a festivus for the rest of us

Thursday, December 24, 2009

i've have toyed with the idea of cutting myself off completely from social media from today until january 4th when i return to work.

that means, no blogging, no twitter, no facebook, no foursquare.

then i realized i think that would be impossible.

then i realized that i may have a social media addiction.

the first step is admitting you have a problem right?


last night was the great holiday that is festivus, looking back on the evening i think i should have aired some more grievances - next year.

so to me the holidays mean spending time with friends and family which is actually code for running around all over town to make sure you get to spend time with everyone you care about.

luckily i had a partner in crime for the evening, my sissy.

we started out at map room for a holiday cocktail with pete, vince and kristen before we headed over to chef's widow and her chef's house in cleveland heights for their annual festivus party.

the theme was 80's hair bands which while i didn't technically dress up i kept telling people i was ann wilson and would burst into heart's alone throughout the evening.

there were amazing costumes, people really out did themselves - specifically mr. michael symon whose make-up alone was classic and sawyer who rocked a badass axl rose outfit.

tell me this isn't the best slash costume you've ever seen. we are talking professional impersonator status here.

amelia (chef's widow) and liz (my new bestie) rocking the 80's theme while michelle (cleveland foodie) and i opted for the standard mediterranean girl black

next stop sissy and i headed to lakewood, picking up c-rossi, on the way to meet up with my UD girls at the west end tavern because we had something fabulous to celebrate.

mike and kate (who was home for the holidays from denver) got engaged!!! congrats guys, i'm so happy for your both. xoxo.

lots of the girls were out in full force (poo poo, kate, muffin, foxxy, beaver, etc) and i'm glad i got to celebrate some holiday cheer with my loves.

c-rossi, my sissy and muffin

the final destination was bier markt to meet up with my wonger - who i haven't seen since she moved to miami! i.e. way too long. i'm sad that i didn't take a proper picture with her though, this twitpic will have to do.

flash forward to christmas eve morning (now), and i'm writing this blog post while my sissy is still sleeping in my bed and i'm procrastinating packing for canton and cleaning my apartment...

but it's time to get moving, santa is coming tonight!!!

merry christmas to everyone out there reading this, i heart each and everyone of you!!!


  1. Wow! Looks like you had a super eventful night. Awesome.

    I am so addicted to social media- I literally don't think I could ever cut myself off for a few days. It's so sad, but true!

  2. it was awesome to finally have met you!

  3. I dont want to be the asshole know it all here...

    but thats a slash outfit. Not Axl Rose. Axl Rose would be more of a long straight hair bandana jean jacket look.

    get your G&R members right Alexa!

  4. Merry Christmas to you too, lady.

  5. Um matt!!!

    Read the CAPTION, it says SLASH.

    I was just commenting on sawyer's axl rose costume (not pictured).

    Believe you me, I know the GNR difference!

  6. I forgot to mention that I find tinsel distracting.

    And I secretly love Heart's "Alone."

    Except not so secretly.

    But my loving Lisa Loeb's "Stay" IS a secret.

    Oh shit...

  7. OKOKOK... Once I read Axl, I may have over reacted.

    I should have had more faith in you and Im sorry hun.

    Merry Christmas!!

  8. I live for social media!! Sad, I know! :)


  9. BEST SLASH COSTUME EVER! Wow, I'm guessing that was the best costume of the night?

  10. You are just too damn cute. Sounds like you guys had fun. Congrats to your friends on the engagement! Merry Christmas girly!

  11. Merry Christmas Alexa! I love getting my daily dose of Cleveland through your blog. Many good wishes for 2010 coming at ya all the way from the Rockies!

  12. I miss your sister! She was so fun at your birthday party. Merry Xmas.

  13. love love love it. such a blast.

    ps (stay away from my liz or I kill you)

  14. Hope Santa was good to you this year. I'm thinking it's time I roadtrip to Cleveland :)

  15. I miss your face. Especially since I saw your doppelganger out at a brewery in Boston.

    FIX IT.

  16. those 80 chicks r hot.....gnr is not a 80's hair band..lol..ms

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