now's as good a time as ever

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i've decided to start my new year's resolutions a little early this year - this past monday in fact.

because why wait till january 1st?

when you're ready, you're ready - no reason to put off the inevitable.

you see i have a lot of things to look forward to and prepare for in 2010:

1. going to salt lake city, utah AND the sundance film festival in park city, utah end of january to see georgia peach, nameless and big pete
2. the first annual fluorescent february party (invites to come, but save the date for february 20th cleveland people!!)
3. jumpback ball at playhouse square, i.e. a good excuse to buy a new fancy dress
4. heading to scottsdale, arizona in march for tigger's bachelorette party with 10 of my college besties
5. traveling to pittsburgh more times than i can count for teen's bridal shower in march, bachelorette party soon there after and wedding in april that i'm honored to be a bridesmaid in!
6. a week in southern california in june for tigger's wedding and then further exploring the region
7. my 30th the beginning of july

that's a lot of stuff to be excited for - some are happening as soon as two months and some are a bit farther off, but regardless of when these events are going to occur i've hit a breaking point pushing me into action.

which is why i'm starting to train with overload fitness is westlake (they also have a location in beachwood).

i had my first session this past monday and holy crap am i excited to get going, specifically because the style of training they do at overload fitness is something i have never experienced before.

i'm going to be doing two sessions a week, at only 30 minutes a session with a focus on strength training in a unique environment that includes a clinically temperature controlled workout environment where my trainer says that i'm never going to sweat - well we'll just have to see about that.

i'll be sure to give you guys a status update in a couple of weeks to let you know how the training/diet is going and if i've even succeeded at my first homework assignment - eating breakfast.

i'm finally motivated people, take note.

(and wish me luck)


  1. I am confused; when did sweating become a bad thing? Isn't it a sign your heart rate is up?

    Good luck, I know you can do it.

  2. I'm not fitness guru, but I do work out quite often. (I just trained for and completed my first half marathon - yay!) I don't feel like you'll be getting a good workout unless you're sweating. Sure, it's a drag to be all gross after working out, but I feel like it lets you know you've accomplished something. Unless they have the AC cranked to 30 degrees, then that would probably prevent you from sweating. :)

    Good luck! It only gets easier if you stick with it!

  3. Oookay, you just totally inspired me to start my New Years resolution early. Same resolution even. One,two,three - let's do this.

  4. I believe in you my friend!! I can't wait to partake in most of those events you have listed :)

  5. if you don't mind me asking, how much is this training? if a consult is $150.... thanks!

  6. do it to it, babe. I'm so jealous of your scottsdale vacation. It's very pretty there.

  7. Wait.

    Your birthday is in the beginning of July?

    because so is mine. No wonder we are awesome.

  8. Huh.

    My list includes 'try not to die.'

    I'm a simple man.

  9. Yes! I'm all for rolling goals in lieu of New Years Resolutions.

  10. Number 1 is my faaaaaaaaaaavorite!!!!!!!!!

  11. Busy girl! Good luck with the trainer - I loved working with mine. It definitely gave me the extra push I needed.

  12. I love having things to look forward too--looks like next year will be super awesome for you!

  13. Motivation is always a good thing, and who says you can't start a New Years goal a bit early? Nothing wrong with getting a jump start, if you ask me. Best of luck.

  14. Good luck.

    Kick ass.

    (All black exercise clothes, right?)

  15. you know, now would be an excellent time for me to start an exercise regime thingy of some sort as well. maybe i'll think about potentially starting one soon. :-P

  16. I rate my workouts based on whether or not I sweat. I'm not sure I can buy into the whole Overload pitch ... sounds too good to be true. Prove me wrong, girl...

  17. great for you. I need to get myself on the workout wagon again. Best stress reliever.

  18. i don't get the no-sweating thing either.

    but i'd love to go to Sundance. that would be incredible. i won't even wish you have a good time. i don't have to. that's probably guaranteed.

  19. This post made me feel very motivated to get back to my workout routine.

    Are you gonna be in the LA area while in Cali? Cause there are some super cool people/bloggers you should hang out with.

  20. Good idea. By the time New Year's is here, it will already be a habit. Or you can re-resolute :)

  21. good luck with the new fitness endeavors!! You can do anything you put your mind to.

    except stopping heartache. If there was a pill for that I'd be super duper happy!

  22. Good luck Alexa! You will kick ass I am sure. That is a great list of events to look forward to.

  23. wow that is a lot of traveling, but definitely a great way to keep to your goal, woo! good luck!

    and this socal business, i hope it's close to LA/pasadena cause that'd be fabulous :)

  24. Wow you are busy. I can't wait to hear all about your training and classes, I love sharing the pain with others :)

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  26. I agree! Why wait? Jan 1 is a social construct anyway.

    I came back from a vacation in Dublin a couple weeks ago and felt really refreshed, and I made my own sort of resolutions at that time. 2 are going pretty well, 1 could use some more work, but I feel great working on all 3.

    Good luck to you on yours!

  27. aahh! #4 and #6... I can't believe THATS ME! haha! :) good luck with the new work out plan, YOU CAN DO IT!

  28. lexa - that's what i thought too, but he says it's not necessary. i'm gonna give it a shot!

    rachel - thanks!

    roxetta - congrats on the half marathon lady! and the room is set at around 60 degrees and there are fans everywhere so that definitely helps with the no sweating

    twnt - we can do this, the earlier the better

    muffin - jet setters we are

    anonymous - they are around $50 a session but there are deals and packages available, give them a call for sure

    maxie - i can wait to see it

    matt - reason #2893 why

    moooooog - that's my #8

    maiden - we think alike!

    georgia - don't tell the other numbers but it's my favorite too ;)

    liebchen - thanks, and i'm hoping it's the push i need as well

    wonderful - i hope so too!

    minD - head starts aren't cheating right?

    peter - i wouldn't have it any other way

    alice - sooner rather than later!

    nilsa - i hope to prove you wrong, obvy.

    allison - what's stress?

    brad - it is guaranteed. i mean think of all the celebrities i'm going to see!

    lbluca - and who would they be? JK

    MG - the habit is what i'm hoping for!

    fizz - if i could invent one of those pills you would be the first one to get it my friend.

    mandy - thanks!

    katelin - you don't have a choice but to meet me when i come out there. no choice.

    bayjb - it's going to be a good year jess, and don't worry i'll share my pain with you

    anonymous 2.0 - um, thanks?

    kristan - i like the way you think! and thanks lady.

    bethk - tigger you are motivating me : )

  29. I'm super jealous about the 60-degree, fan-laden workout room...that's definitely my style since I HATE being hot.

    So glad you going to Jump Back! We'll have so much fun!

  30. Yay you!!! Best of luck my dear. I'm sure you will do a spectacular job!

    Also, why is sweating so bad? I thought it was a good thing.

  31. Good luck! You're going to kick ass at this. And a good thing to start now because once you hit 30 it's like pulling teeth to lose a pound believe me I've tried.

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