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Monday, November 16, 2009

i didn't take any pictures this weekend.

blogging fail.

but i did spend a seemingly random friday night out with some of my excellent friends.

i started the night early at blind pig for their fabulous happy hour, lava lounge for a tasty late dinner, flying monkey for cocktails and running into many more friends, hotz's for miller high life, and more late night beer drinking at kramer's house in ohio city.

flash forward, and it's 5am and i'm parking my car in front of my apartment downtown.

not sure how "two drinks" at blind pig turned into me rolling home at 5am but you'll have that i guess.

the crazy thing was that i woke up saturday morning (only 5 hours later), got ready and headed to crocker park for a champagne brunch at brio with my friends moe and tanya.

guess i did take one pic this weekend with my bberry, that's moe and tanya -cheers!

you see we had some serious business to take care of...
operation find moe a wedding dress.

after a bottle and then some of champagne we were ready for shopping. i think it only took one sip of champagne in the morning for me me to feel all buzzed up again.

shampoo effect.

our first and only stop of wedding dress shopping was at leonardo's bridal boutique in rocky river and i can't say enough positive things about the owner kate and her mother who were so helpful and kind to us and all of their customers. they were so great and easy to work with - leonardo's is a must visit!

after two hours and another bottle and then some of champagne we all agreed on our favorite dress for moe - it has the WOW factor to say the least, but it's all up to moe to make the final decision in the upcoming weeks. we'll see!

once shopping was complete i dropped off the girls at around the corner so i could run back to crocker park to pick something up at H&M.

i had all intentions of going back to the bar. really i did.

but suddenly it was dark, suddenly my blackberry battery completely died, suddenly my partying from the night before and champagne drinking all day caught up with me and i was TIRED.

i got home thinking i'm going to take a quick nap and then head to a friends party in stonebridge.

i think we all know how the rest of my night ended up.

i woke up on my couch at midnight, to 762 missed calls and text messages - oops, looks like i wasn't making it to that party after all.

you'll have that.

guess i'll just have to go out tonight at watch the browns play some monday night football to make up for it.

have a good week kids!


  1. But did you tell anyone that you were leaving? 'Cause the mid-night disappearance is a total Ben Boudreau move.

  2. Champagne always does me in, man. It happens.

  3. I can't drink champagne. It kicks my ass like nothing else.

    I also firmly believe that wedding dress shopping requires alcohol.

  4. I love wedding dress shopping when I am not the one trying on the dresses! What a fun weekend!

  5. Champagne zaps it, it is the best and worst for day drinking.

  6. Sometimes you've just got to take a Saturday night off.

  7. i did that last saturday night on purpose... decided to bail on all plans and stay in. it was fantastic. i would love to do some wedding dress shopping for a friend, though..!

  8. You're still a champ in my book to get up 5 hours after partying.

    Also, we need something called Flying Monkey here in DC.

  9. i had a really large glass at a wedding shower this weekend and it goes straight to my head.

  10. I've gotta say, shopping for someone else's wedding gown is way more fun than shopping for your own. Well, at least that's the way I feel about it. I love spending quality time with my girls ... so long as the focus isn't on me. Sounds like you had a lovely time, too!

  11. Looks like you had another fun-filled weekend! Very nice! I'm seriously considering Cleveland next time I plan a vacay!

  12. 750 of those calls were me telling you I was home. Which means you should probably come visit again soon.


  13. Sounds like a much better weekend than mine... and the liquor, hmm... i should have thoguth of that too

  14. Dude, you are more social in a weekend than I am in a month.

  15. Oh champagne, that can be so lethal. But the bubbly deliciousness keeps me coming back for more.

  16. I have nightmares that I will sleep through stuff.

  17. thi is why is hould stop drinking frozen bellini, it's so nice and peach-like and everything and doesn't taste alcohole-y at all but then it makes me dead!

  18. I can't get past the champagne brunch. My idea of heaven!

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