a tour of the cavaliers practice facility from a woman's point of view

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

when MOB and muffin got tipsy at the cleveland magazine best of cleveland party this past october and bought a silent auction item granting them (us) a tour of the cleveland cavaliers practice facility in independence, i didn't really have a solid grasp of what we were in for.

well, last night that changed.

rolling up to the cleveland clinic courts i didn't expect the magnitude of the facility - bright lights, beautiful architecture, details and landscaping. a classy joint to say the least.

upon our arrival we were greeted by the cavs cleveland clinic courts operations manager, david painter - talk about an awesome, knowledgeable, and down to earth dude. couldn't have asked for a better guy to show us around.

we got access to the whole facility from danny ferry's office, to the locker room, showers, players theater, gym, and dining area.

we got to see all the fancy add ons, like ipod docks built into walls, more pairs of shoes and SWAG than i've ever seen in one place, an underwater treadmill and a gourmet kitchen.

dan gilbert sure knows what he's doing.

also, i may or may not have screamed when i walked into the cavs locker room.

muffin may or may not have posed with shaq's massive shoe.

MOB may or may not have sat in the barber chair.

now for some pics...

yes, i'm hanging out in the cavaliers open shower pretending to wash my hair in the above pic.

one of the last stops on the tour was the actual basketball courts where i had an itsy bitsy thing that i wanted to try.

remember last week when the video surfaced of lebron james nailing the full court shot with a football? no? see below then:

well i wanted to see if i could replicate the shot - yes i got it all on video.

david painter was even oh so kind to find the same football lebron used for me to take a shot with.

think i made it?

well, muffin threw from closer and didn't make it either....

after more unsuccessful hoop shooting we were all more than happy with our visit and experience when david slathered some icing on the cake in giving us each the lebron james bobblehead from the 12/2/09 game

amazing. no words.

i'm obviously a cavs fan, but i think my crush on the organization as a whole was totally kicked up a notch after last night.

now, i just need to win multiple millions of dollars so i can buy courtside season tickets...


  1. That looks like fun. I'm amazed at their locker room! They even have little desks.

  2. Lucky girly!! :) I have a major crush on the Cavs too... especially lebron.

  3. I wasn't creeping in Anthony Parker's locker, just checking out his products!

  4. Muffin, you have a pretty sweet jumpshot.

    (Anthony Parker is the only Cavs player I like. Well, Jamario a little too.)

  5. Ummmm, Danny Ferry? As in the former Duke player? As in the former Duke player who did nothing in the NBA? If I had access to his office, I would've put up a Tar Heels banner in the most obvious of places. (Said from the true Carolina girl!)

  6. What a great opportunity to see such a first class facility.

    Truth be told, I had a better comment in my head, but when I read Nilsa's, I laughed and forgot it.

  7. You know how I feel about my Celtics (I love them) but holy crap woman! That is AWESOME!!!

    By the way, did you leave a note for Lebron telling him to stop trying to play football?

  8. Aren't you a big enough celebrity to just get free courtside seats yet? I mean Lebron has grabbed your butt how many times now?

  9. If I had a chance to do this for the Phillies (I know it'd be more comparable to say the Sixers, but meh...) I would be shaking the entire time from excitement.

    So very very cool.

  10. The video is hilarious. Funny the Cavs can auction a visit to their practice facility and the Browns can't give tickets to games away...

  11. Fun! We don't have any sports team worth a damn in Omaha (surprise) so I can't imagine what it must be like there. Oh, and Shaq's shoe size frightens me beyond words.

  12. sha, tht locker room is clean, i wonder who has to clean it! i imagine they are filthy sweaty men. and their you know...manhood probably touches everything.....

    um. nevermind maybe not such a bad job eh? =)

  13. okay that is amazing. love that you got to tour the whole gym, too bad lebron didn't make a guest appearance.

  14. Um I love that you took a picture in the showers, you sure look excited!!

  15. aahahaha the shower picture is awesome lol

  16. Who knew that locker rooms were so nice? My hubs played baseball. I don't think his clubhouse was as cush. Ah ha

  17. you crack me up and threw it farther than I would have! I need to buff up my arms!

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