yet?

  4. I'm with lexa. I ooze sauce. I sure wish it was alfredo-- that stuff is delicious.

  5. I must have this Christmas Ale of which you speak. When I was at Flying Fig last week, they had run out of GL Octoberfest, I was most disappointed. I need to find a way to make more expense-account-funded trips to Cleveland. (I really am in love with the city, check out my posts from last week if there's any question...)

    The only thing that makes me feel truly saucy is flirting with women who feel safe since I'm so obviously unavailable and so far out of anyone's league. (Think pee-wee teeball to your World Series contender, in most cases.)

    Oh, and talking about Econ classes. I'm looking at you, liferehab.

  6. My boobs. Well dressing them up in a nice shirt that is and getting looks from Matt.

    Scratch that. He stares at them all the time.

  7. Mornings after a big drinking night (back when I still had a life) I'd rifle through my purse and find my cocktail-napkin blog memo pad and try to decipher my horrendous-when-sober illegible-when-drunk handwriting. My ideas were never as brilliant in the morning as they were the night before.

  8. LOL! The fake eyelashes also make me feel saucy! But then I end up a lil tipsy and maybe the batting is accompanied by a half glued on half hanging off eyelash that is not reccommended for a lingering stare....lol

  9. I am soo with you on #1 ;)

    Annnddd - just sat at that very Flying Fig booth on Monday evening. . .the French 75 left me feeling saucy, however, the fact that I was hanging with the in-laws (sans Jose) kind of detracted from the sauciness if you know what I mean*


    ps - cannot thank you enough for the GAP coupon for Jose, he was so excited to wear his new jeans to work today!

  10. Umm, Jose left his gmail logged on. . .so yeah :)

    k bye,

  11. I can't comment on #5, but everything else? Spot on.

    Also, across the room eye contact. That'll do it, too.

  12. i don't think i've ever been saucy. but i'll take a brass soul sample/horns hook on a rap track any day.

  13. let's do a flying fig happy hour again.

  14. do they still sell four color pens there?

    can you send me one fro xmas?

  15. Oooh, I love this and am probably gonna have to steal the idea. You're so cute---love your blog! xo

  16. Good hair day's, jazz and red wine always make me feel saucy.

  17. Christmas Ale makes me feel saucy! :)

    And number 7 on your list does too!

  18. I am five feet tall so a pair of 4 inch heels with a platform makes me feel pretty saucy, coupled with a glass of shiraz.

  19. OMG attention from an unavailable man is like a drug you can't give in to.

  20. just have to say that the great lakes christmas ale is HEAVENLY.....

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