holiday festivities are upon us

Monday, December 7, 2009

after my whirlwind of a thursday night a vacation day on friday spent getting my hair did, running errands and quality time with my mom in canton was just what i needed.

at minimum it prepped me for cubby and martha's 4th annual holiday party i
n lakewood.

this year's theme was christmas in july-esque, where we were asked to dress as if it was summer - i.e. flowery dresses, swimwear, golfwear, indians gear, flip flops and all.

as cubby says, ugly christmas sweater parties are sooooooo 2008.

this party is also where we have a sneaky santa gift exchange, where the gifts end up either being sweet and thoughtful or evil and silly.

this year MOB had me in the exchange and she got me a hilarious
super hero in a box costume which was worn by multiple people throughout the entire evening and also a mobile alcohol breathalyzer - both presents i'm sure will provide us all with hours of entertainment.

and now, the pictures...

the klutz, muffin, babs, lindsay, martha, and MOB

travis in a full out travis hafner uniform, and captain sporting his "new" albert belle action figure

bo really, REALLY loves the feel of muffin rachel zoe's fur vest

babs and martha, my STL ladies

i told you bo REALLY liked muffin's vest, apparently so does ahmed.... "so soft"

MOB rocking my "superhero in a box" costume

jen finishing the "this will get your bombed" punch that muffin made - it technically wasn't "punch" though, it was more like a large martini as it was straight booze

the jerk, jeff, bo, muffin, mark, lindsay and andy in the garage, aka smokers lounge

lindsay and babs rocking their golf attire at the patio

such a fun party, with a game of "moose" being by far the highlight - if only a video camera was running during game play...

sunday morning brought brunch with muffin, MOB, erin and brandon at the always delicious
tremont taphouse where three taphouse brunch virgins were quickly turned into #1 fans.

i've never had a bad meal there, EVER. if you haven't been yet, make it a point to - soon.

after brunch and a run to giant eagle, the klutz and i met up with vinny and frowns at map room to hangout and watch the beginning of the browns/chargers game.

vinny the polack (miraculously almost smiling in a picture) and frowns at map room

from map room MOB picked me up curbside to head to the state theater at PlayhouseSquare to take in one of the best performances i've even seen of Wicked, thanks in part by the front and center loge seats.

the actress who played elphaba in this cast had an exceptional voice, and all i know is that the world is a better place thanks to musical theater. period the end.

and that's a wrap - i seriously wonder if i'll ever take a weekend off?


how was your weekend?


  1. Looks like you really celebrated my birthday in style this weekend. Awesome! =)

  2. I'm pretty sure that vest is from rachel zoe's new qvc line but I could be wrong.

  3. oh, did I mention I want one as well?

  4. I am so excited that you were able to see Wicked. Its beyond glorious. I'm seeing it in Columbus later next year and also hoping it comes to Pittsburgh.

  5. I am so excited that you were able to see Wicked. Its beyond glorious. I'm seeing it in Columbus later next year and also hoping it comes to Pittsburgh.

  6. Y'all like dressing up don't you? Pretty awesome. :)

    I've been dying to see Wicked! Hopefully one day soon...

    Glad you had such a great weekend lady!

  7. Where does one get a Superhero in a Box? I think I'm stealing that idea for my own secret Santa gift.

  8. How are you never in any of your own recap post pictures??? Weird girl.

  9. lilu - you know i don't like pictures! also, i supplied you all with some alexa visual goodness in last weeks recap. ha.

  10. They still don't look quit dressed for summer. ;)

  11. I hate musical theatre. (And I spell it correctly.)

  12. sounds like a fun weekend! I am so jealous i wanna see wicked =(

    i spent my time unpacking and doing laundry, and drinking wine and painting and getting paint out of my hair because i drank wine while painting.

    and talking to a new boy!

  13. The Taphouse is so good I feel like I'm cheating when I eat there.

  14. Sounds like a great party! I had a good weekend filled with family time and a sleepover dedicated to Christmas cookie making!

  15. Holy crap, I love that photo of the girl drinking from the punchbowl. That is some serious sh*t.

  16. I think your friend Jen (with the punch bowl) and I would get along fabulously!

  17. Ya i am agree with your post. Actually i am also thinking we made events, events not made us. sometimes we are not celebrating together then it will be not call event.


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