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Monday, December 14, 2009

and now ladies and gentlemen it's time for the obligatory monday weekend recap post that i hate writing but know that (some) people like to read cause it shows how i roll cleveland style.


let me tell you guys, blogging is NOT fun when you are tired, hungover, and all you want to do it play wii.

yes, wii.

recently i've had a very strong desire to play guitar hero, so strong i couldn't stop randomly thinking about it during the day. specifically i really wanted to play the beatles rock band edition.

well friday the need to play hit came to a head and i went to best buy after work and bought a wii, guitar hero 5 with guitar, an extra wii remote and some other bells and whistles.

at the store i quickly realized that while i wanted to play beatles rock band i didn't have well, a band.

rock band party of one isn't as fun now is it?

so i settled on guitar hero (will buy the beatles rock band game soon) and settled in on a friday night of video game playing all by myself. it was glorious.

i'm freakishly good at guitar hero - i think it's my years of playing the piano that give me the advantage.

saturday brought an evening with the girls starting at the west side of cleveland bazaar bizarre local gift/craft/jewelery/clothing/something for everyone show.

i walked away with a hot pair of earrings from rescued and reloved and the most awesome greeting cards from oddball press that say "kill kiss, me i'm from cleveland" - i think i'm going to frame one. love.

after bazaar bizarre myself, muffin, babs, the klutz and bird gathered for an early dinner at
momocho. i haven't been to momocho in ages and i was SO excited to go.

the mauled guac in the background with the cucumber marg, and lobster taquitos

i had a couple of margaritas (the cucumber and the hibiscus), obviously the table got a guacamole sampler (pinapple, crab and goat cheese) and for dinner i had one of the newer menu additions the lobster taquitos. as always momocho always delivers on the food and service - a delicious cleveland gem.

from there we decided that the only cure for our food coma was more delicious cocktails.

next stop, velvet tango room where textoris and conor joined us for cleveland's best cocktails (the moscow mule is to die for), and a visit with paulius who is always so gracious to my friends and i when we visit. the place was hoppin' and the ladies in fur were out. swanky.

next stop,
flying monkey. now normally this is one of my favorite bars in tremont but saturday night it was like a taping of jersey shore was underway. i literally was standing next to a half dressed girl with a bumpit in her hair and some greased guy ordering jagerbombs.

who knew where these people came from - it's like a bus picked them up from barley house and dropped them off at flying monkey. horrible.

as obnoxious as the crowd was it was excellent people watching and didn't stop us from having a couple of rounds. no we weren't finished.

next stop, bier markt and speakeasy - both bars were packed packed packed. but great drinks and people watching continued. my only issue is that there is ZERO cell service in speakeasy, it kinda makes me twitch.

the klutz, conor, textoris and bird

next and final stop, the map room to hangout with more friends and stare at hot bartender. seriously, hot bartender you and i need to become friends. call me.

annnnnnnnnd, that's a wrap. now, back to guitar hero...


  1. whoa. we just went to momocho last weekend. and ordered the crab, pineapple, and trad guac. and i ordered the lobster taquitos!!!! that is really weird

  2. thb - ok, that's just weird! at least we know we have great taste.

  3. All I got out of this is that I'm hungry for guac.

  4. I think that's going to be my next halloween costume. Look at me, with my bump it and hoochy outfit.

  5. It's morning, I've had my lovely oatmeal, yet I keep staring at that picture and it's making me hungry.

    Also, we need pictures of girl with bumpit in her hair. Pleaaaase.

  6. Sounds like a good weekend! Hope you're nursing that hangover!

  7. i literally could not be more jealous of your wii/guitar hero. i have been begging anyone who would listen for a wii for years. YEARS I SAY.

  8. Aaaaaaaaaand now all I want in life is GREASE IN MY FACE.


  9. I agree rock band isn't fun unless you have a band and a buzz, well mostly a buzz.

  10. Ooh, I am beyond jealous of your BazBiz trek! I haven't been to one since Maker Faire '09. It's the best place to score jewelry that will win you the admiration of the general populace!

  11. I have a question.

    Do you ever forget which nicknames you give which friends?

    Do you ever call them by their nicknames in real life?

    Apparently I had two questions.

  12. Now I'm hunry looking at the food pic. Haha.

  13. I love that you were thinking about guitar hero and just randomly went to best buy to get a wii and games.

  14. I wish I had a means to play guitar hero all day long. I missed your blog last week while I was away.

  15. I really want to play that new DJ rock band thing. You know, with the turntable?

    you know?


  16. umm that sounds like wya more fun than im having. lol

  17. haha love that you just went and bought a wii and guitar hero. you are awesome. and obviously our weekends should hang out and make a super awesome weekend, because that's really what would happen.

  18. you seriously didnt come to my birthday party to play guitar hero...which by the way you could have done here?

  19. Oh snap, the above comment looks bad. But I love that you just went and bought a wii, way to go girl.

  20. jenna, don't get mad my little cousin - i just didn't feel like driving to canton after work on friday, it had been a looooooong week. i'll make it up to you, promise.

  21. yum! next time try the goat cheese guac too, it's to DIE FOR :)

  22. Your life is unbelievable. The good kind.

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