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Thursday, December 3, 2009

blogging has brought so many kick ass people and opportunities into my life that i will forever be grateful.

case in point the party i went to last night over at the wonderful michelle from all lacquered up's house.

are you familiar with the blog
all lacquered up?

if not you should be, because she's a beauty blogging all star with a nail polish niche located right here in cleveland.

a few weeks back michelle was kind enough to invite myself and some other cleveland bloggers to her home for a beauty product sample party where she put a ton of the products she has received over the past year up for sale.

the prices were set at $1, $3, $5 and a few special $10 items, i.e. ridiculously discounted. basically we all shopped our hearts out with all proceeds from the sale going to
dress for success cleveland.

the whole concept is brilliant because not only did i get a ton of amazing product but i also donated money to a very worthy cause.

some of the ladies browsing the main products table

this box of nail polish was one of THREE boxes all stuff to the max

my purchases for the evening!

things i took home:
- 26 (!) bottles of nail polish (OPI, essie, zoya, china glaze, color club, CND, sally hansen, etc)
- a set of new makeup brushes
- loreal metallic eye liner
- loreal colour riche lipstick
- zoya "hurry up" speed dry drops
- stilla "paint your pout red" talking lip color palette
- MAC liquid foundation
- MAC mineralize skinfinish
- MAC powder blush
- MAC lipglass (x2)
- MAC mattene lipstick
- canyon ranch moisturizer
- ROC retinol correction
- estee lauder signature eye shadow quad
- estee lauder signature lipstick
- aromatherapy associates body butter
- tom ford black orchid perfume

i don't even know how much all of the above product would retail for - $300? $400? $500?

well i "bought" it all for a measely $68


when all was said and done the attendees of the party raised over $700 for dress for success cleveland - awesome.

i personally can't thank michelle enough for inviting me. it was awesome to finally meet her as she was quite the hostess.

after the party amelia and i headed to la cave du vin in coventry to visit with the fabulous bartender dana and to drink some pinot noir and sour beers.

a sampling of ciders and sour beers which are now my new obsession

this sour beer specifically is like a slice of heaven in my mouth with its tart cherry flavor - AMAZING.

i need to find a place to buy the above beer STAT, mamma is already going through withdraw.

last night was such an amazing night full of great friends and fun.

seriously, i love blogging. period the end.


don't forget tonight is the blog it forward benefit for anissa mayhew at the greenhouse tavern. stop by from 5 to 7 if you are able!


  1. OMG, I love this! What a great and fun way to give back to the community.

    My gfs and I would have loved this.

  2. nice tips for all.....I am always looking for some new tips for health care and beauty care. I read entire post. some instruction are nice.

  3. Wow! That's amazing! Why F don't I live in Cleveland?!

  4. My heaven, the end. I use ROC Retinol, you'll enjoy it. Great products.

  5. Geez, what a steal- and a great concept for a "party with a purpose"!

  6. I just climaxed looking at that picture.

    I love Michelle's blog.

  7. That is definitely a bargain. So very jealous right now.

    Confession? Sometimes I choose my OPI nail polishes based solely on the name.

  8. If my friends were to throw a party like that, I'd either get old furniture from their college years or baby clothes their kids no longer wear. It's nice to have friends with collections!

  9. Yeh, see that is where us male bloggers miss out. We would not be able to get together over anything but sports or booze.

  10. That is pretty amazing. Great way to raise money for a good cause!

    And yes, SO much cheaper than buying all that at a store.

  11. Holy crap that is a ton of awesome stuff and all the proceeds going to a great cause? Hell yes.

  12. Dress For Success is an awesome organization, good choice!!

  13. Seriously, I wish someone here would make similar type of event. I could go bananas! All those mac products. Amazing!:)

  14. mmm ciders!
    I am jealous! that kind of thing is the best! I get excited to get the free new product at the bath and body parties they have for the new seasons. And thats like 3 measley things! Its like christmas!

  15. Alexa you are just as much fun as I thought you'd be. Thank you so much for coming. I had a blast and I'm so happy to be able to help Dress For Success and clear out my house!!

  16. Seriously, I cleaned up with a few new nail polishes myself.

  17. seriously, that party sounds like it was all kinds of good times.

  18. okay i don't even love makeup all that much but that is an awesome event. so cool she put so much stuff up for sale and donated all the proceeds too. amazing.

  19. what a freakin' fabulous idea - EVERYONE wins! cheap beauty products for everyone there, and $$ for charity.. you guys rock.

  20. Wow, what an awesome sale! Too bad I missed it, I'm from Cleveland!

  21. You biatch...and I mean that in the nicest way possible!! THAT MAC make-up alone is worth at least $100!! LIPGLASS. I love it. I am so jealous and hate you but love your right now! :)))
    Blogging is great!

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