go ahead and MARINATE on that for awhile

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

yesterday afternoon i had the following status on gchat:

"go ahead and marinade on that for a bit"

a phrase that for a very long time has been one of my favorites.

[i started saying it a few years back upon becoming obsessed with a certain outkast song called
spottieottiedopalicious. <-- you should listen to it if you never have, it's awesome.]

so the status was up for a few hours to not much fanfare when i get a chat from my sissy saying the following:

leah wants you to know this.... "tell alexa it's "marinate". lol. "marinade" is a noun"


how have i never known this seemingly simple grammar rule?

i've been typing "go ahead and
marinade on that" for YEARS and no one has ever corrected me.

i guess it took leah, a very good family friend who has her masters in writing to call me out.

i'm actually embarrassed that i didn't realize that i should have been typing, "go ahead and marinate on that for a bit"

apparently you marinate(verb) the chicken with the marinade(noun).


i mean i've always been aware of the other commonly misused words like
-principle/principal (remember the princiPAL is your friend)

but marinade/marinate? nope, no clue - did you know better?

the shame, THE SHAME.


i want to wish happy birthday to my newly employed love MAXIE who knows all the spelling rules.


  1. Sadly, when I saw what you wrote, I was like I should let her know it's Marinate with a 't'.

    I'm glad your family friend corrected you!!

    Another catch phrase you may want to start saying is "I see what you're stepping in."

  2. Marinade is nowhere near important enough to merit a verb AND noun.

  3. Semantically speaking it’s technically slang to use “marinate” to refer to anything other than food preparation.

  4. I usually wouldn't correct people either...but since your post is all on grammar...it's actually fanfare. I'm kinda a grammar and spelling nerd. I blame my mother.

  5. idea - you should have told me too! haha.

    ben - AGREED. marinade is just being greedy now.

    maiden - you have a point. does that mean i can call it anything i want now?

    megan - I KNEW IT LOOKED WEIRD! thanks for letting me know, consider it fixed.

  6. I did know the difference. But, if it makes you feel any better, when I read that status update, I read it as MARINATE anyway, so no harm done in my world. =)

  7. Heee. My inner grammar nerd has been giggling for 10 minutes about this.

  8. That cracks me up! BF says "I'll marinade it." And I always thought, "hmm.. i'm pretty sure it's marinate.." but I never said anything. And now you reveal that i'm CORRECT! :) WOO HOO!

  9. I'll marinat/de you all day.

    P.S. YOU'RE NEXT re: DC!!!!!!!

  10. woooooah- i actually knew the marinad/te one... but at 23 i still cannot figure out when to use effect/affect. typically i just say feck it and find a new word.

  11. I would have said something, but I never see your gchat status, since we're not buddies. YET.

    It's pretty funny though.

  12. I can honestly say that I would have noticed, but I most likely wouldn't have said anything. The phrase that got me?

    For the longest time I said "for all intensive purposes." Who knew it was "intents and purposes"?

    Same difference, I say.

  13. i saw that. but i said nothing. that makes me part of the problem. i have let you down.

  14. I'm willing to EXCEPT your grammar errors as long as YOUR still nice to me in real life. I don't want to LOOSE you as a friend. ;)

  15. glad I could help...glad I could help. ;)

  16. I want you to know that had I ever seen you write "marinade" prior to this, I would have corrected you. That's what friends do! Ha ha ha.

  17. Never heard of that phrase... I like it though :)

  18. I think you have poetic license, you already don't capitalize.

    Why don't you capitalize on that!

    How's that for a catch phrase?

  19. Easy misuse. We'll forgive you this time. And when I say "we," I mean the English majors of the world. But don't let it happen again.

  20. i'm pretty sure i would have made the same mistake, even as an english minor i have horrible grammar.

  21. Well you know your Mama would have let you know by text had I read this earlier, like many a times before...ha. You usually are pretty good most of the time. XO

  22. Amazingly, I think I did know that. Dad is a big griller and marinator.

  23. I make typing mistakes too from time to time. Somehow I always hide in the excuse of "english isn't my first language!!!" Lol

    But then I find I do something like that a few times too in Indonesian. Argh.

  24. I'm sure worse sins have been committed. Ah ha. Although, when I see a typo in a comment that I've left, I feel the need to leave another comment pointing out my error so the person won't think I'm an idiot. And yes...I know that was a run on sentence. See? So, I get it. : )

  25. Hey for all intensive purposes, it sounds right.

    I'll give you a minute on that one.

  26. I wouldn't have caught that. The worst is when you put up a Facebook status (which I rarely do, so it's like, a treat), and come back hours later and see a obvious spelling mistake that I just completely missed before. Awesome.

  27. I hate those type of words. Make me slip up and look stupid a lot of the time.

  28. heh, i did know that one. i'm sort of a lexicon nazi though..

  29. LOL you're too funny!

  30. I don't think I've ever paid close enough attention to that phrase, so I probably wouldn't have given it a second thought.

    Oh! Don't forget council/counsel!

  31. I don't use affect or effect because I DONT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. seriously.


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