what was grady sizemore thinking?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

so there's an elephant in the room.

and no it's not grady's electric toothbrush...

really grady? TEABAGS?

no words.

for those of you unaware of who this piece of man meat is that i've posted about today he's
the cleveland indian's own star center fielder grady sizemore.

yes, SIZEMORE - couldn't make that last name up kids.

when i caught wind of the grady-gate over the weekend i had three distinct thoughts come to my head:
1. damn son, you look hot. (especially in this one)
2. how soon till you lose some of your sponsorships?
3. who did you piss off?

the "story" of how these pictures (click here for way more racy grady pics that i can't post), got leaked is that grady's girlfriend, playboy playmate brittany binger, had them stolen from her personal computer.

stolen. mmm. hmmm. what ever you say.

now here's the thing, i'm definitely not opposed to "sexting" (isn't that what the kids are calling it these days?), i think it's sexy, i think it's hot - and quite frankly there's nothing that can make me blush any faster.

but whether you are a celebrity or a nobody you've got to think the worst when sending racy pics - just assume they are going to be made public.

haven't we learned enough from paris hilton, kim kardashian, pamela anderson and mister mini me himself verne troyer?

and if the pics never get out? score one for the good guys.

and if they do get out? hope your mom can still look at you across the dinner table.

so what's your take on this? anyone have any horror stories to share?


  1. My take? I'd like to have a cup of tea with Grady.

  2. He's a fox. I'm pro Sizemore.

  3. Can I just say that I love baseball players' bodies? I dated one briefly and it was all kinds of awesomesauce. And yeah, I have a couple of pictures that are preeetty similar. Noms.

    Dear Grady - more please!

  4. I once sent a photo text of me touching myself to the wrong person.

    (Sorry Alexa's mom)

  5. haha! 'teabag'

    ...luckily all my photographic evidence was on polaroid film and the guy was decent enough to give them all back when we broke up.

  6. After reading other posted comments on numerous sites, I agree with one common observance. I think Grady may have some non-hetero tendencies. I do not believe many "straight" or "manly men" pose like this for their girlfriends, boyfriends or whatever. He is obviously into himself and I would bet some cash on the possibility of Mr. Sizemore enjoying both sides of the field , if ya know when I mean!

  7. Back when my wife and I were dating, she had a picture of me - naked with woody - hidden in her room.

    On a related note: I'm classy.

    Whatever..picture of me with boingity boing in her room.

    Then her mother cleaned her room.

    Then the picture was never seen again.

    To this day, I think her mother keeps it in her purse.

  8. last comment cracked me the hell up....

    I would have to partially agree with Sean... although when the ex wife and I were married (up to a few months ago) she and I used to trade pics of that sort back and forth...then I went to Europe, my computer and stuff got stolen and a ton of that (along with mating pics and videos with the ex) got stolen. I believe is only a matter of time before they make it somewhere, but if that makes me famous and brings me more dough, i'm all for it.

    It wouldn't be the first time.

  9. Hmmm... No words. But he does have a hot bod!

  10. id never give anyone anything to embaress me with!! you never know where they will end up!

  11. I love his facial expressions in some of the pictures. HIlarious!

    He has a great body and is cute.

    P.S. I don't take naked pics because I'm not famous, and that's even worse.

  12. I can't click those links at work, but you can bet I'll be doing it once I get home.

    And...I may have sent a semi-scandalous photo (or several) to a man friend. And I'll probably do it again...

  13. oh grady! when we were neighbors i offered you a cup of sugar if you ever needed to borrow one! now i see you won't be needing it...

    no pics but an ex boyfriend of mine sent an email detailing one of our evenings to a coworker of his by mistake. whoa. that was embarrassing.

  14. What the hell? Someone must have stolen my private pictures, photoshopped Grady's head onto my body, and then photoshopped off all of my chest hair!

    This is an outrage!

  15. Here is my comment: Ewwww... His sac is BARELY hanging past his VERY ironic drink of choice. While I think Grady has a rockin bod, the nakedness is just a bit much. I did NOT want to know that apparently the man has YET to hit puberty and has ZERO body hair.... shiver....

  16. That is one nice bod. . . but I will also agree that he looks like he is way too into himself.

    Granted, he's dating a former playmate, so he's definitely into looks. . . :) I mean, I'm sure some of the women posing for playboy are really smart and sophisticated and can hold a good conversation... but the recent Girl's Next Door are not those type of girls at all.

  17. Oh and my old roommate (I mean "old" as in she was in her 40s and we no longer live together) used to take pics of herself in lingerie or in her bra and panties and send it to guys she worked with and was interested in. Did I mention she was married too??

  18. Yeah no one will ever get pictures of me like that. EVER. It's big with the high school kids these days I heard.

  19. no no no no no never. no matter how much i believe my current boyfriend/husband/whatever would never share those pictures, there is ALWAYS the chance that he will be my EX boyfriend/husband/whatever and OH MY GOD i do not want someone who is an ex ANYTHING to have compromising photos of me, you know??

  20. Stolen? Really? Honestly haven't we learned by now? Never give naked photos away!

  21. Why would he do this... I don't mind at all that he did it, because his body is ridiculous, but wow...

  22. at least grady is hot and it was him and not say the indian's coach? wait i have no idea what the coach looks like but grady is pretty good looking, haha.

  23. Tea bags, LOL. What a douche. I don't understand why guys do this???!!!

  24. Nope, can't say I've done anything like that. I'm afraid I'm not that risque!

  25. Umm, wow. I don't even know where to begin...

    And I've never been brave enough to send anything like this to a SO. Or anyone else. Because I worry about things being leaked onto the Internet. Because what would happen if I became famous? Bad news bears, that's what.

  26. sexting is fine by me but it's the racy pics that i just can't do. Unfortunately some guys think it's necessary. :/

  27. Damn. I didn't know who Sizemore was, but now I do, and I'm okay with that.

    As for racy pics... Let's just say I can never become famous or a politician. =/ Oops.

  28. hard to believe that people keep stuff like this on their unprotected hard drives when the solution is so simple: create an encrypted partition on your disk with an impenetrable password. Keep all naughty bits on your encrypted disk, then you never have to worry about someone stealing/posting anything embarrassing. Unless it's your scorned girlfriend/boyfriend with a score to settle and a list of your family's email addresses.

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