it's time for PlayhouseSquare's Jump Back Ball ticket sales kickoff

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

there are quite a few annual events in cleveland that i look forward to year after year like the indians and browns home openers and krusty's summer sauce camp.

but there's one event in particular that i've been attending since my move to cleveland that blows all other annual events out of the water in regard to swankiness.

yes, swank.

swank is defined as imposingly fashionable or elegant; grand; fashionable; smartness in style or bearing; elegance; swagger.

and all of those adjectives describe PlayhouseSquare's Jump Back Ball perfectly.

but now that i think about it, party, dancing, fun, flirting, martinis, dressing up, schmoozing, hot men in suits and tuxes, beautiful women in formal wear and inappropriate behavior all fit perfectly as well.

for those of you who aren't familiar with Jump Back Ball it's an annual benefit that the
PlayhouseSquare Partners throw in the state theater that allows the attendees to roam about the venue consuming a gourmet dinner buffet, endless drinks (including a martini ice bar!), gambling and live music.

it's a chance to dress up and party with nearly 1,000 clevelanders, including yours truly, all to benefit the mission of PlayhouseSquare.

this year's Jump Back Ball themed "Celebrate: Carnaval" is presented by PNC Bank and is set to happen February 27, 2010, and i highly recommend getting your tickets early for a couple of reasons.

1. it's a guaranteed sell out
2. the ticket price increases the closer you get to the event

which is exactly why you should attend the Jump Back Ball ticket sales kickoff THIS THURSDAY november 19th from 6 to 8pm at AJ Rocco's (816 Huron Rd), where you can get nosh on complimentary appetizers, drink specials and mini manicures by the studio salon, plus buy your Jump Back Ball tickets.

the kickoff party pricing is $100 a ticket for PlayhouseSquare Partners, $120 a ticket for Non-Partners, and you can purchase two tickets per person at the kickoff rate free of handling fees on thursday only. also new this year is a payment plan option!

friday the ticket prices go up $15 plus handling fees making attending the kickoff party to purchase your event tickets a smart choice.

i know i'll be at the kickoff party and i hope you will too as this year's Jump Back Ball is a must attend event.

now i just need to buy a new dress and find a date...


  1. Last night? The Browns? UGLY. Ouch.

    Wait, did you say something else? I think you lost me early. hahaha.

  2. fancy parties! I think the key is to find someone to take you as their date. I'll work on that...

  3. Swanky parties with a martini ice bar? Sounds divine.

  4. That sounds fantastic. I love any excuse to dress to the nines.

  5. How about I move to Cleveland and be your date? Granted I'm not male BUT I can be hoards of fun!


  7. I'll be close by seeing Wicked for the first time.

  8. Fact: you will look awesome in a dress with a hot guy on your arm. Balls, tee hee

  9. Seriously. Why is Cleveland putting the rest of our cities to shame? WHY DO YOU DO IT, CLEVELAND?

  10. See you tonight! $3 Christmas Ales!

  11. I am thankfully for nirvana and sara!

    thnak you


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