turkey for me, turkey for you

Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy thanksgiving kids!

hope you and yours are having a wonderful day with friends and family - you know i am.

last night i headed home to canton for thanksgiving eve going out festivities heading to
pete's grille in downtown canton, legend's in north canton and wrapping up late night over at the O's.

it was very good hanging out with friends and family and it only got me more excited to see everyone today.

sissy, katie, me, sarah and leah - we've known each other our whole lives (greeks unite!) all together at pete's.

biscuit, me and j-birdie at legend's - i desperately miss seeing them on a weekly basis

i'm kind of sad i didn't take more pictures while simultaneously am surprised that the pictures i took both included me as i normally hide from the camera. random.

anywhos it's time to help in the kitchen and get ready for wine, a turkey coma, home alone watching, naps, and...

drawing the winner of the HP dm3 laptop giveaway! i'll be announcing the winner in a post tomorrow - oh the anticipation.

well happy thanksgiving again, and i'm thankful for all of you. mwah.


  1. I'm so jealous of your shiny hair.

    A random comment I know but . . . compliments are nice, right? :)

  2. You look great, you should NEVER hide from the camera !

    Have a great thanksgiving :) and good luck on the HP giveaway .. hope we wrote enough entries to get you a free laptop !!!

  3. you look WONderful darling. i can't wait until i win that computer :) hahaha

  4. HA, now I have the thanksgiving song in my head.

    "Wrap the turkey up in aluminum foil, my brother likes to...."

  5. You're so pretty! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Glad you had fun with the kids in Canton and I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving with the fam!

  7. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  8. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving lady! Loved our Wednesday Gchat.

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