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Thursday, December 17, 2009

these last few weeks have been a whirlwind.

so much to do, so many people to see, so much fun to be had to try to distract myself from the fact that (shocker) i'm single yet again for the holidays.

[wamp waaaaahhhh]

but ya know what?

instead of being all debbie downer i've decided that i'm going to just enjoy myself.

i'm going to go out every night till christmas, spend time with the people i care about the most, and just generally have a good time.

i deserve it.

we ALL deserve it.

i'm not getting any younger and neither are you so we might as well all live a little.


last night was simple enough in that i enjoyed light bistro's happy hour with batch, salami rose and k$, and drank lots of my favorite beer miller high life out of a champagne flute at abc tavern.

(btw, did you know that the kick ass owners of west side market cafe now also own abc tavern on west 25th? i love them and their positive cleveland attitude and love of the grateful dead which will in turn cause me to spend all the more time at the abc tavern in the future - you should too)

now back to my mini-rant...

so excuse me if i'm distracted, excuse me if i'm not completely listening to you, but i need these next two weeks for me.


maybe i'll even have the guts to ask out my crush

nah, who am i kidding, that won't ever happen.

so i guess what i'm saying is go out and have fun tonight - drink some spiked egg nog for me.

'tis the muther fucking season


  1. and have lots of unprotected sex.

    hells yea

  2. I think you need more people urging you to go for it. I know that new guy likes me, and I still had to be urged to ask him to my party,50 times by 50 friends after we'd already seen each other. Guys like to know you like them too! This is the millenium. throw out all the rules and dos and donts!

    Go for it!

    Do it! Life is too short!

    ps i was excited about the west side market....cus i thought it was the one 3 miles from my (new) house...but alas....it is not.

  3. 'Tis the muther fucking season, indeed. Amen.

  4. You like the Grateful Dead and NOT Springsteen?

    The fuck kinda silliness is that, lady?

  5. OMG, I just put up a post about this very topic! Twinsies!

  6. I'll be honest and tell you the holidays were a lot more simple when I was single. Either I was flying back to Boston or I wasn't. If I did, I spent most of the time relaxing with my parents. If I didn't, I'd spend Christmas Day with local family. But, otherwise, it was REALLY quiet. And I kind of liked it that way. Now, we've got a bajillion commitments and while I love all those family and friends, it would be nice if the group gatherings were spread out throughout the year. The grass is always greener...

  7. duuuude. ASK HIM OUT! to quote a very wise blogger, "we might as well all live a little".... :-)

  8. Going out every night is a must...the season is over in the blink of an eye anyways. Let's do dis.

  9. Well alright now you can go out there and show off those arms in a sleeveless number!

  10. Great Christmas attitude.

    'Tis the mother fucking season, indeed.

  11. Ugh. What's with Cleveland bloggers talking about being single today? I got dumped by my boyfriend of 4 1/2 years ago last week...so maybe I should take your advice about making the most out of life. No wait, I already am. I blogged about it the other day. Haha! :) Great minds think alike!

  12. i choose to look on being single for the holidays as a positive (perhaps because I've only been in a relationship over the festive season for 3 out of my 30 years on the planet). One less present to buy for s start.

    Amen to that!!!

  13. well hopefully you'll make time for your sissy!.. if nothing else.. I'm a pretty good wing woman!

  14. Every guy assumes you have a crush on someone else after reading this. Nobody ever assumes they are the one. Most people won't try asking out a person they know wants someone else. Sooooo, now you have to ask him out! ...or hope he doesn't read you blog.

  15. allison - you aren't supposed to make that part of my plans public...

    lexa - NO!

    fizz - you need to come up here and go to the one i'm talking about

    liebchen - cheers to us

    peter - according to you it's my only flaw

    AAB - that's why we are besties

    nilsa - i think you and i have these types of parallels often where "the grass is always greener"

    alice - haha, i love that you quoted me - i am very wise.

    twnt - we can have a hungover support group every morning

    bathwater - done and done

    joe - i like your style

    roxetta - sorry to hear about the breakup but you have a great attitude about the situation, do it girl

    p - one more present to buy for me

    sissy - i'll always make time for you

    justin - my guess is he reads my blog, but hopefully has no clue. also,just cause i have a crush on someone doesn't mean i don't have a crush on 387483 others. so other men out there should ask me out too, ha.

  16. Did you write this drunk? I'll love you even MORE if you did.

  17. Seriously woman, ASK HIM OUT. Want me to do it?

    Also I thought the holiday season was for eating a lot, drinking and passing out from eating and drinking. No?

  18. Like Valentines Day, I have a bad habit of breaking up with guys right before the holidays. This year, I didn't, score 1 for me! Of course I wasn't even dating anyone to begin with so maybe I'll take that score away...

    Go you for having fun and making the most out of the holiday season! I may have to drive down to Cleveland to join you ;)


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