winner of the HP dm3 announced!

Friday, November 27, 2009

so this is a completely anti-climatic way to announce the winner of the HP dm3 laptop giveaway.

especially since i spent about 3 hours with my family last night trying to figure out how to pick the winner, then i preceded to video tape them picking their numbers, video taped my cousin jenna and sissy drawing the finalists, and then had them pull a wishbone apart to choose the winner.

pull a wishbone apart to choose the winner!

how very thanksgiving of me right?

well all that video is currently chillin' on my flip video which isn't allowing me to save and edit the videos for whatever reason and i simply don't have time to mess with it on this black friday as i'm heading out for my friend alice's baby shower...

so guess what? i'm just going to tell you all the winner and how i came to pick it.

i went around to 12 of my family members to picked a number off the top of their head between 1 and 7,555(!) - i took those 12 random numbers and found out what comment/twitter post they matched to.

those numbers connected to - elizabeth, floreta (x2), carmie (x2), ben meck, alana, genna, fashion frugality, jenb, alex the great, and brad.

from there we put those names into a bowl and my sissy and jenna each drew out a finalists name - jenb and floreta.

from there a wishbone was acquired with my sissy on one end and jenna on the other, when the bone was cracked jenb from need to sew was the winner.

so congrats to jenb!!! i hope you enjoy your new HP dm3 laptop and please email me your address.

thanks again to everyone who took the time to comment, twitter, blogpost and spread the word about the contest, i appreciate it very much and i hope it helped me win a HP dm3 of my very own.

crosses fingers.

have a great weekend all, see ya on monday!


  1. OMG!!! I was soooooooooo close!! :O wow. that is pretty awesome though. congrats to the wishbone winner. :)

  2. I entered THREE times and didn't win?

    I've never been more outraged.

  3. ahhhh i was sooo close too!!! congrats to jenb!

  4. I didn't win? I take back my comment about being thankful to know you.

  5. yeah yeah the give away was awesome... BUT the video was gonna be great! way to be lazy sissy!

  6. Good Job, JenB!~ And nice way to pick the winner, Alexa! I love it!

  7. LOVE how you went about choosing the winner. Perhaps the most creative use of the wishbone I've ever read :)


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