the year that was 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i wrote 220 blog posts in 2009 that recapped my life, my loves (or lack there of), my social life, my venting, my stories.

blogging to me is an online journal of my life that i just so happen to share publicly with all of you. it's a photo album of memories that i can go back and either read lovingly, cringe or laugh at.

but once it's posted, it's posted.

so let's look back at my 2009 shall we?

january '09
i documented what it was like to be a fly on the wall a lazy sunday at phoenix coffee, told you how pretty you are, shared a simple game of M.A.S.H with you all while giving you the power to learn how to forge my signature.

february '09
i wrote a love letter to cleveland, had fun with the girls gambling in detroit (can't wait to do it in cleveland, btw), wrote my top ten ways to tell when SHE'S just not that into you, and published a video blog showing my walk from my apartment to map room.

march '09
composed a list (that i may or may not still agree with), of what i'm looking for in my ideal man, shared how i almost got kicked out of high school for fleeing a field trip in NYC, i chose to gimmie back that filet 'o fish, show NYC how to be a plum and took my yiayia to see lebron.

april '09
i shared the awesomeness that was living on mackinac island post college, hosted the baby mamma party, found out that someone called me their blog nemesis (even though they didn't, btw), admitted to you guys some of the things i collect and my irrational fear of ceiling fans.

may '09
i let you guys into a little known fact that my mom is a pill pusher, admitted that i always wanted to be a mob wife, gave my definition of social media, professed my hatred for the word standpoint, got auctioned off for charity, and said goodbye to my downtown family.

june '09
maxie performed the brilliance that was blogger face, dropped the best nugget of knowledge on you in the cellphone invitation rule, wrote the first ever plum's best of cleveland post, showed you my sleeping positions and why michael jackson's death effected me like it did.

july '09
turned 29 and was 20sb's featured blogger for july, reflected on how i wish i could still act like a kid, admitted my snobbery, participated in a cleveland bike riding bar crawl, unfortunately had a possum eat my car and showed narm how to dance.

august '09
krusty's! made a hard but very smart decision to cut up all my credit cards, had the opportunity to become a gap brand enthusiast, got my very own CLE Clothing Co t-shirt (you should buy one!), my mom stuffed her face with frozen grapes and i got challenged that perhaps i'm afraid to be completely happy.

september '09
finally got to post a TMI thursday, shared some text messages from my mother, kicked off the browns season with a bang, told my tale of working at a convenience store in college, was voted best blog in cleveland by cleveland magazine readers, and showed just how different me and my sissy are.

october '09
sung out with t-mobile and cat stevens, debated about men using emoticon's or not, admitted to twitter stalking, went to DC and saw the man himself jay-z in concert, wrote about an unplanned day in my life, and took note of the two types of people in this world.

november '09
figured out the difference between marinade and marinate, let my inner sauce go wild, started working out, showed my motivation for being a cleveland sports fan, gave a HP dm3 laptop away, and contemplated asking out my crush or not.

december '09
asked what the hell grady sizemore was thinking, got an amazing tour of the cavaliers practice facility, proving just how creepy the new folgers holiday commercial was, and admitted to sleeping in the buff.

what a year huh?

here's to hoping 2010 is only better.

[editors note: my blog love jamie posted her own original version of the above post recently which i then in turn flat out stole the format - thanks jamie! xoxo]


  1. Glad to have seen you three times this year my love. Life is happier with you in it.

  2. I'm so glad we met this year! (And P.S. I remember every single one of those posts.)

  3. well, next year in 2010, we will have to see the Sex and the City premier in May. It's only fitting.

  4. LOVED this post! :) looks like you had a great year! it was nice to see what i missed before i found your blog! also - omg, i loved the blog nemesis post - too freakin' funny! :)

  5. Love the recap - especially the reminder of the Sizemore post (even if it was only earlier this month). Mmmmm...

    Happy New Year, lady!

  6. So glad to have been a part of some of it. Love you, ladyfriend!

  7. Can 2010 be the year we finally hangout?

  8. What a fun post! Can't wait to read more of your blog in the New Year! :)

  9. holey moses that was a good post, will you do one for me? lol.

    heres to a fabulous 2010

  10. You'll make 2010 your b*tch and whip it around like a houseboy. Happy New year!

  11. What a fun post! It's crazy looking back over old posts and seeing how much has really happened in the last year. Crazy!!! Here's to lots more fun in 2010!

  12. You had a GREAT 2009! Here's to 2010! :)

  13. Fab 2009 lady! Happy new year and hope to see you again in 2010!

  14. There are so many parts where I specifically remember reading them the first time, and I got excited.

    Happy New Year!

  15. It was all worth learning you slept in the raw! Now you will have to top that in 2010. Happy New Year

  16. 220 posts?? You are a machine!! Happy New Year my friend!

  17. Perhaps I don't say it often enough, but your blog is truly one of my favorites. You're real, funny, a little crazy - all those good things - and I look forward to a 2010 of increased reality, hilarity and craziness. <3

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