osu, going out, down with the sickness

Monday, November 23, 2009

i'm not feeling so hot sunday afternoon as i write this, not sure what's going on but i sure as hell hope it's not the flu. i have way too much to do this week!

so instead of my normal witty weekend recap you guys are going to get short sentences and pictures - even though i didn't take that many of them.

friday night i stayed in and made some delicious kraft macaroni and cheese, so delicious in fact that it tops all kraft macaroni and cheese - this is award winning caliber food here and i was in heaven eating it and relaxing on my couch.

saturday morning i was up and at um early to clean my apartment and work out before i headed to maproom to
meet up with friends to watch the osu michigan game.

we drank, we ate, we finagled bar patrons to give up their osu snuggies and watched osu win the game.

captain, the klutz, colleen and tim (who prefers the flyers over osu, obvy) at the maproom

after a good solid day of drinking at the maproom, day turned into night and the klutz and i knew that if we stayed out any longer we wouldn't make it out again for the evening so we walked home to drink lots of water and rest.

i made it back out though, and the klutz didn't - you'll have that.

i headed to the pub in rocky river to meet up with beaver, nicole and MOB as they were wrapping up their dinner. the highlight of the meal by far was our server (jazz) who flashed us what was under his uniform kilt...

next stop brother's lounge in lakewood for a birthday party and WHOA was this place cool. i've never been before but i plan on attending this music hall and pub again sometime very soon.

the headlining band, hollis brown out of NYC, was very very good as well and kind of reminded me of KoL at times which is always fine by me.

scott, holler, patrick and muffin at brother's lounge

MOB, nicole, drew andy, beaver and hunter at brother's lounge

saturday night ended and morning came early with brunch (that i couldn't even eat) at around the corner with muffin, MOB, beaver and the klutz with a viewing of new moon at crocker park after. new moon was surprisingly good. i've never read any of the books but i'm a sucker for a love story so i was entertained.

and that's a weekend wrap, as i'm writing this i'm actually running a fever - over 101 temperature in fact.

see how much i love you guys? i even blog with a fever.


don't forget that you have until wednesday night to enter to win the HP dm3 laptop that i'm giving away.

the original post has apparently maxed out at over 4400 comments so please continue to enter on the second post that i created - thanks and good luck!


  1. I hope you feel better girly!!

  2. hope you feel better you dedicated blogger you!

  3. All that time in Lakewood. No call.

    I would have told you I was knee deep in paint anyways - but where's the thought!

  4. I am sending you e-chicken soup and a hug from Murray.

  5. Hope you feel better soon! And I highly recommend TheraFlu.

  6. I hope you feel better soon!! bleh! Fevers suck! :(

  7. Wait, where's the picture of what was underneath the kilt? ALEXA. Help a girl out.

  8. Well that just blows! I hope you get feeling better. I'm seriously going to have to come to Cleveland to check out all these fun places you always tell us about. Glad you had a fun weekend to pre-empt feeling like crap.

  9. Oh Alexa, how i love you even more to read the part about you liking New Moon. Many people think they're too cool for that.

    Anyhoo, get better soon. Drink tons of water and warm food :)

  10. woo for new moon, that just made me quite happy :)

    and hope you're feeling better!!

  11. I hope you're feeling better! :)

  12. Wow you've never read the books? Wow I'm totally shocked. Hope you feel better. Mac and cheese always helps :)

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