is it friday yet?

Monday, November 9, 2009

the past weekend started promptly at 5pm this past friday when i met lara, AJP, jenn and some other fun kids at the blind pig for happy hour.

AJP, jenn, lara and jessica at blind pig

i knew that blind pig had a decent happy hour, that's why we went there in the first place, but i didn't realize that all of their beer drafts, domestic and imported, were only $2 - including GLBC christmas ale.

and here's the kicker, their happy hour goes till 9pm. awesome sauce.

you can really put the $2 price into perspective when you consider the christmas ale i had at bier market last thursday was $7 (which is still well worth it)

blind pig also has cheap ass food, as we ordered an 8 slice cheese pizza for $5. AJP literally got two christmas ales and a large cheese pizza for $9 - NINE DOLLARS.


something else that was ridiculously wonderful was the fact that i got a round of shots bought for me via twitter. one of the owners of dive bar tweeted at me once he realized that i was in the area to show his tweet to the bartender for a round of shots.

free shots via twitter? SOLD!

dive bar shots with AJP, me and lara

by now it was like 9pm and no where near happy hour anymore so we made our way to johnny's little bar for our friend jen's 30th birthday party celebration.

happy birthday jen, hope you had a blast at your party! justin did a good job right?

some of the kids at little bar - AJP, captain, ahmed, justin, jen, travis, andy, the klutz, martha, nikki, kim, lara, cubby and jeremy

saturday morning i woke up and headed straight to canton to spend the majority of my afternoon and early evening at GSV Salon to have the wonderful abby process the crap out of my black hair to make it look like this...

red(ish) is the new black

now i think the pic doesn't do my new hair color any justice as i actually like it more in person - it's way brighter of a red in the pic than it is in real life, but you get the idea i suppose.

saturday night after all the salon time i went to dinner with my mom at
wasabi japanese steakhouse on the strip in north canton and was more than pleasantly surprised with the sushi. SO GOOD! best i've had in a very long time and i was pumped to hear that there will be a wasabi opening in beachwood soon.

and that? is my weekend in a nutshell.
hope you had a great one too!

and tonight? i start my personal training - operation "get my shit together to be in weddings, go on 37,836 vacations and turn 30 in 2010" is in full effect.


  1. umm...i'm blushing...3 of 4 pics in your blog! my goodness!
    oh and i have a pic in my phone of jen's $9 receipt from blind pig.

    and after my 3 or 4 christmas ales saturday was not fun for me :(

  2. That is a SERIOUSLY dangerous happy hour.

  3. Shots via twitter? How about a free beer via twitter? Where do I sign up for this?

    Love the hair!!

  4. I love it when happy hour goes that late, it's the BEST!

  5. I read a comment from a Bears fan over the weekend that said something to the effect of "...and now I know what it's like to be a Browns fan." I'm not sure what else was said, but I do know the Bears have been sucking it up lately. Ouch.

    I haven't seen beer prices like that since I was in college. Only college prices were so cheap, I'd have been 8 beers in by the time I spent $2 ... and pretty much wiped off the face of the planet if I made it to $9! hahaha.

  6. That is the kind of happy hour that I would get myself into some trouble.

    Lovin the hair, very cute.

  7. I don't know what you're talking about, I love the hair! I usually spend my time at the salon trying to get rid of the red since my hair seems to naturally want to pull that way, but I'm sure it's stunning on you. And a fun change for the season.

    Either way, you know I think you're lovely.

  8. love love LOVE the hair!! i miss my red now :-(

  9. Girly! Your weekend sounds fantastic! Especially the GLB XMas Ale for TWO DOLLARS?!?! WOWZA!

    And right after Wasabi in No. Canton opened I went there and waited seriously for 2 hours for a couple pieces of sushi.

    It was good, but TWO flippin hours!

  10. That is one serious happy hour!

    Have you tried Otani's?

  11. $9?

    Hear that, bars-near-me? Dreams can come true. So can brilliant happy hour prices.

  12. Christmas ale was not my friend this weekend - at all.

    But I love a good happy hour.

  13. When I come to Cleveland, will you please tell me all the fun things to do?

    And then, ya know, hang out with me while I do them?


  14. oh the hair is super cute! love it. and um love a good happy hour, 9 dollars is amazing!

  15. LOVE the new hair. Very subtle, provides a nice pop in the light.

  16. You know you've made it when you get free booze via Twitter! I'm totally jealous! I need to get some bar owning vegetarians to follow me so I can get some free stuff!

  17. Free drinks via twitter? Where do I sign up? Also, your hair looks fabulous!

  18. Love the hair!!

    I keep wanting to go darker, but am a huge baby!! :)

  19. Wow. That happy hour sounds ridiculous and dangerous! I want one of those here!

    And your new hair color looks lovely!

  20. Don't deny you're the queen of cleveland now since every place you go always offers you freebies lol. I wish there's a place like that in Jakarta, I could use cheap ass food and booze like that. Or I should just start observing better :D

  21. Love Happy Hours like that! And your red hair.


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