continuing to 'tis the season

Monday, December 21, 2009

is it bad that i have to look through twitter and foursquare to refresh my memory of what i've been doing that last few days?

is it also bad that i woke up sunday morning in my bed (alone) wearing nothing but the black scarf i'd had on all day?

'tis the season.

after writing
this post last week i'm happy to announce i've been following my own directions very well if i do say so myself.

want some proof? check out the photos below...

friday night some of my girlfriends got together for some pizza and wine at muffin's house to gather wish list items for providence house. now while we all were happy to help out a great cause someone else was pretty happy with us too.

in the beginning of the night the following letter was anonymously* dropped off with three bottles of wine - we don't know a steve stevenson...

amazing right?

*we ended up finding out it was erin's boyfriend brandon - so very cool of him.

beaver, the klutz, court, babs, mindy, MOB, holler, foxxy, erin, lastic, julie and muffin

patti and baby vera came to visit

rose being very enthralled with foxxy's iphone

after muffin's we all headed to around the corner - bad idea. note to self: don't go to around the corner on a weekend night unless you are trolling for 21 year old boys with abercrombie and fitch hats.

i left around the corner (obviously), and headed to my friend jon's ugly christmas sweater christmas party in ohio city - big improvement from ATC.

wes, AJP, sarabot, JV, two dudes i don't know, lara and the host with the most jon

after the party some of us went to the 24 hour christmas miracle that is steve's lunch for hot dogs.

steve's lunch was quite possibly the only restaurant in cleveland (on lorain and west 50th) that i've never heard of. it's this very small 24/7/365 diner-ish hole in the wall that has been open forever and has quite possibly the best people watching i've ever experience.

from a toothless tranny, a dude with an affliction shirt, hipster band kids, yuppies and young pros it was a motley crew to say the least. oh, and their coney dogs with the works aren't too shabby either.

the extensive menu...

i'm not sure how segue from hot dogs to service work, but i'll try.

saturday afternoon all of the providence house wish list items that the girls and i gathered friday night were formally gifted as myself, MOB, holler and beav participated in the university of dayton cleveland alumni chapter christmas off campus.

we sorted and inventoried donations for a couple hours - i was very pleased to see UD volunteering with an organization that i already work so closely with, makes it that much more fun.

beaver and holler sorting some toes for the kiddos

hartzell, katie and dan working hard sorting some non perishables

after our time at providence house was complete the group headed to the harp for some food and drinks, cause let's be honest here - we are UD alumni, drinking has to be involved somehow.

MOB, abby, sarah, holler and AJP at the harp

after no joke, six hours at the harp we peeled ourselves away from the bar and moved on to well, another bar.

next stop the happy dog to see the ohio city singers perform - admittedly i've heard of the ohio city singers and of various members of the ensemble but have never heard any of the music. well this holiday themed show was so full of energy and talent that i'm forever going to be a fan.

some of the ohio city singers - i couldn't fit them all in a shot cause there were so many of them on stage. the more the merrier in my opinion.

there was a nice surprise for me in that don dixon (who i didn't recognize on stage at first cause he was dressed as santa), was playing with the band and also produced their latest cd, is my old neighbor from canton. our families are friends and i completely adore his wife marti and even used to babysit for their daughter. it was such a treat to get to see him perform!

AJP and i had a full out dance party and were completely put in the holiday spirit thanks to the ohio city singers, and if you ever have a chance to see that awesome music collaboration take advantage of it!

we night capped the evening with a stop at the maproom and late night one eye open guitar hero playing with a champagne chaser <---- never again! no one needs to be consuming andre champagne at 3:30am after essentially 12 hours of drinking...

sunday i was feeling the effects to say the least.

thankfully i rallied and had an always excellent dinner at the greenhouse tavern with my sissy.

holy crap, christmas is on friday!

'tis the season - now go be merry with someone.


  1. I'm picturing you at that sweater party still wearing your black dress. Don't ruin it.

  2. It looks like you've definitely been enjoying it! I love ugly sweater parties, too--I'm a little jealous of your friend's red and blue one with the pom pom ornaments.

  3. Yay! for volunteering!

    Good job.

    You're on my good side again. (Granted I forget why you were on my bad side...)

  4. ben - oh don't you worry, i didn't have an ugly christmas sweater on, i was totally wearing black pants, black boots, and a black shirt. OBVY.

    90's - that was an excellent one to say the least.

    peter - i'm never on your bad side, you know this.

  5. Waking up wearing nothing but a scarf....hello, been there done that. But I believe mine was a purple scarf.

  6. What's wrong waking up with just a black scarf? Sounds kinda hot! I could totally be that dude with the Affliction shirt at the dog place! Sounds like you are having a good time. Keep it up!

  7. "'tis the season - now go be merry with someone"

    Love it. I will!

  8. And here I thought I had a busy weekend. You wear me out just reading about yours! Glad to see it was a balance of doing good for the community and doing good for yourself. Now, if only you'd write about doing someone else.

    Yes, I just wrote that.

  9. i'll be merry with you, you cute little greek!

  10. 90's – thanks for the sweater's my mom's. i swear.

    Alexa – i can't thank you enough for coming to the party and for french braiding my hair...i didn't want to take it out. i almost wore it to Grumpys on saturday, but thought otherwise...i already looked like a hot mess.

  11. Wine is always a good thing... mmm

  12. that is one hell of a weekend and i love it. nicely done.

  13. Here's what I did: stayed at home.

    I know! I know! It was SO exciting! (Not really.)

    Also, when is your birthday? I need to send you a red scarf. No more black!

  14. That really is one hell of a weekend!

  15. God I need to learn foursquare like stat.

  16. at least you are staying true to your word....

    im getting sucked into bah humbug-dum. And I hate that! I am so all about the merry ho ho!

    All the good deeds will come back to you! that much you can bank on!

  17. Wow, that's really cool what you ladies did for Providence House, as well as getting some extra wine out of the deal.

    Also, I've been wanting to have an Ugly Christmas Sweater party! They sound like a blast!

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