the one where someone bought me for charity

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

i have a confession to make.

remember when the "a night out with cleveland's a plum" package was being auctioned off for AAF Cleveland's charity auction?

well my biggest fear was that no one would bid on me, which thankfully was quickly squashed when i received 6 bids my first day on the auction block. the starting bid was $50 and i ended up going 14 bids later for $115.

but it's who the 14th bidder was that i feel like i need to confess.

it was my sister.

fifteen minutes before the auction closed i had a full out freak out at my desk at work. all i could think about was some random dude (and i knew it was a dude because i had a girl on the inside telling me who placed every bid), buying me.

what if he was crazy? what if he wanted to chopped me up and scatter me all over lake erie? what if he finally met me and was like "ew, this is who i spent over $100 on?".

i just couldn't do it - all my insecurities crept up.

what i didn't expect was for my friends and family to get upset with me for having my sister buy me. they were all like, "this could have been the man of your dreams! what to you have to lose? why did you even do it if you were going to chicken out last minute?"

and then i felt guilty.

but the way i see it is if the few guys that were in a bidding war for me were really all that interested in meeting me my contact information is on this blog...

so last night was the actual "night out with cleveland's a plum". my sissy and i had dinner and drinks at winking lizard with c-rossi and then headed to progressive field to watch the indians lose to the white sox. but there was one situation that i need to mention.

we watched a full out brawl occur right next to us between a 19-year-old female white sox fan and a 55-year-old female indians fan. this 19-year-old twat was hammered and acting like a child the whole game, but at one point towards the end the 55-year-old couldn't take it anymore and turned around to address the child.

words were said, arms were flailing and they were being held back by their respected groups. at that point we thought everything was going to calm down, but then the 19-year-old twat hocked a loogie on the 55-year-old indians fan.

HOCKED A LOOGIE! who does that?

classless people that's who.

it was funny because this gentleman behind us with his 8-year-old daughter was like, "hunny, see that girl over there? that's what happens when you are uneducated and disrespectful. don't be that girl, ever"

the brat ended up being escorted out. but i swear if someone hocked a loogie on me i don't know if i would be able to control myself like the 55-year-old lady did.

so there ended up being more action in the stands than on the field. ahem, indians, ahem. all in all it was a fun night out with my sissy and the being auctioned off part was an experience in itself.

but if i ever do it again, i promise to go out with whoever "buys" me regardless if i know them or not.

i need a weekend to rest from my weekend

Monday, June 29, 2009

so currently i look like a lobster i'm so red and burnt. i think my olive skinned greek ancestors are about to disown me and send me to ireland if i don't brown up soon. but a day in the water park will do that to you - but more on that later.

-headed to canton after work for a dinner with my mom, sister, thea (aunt) eros, yiayia (grandmother) and cousin mara at pete's grill and pizza in downtown canton.
-realized that canton such a small world, especially the greek community because out of the say 15 tables i knew someone at 11 of them.
-fell in love with the place after i realized that i could have saganaki (flaming cheese), drink sangria and play boccee ball at the same place. i was sold.
-headed to taggart's ice cream parlor for a bittner to wind down the night because my yiayia just needed an ice cream soda.
-fell asleep on my mom's couch which still to this day is one of the most comforting things to do

-got one of the worst haircuts OF MY LIFE!!! my hair looks like shit, all uneven, won't lay right, and to top it off instead of trimming it like we always do because i'm growing it out, she snips a hunk of the back part of my hair and goes, "an inch and a half is ok right?" WHAT?!?!? i'm still fuming and i hope i can get i fixed on friday.
-checked out the blissful's indie girl trunk show and picked up my favorite capri blue candle - volcano no. 6
-drove back to cleveland and met muffin and the klutz at the westside market cafe for lunch and shopping at the westside market to pick up some fresh produce
-headed over to the made in the 216 event in the detroit shoreway neighborhood
-layed out with the klutz on our deck, ate popsicles and read
-went to erin's house in rocky river for a mystery wine party where everyone was in charge of bringing an appetizer that began with their name. i got a double whammy of initials because i brought an almond and mandarin orange salad. (get it? A and M? - i win)
-drank lots and lots of wine but court's bottle of wine got the best reviews and she got the fabulous prize provided by the hostess erin herself

court and erin with the winning wine prize basket

-lost my watch in erin's couch and it took half the party to get it back, it was a group effort and a success at that.

thanks jen! i'm glad you have a skinny hand and donna was strong to lift the couch.

-good times had by all!!

-sissy called me at 1am to tell me that the family was going to the geauga lake's wildwater kingdom waterpark to which i promptly stopped drinking because i couldn't think about going down water slides hungover
-woke up to a cold and rainy morning in cleveland but the fam was still gung-ho about going so i hopped in the yuppie mobile and drove to aurora

cousin nicolette, david, sissy, jenna and natalie outside the park

-huddled under an umbrella in the rain while the kids (and my 26 year old sister) went down the slides in the pouring rain
-at 1:30pm the sun came out and our wildwater kingdom experience completely changed for the better. we had so much fun!
-from the giant funnel slide, the wave pool, the body slides and the lazy river we were running around like crazy. and it was perfect because we basically had the park to ourselves because the early rain scared the general public away. we win.

natalie, suzanne, cousin nicolette, david, sissy and cathi

-got stupid burnt because i didn't put on sunscreen until it was too late and the damage was done
-drove back to canton for a family cookout at my mom's full of blu cheese burgers, fruit coleslaw, bacon baked beans, pineapple cake and more

sissy being the grille master that she is

-wrote this blog and went to sleep

by the way, summer is exhausting but ridiculously fun.

and to anyone who says there's nothing to do in cleveland/northeast ohio? you're nuts!

have a good (hopefully short) week - only three more days till my birthday!

friday share v5 (michael jackson edition)

Friday, June 26, 2009

when i was a very young child i spent hours in my basement making haunted houses. i covered my pool table with blankets making a fort, created obstacles for my childhood friends to go around, recruited my cousins to hide in places to scare my little sister and had the perfect soundtrack, michael jackson's thriller.

i would have the kids that were going through the haunted house wait at the top of the basement stairs as i ran downstairs, turned on the record player to set the mood with vincent price's eerie prelude to the legendary michael jackson song. and i listened to that song over, and over and over again.

i remember thinking how hard it was to line up the record player needle on the vinyl just so perfectly that it started just where i wanted it to.

fast forward a few years - michael jackson had recently released his much anticipated follow up to thriller with
bad but unfortunately this was a time of my life that was pretty hard for me. my parents were going through a slightly messy divorce and i recall one specific instance and memory with my father that will forever be ingrained in my brain.

he had just picked me up from my mom's in his brand new porsche convertible which was ultra cool because it had a CD player in it and he was listening to michael jackson's newest album. i remember my mom and dad were having a disagreement as we were leaving because as we were pulling out of the driveway my father stopped the car dead in its tracks in the middle of the street only a few houses down.

man in the mirror was playing in the background and i could tell my dad was visibly upset. knowing what i know now as an adult i think it was guilt that he was putting his kids through seeing their parents break up. but as the car was stopped he started repeating
the lyrics to man in the mirror to me, telling me that he was going to change, shaking the CD case at me while looking me square in the eye more serious than i had ever seen him.

i will never be able hear that song and not think of that moment, especially because he passed away shortly there after.

on a happier note i still have that same CD of his sitting on a shelf in my childhood bedroom.

i have so many memories of me dancing to PYT while folding jeans at the gap, fist pumping the air to dirty diana and snapping my fingers to beat it.

on this blog alone i have posted about the king of pop here, here and here, and just a few months back i couldn't have been more excited to see a simple michael jackson cover band because the idea of hearing his music live was a dream of me.

it all sounds so cheesy to me reading this, especially because over the last ten years or so how crazy michael jackson actually became. but i choose not to think of him hanging babies named blanket over balconies but in his red pants dancing to thriller.
i guess i didn't realize how sad i would actually be in hearing of his passing.

do you have a favorite michael jackson memory?

stove monkeys t-shirt giveaway

Thursday, June 25, 2009

first things first - there is a 2-year old little girl in cleveland with acute leukemia and while there have been two bone marrow donor drives in cleveland a match has yet to be found. so from now until july 3rd the gift of life is giving away free cheek swab kits to anyone in the cleveland area.

all you have to do is visit the gift of life website and input the promo code 2009CLEVE. let's help save this little girl's life!

i have a treat for you all today by way of a free t-shirt giveaway!

my friend matt mytro, who on top of being a great chef, also runs a cleveland based t-shirt company for the chef in all of us called stove monkeys.

matt has been generous enough to let me offer a free t-shirt from stove monkeys to one of my readers - winners choice.

to enter:
1. leave a comment telling me your favorite kind of monkey
2. make sure you include your email address if i don't have it or can't find it through your blog
3. enter by thursday july 2nd (my birthday!) for your chance to win

thanks in advance for entering and be sure to check out the stove monkey's website to see all their t-shirt designs.

blog carnival: looking back

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

this post is a part of 20SB's looking back blog carnival, and Ben & Jerry's is awarding free ice cream to lucky bloggers and readers, and um, i love ice cream so i'm participating!

my task was this: look back through my blog posts and choose one that i wrote during my first two months of blogging that shows my mindset and outlook from the onset of my blog. so i got to work looking through some early posts and i realized one thing...

i had absolutely no idea what the hell i was doing.

but one gem of a post stuck out for me that i think perfectly sums up what i was having to immediately deal with upon starting this blog.

so here's my 8th post ever out of the 400+ i've written that was originally published on january 8, 2008.

an open letter to my mother

Dear Mother,

I really like that you have decided to start reading my blog. I especially like when you call me to tell me that I have a typo. That's fun!

I would like to clarify one thing with you. I promise I know how to capitalize and punctuate correctly. Because I am choosing not to capitalize on my blog, I also promise that I am not contributing to the dumbing down of America. Not nearly enough people read my blog to start a worldwide anti-capitalization movement.

Also, if you could please alert your sister, my "tiajo", that by my blogging I am not hurting anyone, let alone myself. I will be very careful not to put too much personal information out onto the internet.

I hope this calms your overprotective motherly instinct. You are the best mommy ever, and I love you very much.

Your Daughter,


i think i've come a long way - not so much in the voice and tone of my writing because i think that has been pretty consistent, but i've definitely blown past the "careful not to put too much personal information out on the internet" - oops. that and i now have readers/commenters that aren't my family members and childhood friends.

i went from for so long not sharing who i was in real life to shouting it from the rooftops, attaching this blog and my twitter to my full name while turning this simple hobby of mine into an unexpectedly great networking, career and friend making opportunity. solidifying my passion for social media.

but guess what? i still don't capitalize, and that's never going to change.

(sorry mom)

thanks again for reading everyone!

crazy little thing called sleep

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

recently i've been having some sleeping issues.

as in i'm not getting enough of it. i just can't seem to get all comfy in my bed like i used to causing me to not get enough rest at night - and i frankly don't even need that much of it.

i can function perfectly fine on 5 hours of sleep but anything less than that is like poking the sleeping bear - watch the hell out for my cranky ass.

i'm thinking some of my issues may have to do with my random sleeping positions that i've been testing out to try to get comfortable and get back to normal.

my starting out goto sleeping position over the last couple of months has been 'alexa #1' below. it's this weird top of bed diagonal lay that gives me a perfect view of the tv and is ridiculously comfortable.

now while 'alexa #1' may be my i'm-still-watching-jimmy-fallon-trying-to-fall-asleep position i usually end up waking up in the position below - the 'alexa #2'.

the 'alexa #2' is when i'm completely face down (minds out of gutter) on my stomach, which used to give me the perfect proximity to hit the snooze button on my alarm clock before i moved it across the room.

but it hasn't been working recently - i've needed to mix it up.

the last couple of weeks i've been rockin' the 'alexa #3'.

backwards i know - literally. but i'm kinda in love with it.

am i totally weird for suddenly liking to sleep "the wrong way" on my bed?


but as long as i'm not sharing it with anyone (note the lonely and all alone stick figure) i can sleep in any position i want to.

so how do you like to sleep?

fall into the gap (and the proposal)

Monday, June 22, 2009

this is a special weekend recap post because i'm recapping last thursday night as well as my weekend because what happened to me on thursday is just too good to pass up.

a fabulously friendly woman named justine from the LA based
brand about town contacted me and a couple of other cleveland based blogs on behalf of the gap. yes, THE gap. basically justine has been traveling around the country talking to a select group of bloggers looking to choose some as 'gap brand enthusiasts'.

funny the way that worked out because i just so happened to work at gap for almost five years. it was my first job at 17 and to say i drank the kool-aid during my time there would be an understatement. i thought (and still think) the gap was the coooooooolest.

so you could say i was excited when i got the email, and more than willing to meet up with justine and see what she had to say.

to read the rest of my gap brand enthusiast experience click on over to my new blog cleveland's a plum reviews.

go on .... click.

opera cleveland - falstaff

Thursday, June 18, 2009

you know that scene in pretty woman where richard gere takes julia roberts to the opera on the private plane in the fancy dress and jewels and they have box seats and her opera glasses are broken and she is so moved by the opera that it brings her to tears?

well last night was just like that for me, except i drove to the opera in my volvo, wore a black cotton dress, sat front and center so i didn't need opera glasses, had my friend court as my companion and laughed instead of cried because the opera i saw was a comedy.

yeah, like that.

last night i was lucky enough to be asked to attend a live blogging even for
Opera Cleveland's production of Falstaff which is being performed June 19, 20 and 27 in the state theater at playhouse square.

with a stop at bricco before the event, court and i got some serious VIP treatment. we were granted backstage access at the state theater (with a badge to prove it), and were given the ability to wander around taking photos and videos.

while the opera itself is in italian one is able to read english subtitles that are projected above the stage allowing everyone to enjoy the plot line and performance.

it was a surreal experience for a theater nerd like me - getting to meet the conductor, director, actors and actresses and i highly recommend checking out one of the performances!

see below for a less than 30 second snippet of a part of the first act.

court trying to take a bite out of a prop pig. random, i know.

one of the many prop tables - everything was so organized

some of the lead actresses (not falstaff, ha)

after the performance (we left a little early), court and i headed to crop bistro for multiple cocktails all of which lived up to the award i gave them in yesterday's post.

we got to visit with chef/owner steve schimoler who very kindly gave us some extra treats (the perfect deviled egg and the cherry bomb) from the kitchen on top of our
spring onion, roasted red pepper, carmalized onion, goat cheese and ohio maple flatbread.

with a final stop at maproom to sip on some patron xo, you can say we had a damn good evening.

the plum's best of cleveland

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

welcome to my 400th post!!! we've come a long way baby...
and in honor of the blessed occasion i want to tell you all that cleveland rocks, and if you didn't already know that, catch up.

hell, i've developed my whole online identity around all that is cleveland so i better enjoy the place.
i've decided that i want to use this post to highlight a few of my favorite spots (many of them restaurants) in cleveland, some that you may not know of just so happen to be my favorites, and you should check them out.

consider this 'the best of cleveland' edition of the cleveland's a plum blog.

best cocktails:
crop bistro (warehouse district)- holy heck these people know how to make some excellent libations. every time i go there i'm impressed with their original concoctions. try the my darling clementine and the missy figgy - there's bacon in it!
best lunch counter:
tastebuds (asiatown)- this spot is right by my office and not only do they have hot and cold options including pizza, salads and sandwiches they make my favorite greek pasta ever topped with feta and pine nuts, um yum. there's no servers here, just get in line, grab and go - you won't be disappointed. (honorable mention: the market cafe and wine bar)
best cupcakes: a cookie and a cupcake (tremont)- i don't consider myself a cupcake connoisseur but i've tasted a cupcake or ten in my day and these hands down are the best in the city of cleveland. also, their staff is among the friendliest. try the german chocolate and the espresso variety.

best brunch: tremont taphouse (tremont, duh)- get there earlier cause this place fills up fast - thankfully now that it's warm out their large patio can be taken advantage of. try the fresh/real crab benedict with crisp tap browns and fruit.

best burger: lolita (tremont)- this burger can be considered best happy hour food as well because for only $5, during designated hours you can enjoy the lolita burger topped with bacon, fried egg, aged cheddar and caramelized onions. it goes well with a nice glass of red that runs for only $4 a glass during the hours that are happy as well. best burger i've ever had - om nom nom nom.
best guacamole: momocho (ohio city)- i've been a fan of this place and chef williams since the day it opened, because i literally dined there the first day it opened. i'm a huge guacamole fan and consider myself a bit of an expert and i've never had better guacamole. my favorite is the blue crab, corn and chipolte chili variety with the goat cheese and pablano pepper kind coming in a close second. while you are noshing on the guac try the the cucumber chile pepper margarita.

best wings: the greenhouse tavern (east 4th)- chicken wings are an american staple that many people try to put their own unique spin on. well the spin that chef sawyer puts on his version of the crispy chicken wings include jalapeno, scallions and garlic and are fall off the bone delicious. order a side of their famous pomme frites served with rosemary, garlic and aioli while you are at it too.

best thai food: ty fun thai bistro (tremont)- i order the pad thai extra extra spicy with tofu and the thai spring rolls, and while i've tried multiple entrees in my multiple visits i always go back to this thai staple but with over 60 menu options there's something for everyone. i recommend making a reservation or simply ordering carryout because this restaurant is so tiny, but what it lacks in seating it makes up for in flavor.

best soup and salad: the souper market (ohio city and lakewood)- these daily homemade soups are to die for. i get the pulled chicken noodle and the season's greens with the delicious sweet lemon vinaigrette. this place is a cleveland staple.

best pizza: angelo's (lakewood)- why oh why can't angelo's be closer to my apartment? actually now that i think about it i'm glad it isn't because i would be ordering their deep dish style pizza pie entirely too often. if you haven't tried it, GO.

best sushi: parallax (tremont)- this is actually probably my favorite restaurant in cleveland as well but something specific that needs to be pointed out about this place is their sushi. it's hands down the best in the city and while a bit pricey is worth the splurge because the spicy tuna literally melts in your mouth. ahhhh-mazing.

best beer: great lakes brewery (ohio city)- i'm not a beer drinker, i never have been. but i'm told if i actually liked beer i would drink beer from GLBC. i do know that i like christmas ale and how silly it makes me, i like the restaurant itself and the fact that good beer is getting brewed in cleveland. so ya know, drink it. (honorable mention: winking lizard for their extensive beer selection and world beer tour)

best wine and cheese store:
pat o'brien's of landerwood (pepperpike)- this store has an amazing selection of wine, cheese and meats, while also being a state liquor agency, but what really makes this store break away from the pact is their customer service and knowledge. they know it all and can find it all, it's worth the trip east.

best coffee shop: phoenix coffee (i go to the warehouse district location)- this well known cleveland coffee shop with 6 locations throughout the city is the anti-starbucks. if you want the strongest coffee around, served by an eclectic group of award winning barista's this is your place.

best market: the westside market (ohio city) i mean is there really any other option? nope. i actually can't even describe this place; you just have to go and experience it for yourself. and then when you are done shopping stop at the westside market cafe for a killer breakfast/lunch.

best place to watch cleveland sports if you can't be at the game: blind pig (warehouse district)- now i'm not what you would call a "w 6th douchebag" but when it comes to weekday games the blind pig always has a great crowd gathered watching on one of their 8293 tvs.
best walk-in mani/pedi: venetian nail spa (rocky river)- if i can have a bar where everyone knows my name i can have a nail place where everyone knows my name right? the beautiful and clean decor paired with the extremely friendly staff that are always a pleasure to be around make for a great experience. shout out to my girl naya who gives the best pedicure around.
best cleveland themed t-shirts: CLE Clothing Co (check the website, yo) these original graphic t-shirts make great gifts for cleveland fans everywhere and with the magic of online ordering you can buy one today. like right now, go, buy one. with a retro style and a hustle like no other these boys are doing good things for the city of cleveland, very good things. perhaps a "cleveland's a plum" shirt will be in the mix sometime soon (more on that later...). also, aren't the models on their site hot?
best boutique: banyan tree (tremont)- this store located in the heart of tremont is what i like to call our own local department store because they have a little of everything. from housewares to babywares to unique jewelery, clothes and shoes this is the perfect stop to buy gifts for yourself and others. the shop owner christie has amazing taste and just so happens to stock the store full of my favorite things because when i need to buy a gift for almost anyone i stop at banyan tree. shop local people!
best monthly event: i got five on it, touch supper club (ohio city)- the last saturday of every month djs mick boogie and terry urban play the best old school hip hop set ever. the packed basement of touch is a straight out dance party that i've been going to for years. even though mick and terry have how you say, grown out of cleveland, the fact that you can still see them in such a small venue is tits.

best event of the summer: krusty's summer sauce camp (whiskey island)- O.M.G. this is the most ultimate awesomesauce of the summer. being held saturday, august 1st this year, this charity benefit for st malachi takes over the beautiful whiskey island (near edgewater park), for a day of full out drunken debauchery with a thousand of your closest friends. for the $40 admission you get all you can drink beer and food, live music, games and an amazing view of lake erie. you can find me by the beer truck.

best view of the lake (erie that is): the shoreway- heading west towards lakewood. you should stop off at edgewater park while you are there to take in the best view of the city as well. the shoreway is the epitome of a "sunday drive" route.

best museum: rock and roll hall of fame (downtown)- i don't care how many times i've been to this museum, i always find something new and exciting to take in. the music history and memorabilia are unparalleled. (honorable mentions: the great lakes science center and the christmas story house)

best blog: cleveland's a plum (obviously) - in all seriousness though, if you think this blog really is the best one in cleveland take a minute to vote for me in cleveland magazine's best of 2009 online ballot.

now here's to another 400 posts.

thanks cleveland.

is it really monday already?

Monday, June 15, 2009

as i type this i have "wasted" a perfectly good sunday afternoon/evening by being too hungover to function. i absolutely hate when this happens, but when the saturday events that caused the wasted sunday were as fun as they were it makes it a little easier to stomach.

but let's take a step back.

as i mentioned in
last friday's post i worked the saganaki (flaming cheese) booth at my church's summerfest on friday. my mother, sissy, cousin jenna, cathy, thea susie and myself all held down the booth while screaming opa, causing a scene greek dancing, cooked and ate copious amounts of cheese all while making some money for the church. another year, another good time.

after the booth sissy and i headed back to our mom's house with carla and jenny for a night cap. which in all truthfulness are the best types of caps don't you think?

cue saturday where i was beyond booked, with three bachelorette parties and two bridal showers. but i can only be one place at a time so i participated in the giff's shower/bachelorette get together over at beaver's condo in westlake.

we started the day early with a pool party laying in the sun and drinking more champagne than one would consume on new years eve. it was a great day with friends that involved a taste test of some interesting shots...

a while back i was approached with the opportunity to taste test some new premixed shot concoctions from DeKuyper called Burst Bar Shots. i was sent three varieties - lemon drop, alabama slammer, and sex on the beach. and what a better opportunity to test them out than a bachelorette party?

and test them we did, although we had a first initial concern - they were only 40 proof alcohol, which you could clearly taste, because the shots were thick and ultra sugary. it's like they needed to kick up the flavor alcohol.

out of the three flavors i was sent (they're many more listed online) sex on the beach was best one with the alabama slammer being downright undrinkable, frankly it tasted like nyquil without the benefit of knocking you out.

i'll give the burst bar shots the convenience of having the shot being in one bottle, but any experienced drinker will probably be turned away by the taste. with that being said, high school drinkers will love the stuff cause they don't know any better.

cheers to DeKuyper and their "interesting" burst bar shots!

the giff showing off "the underwear book" that the beav made her - it's a bachelorette staple around our parts

after drunken make-up and hair-do sessions 10 of us that were still standing after 9 hours of drinking headed to the ironwood cafe. walking into this bar was hilarious because no only did we turn heads like nobody's business but we turned the bar into a dance club.

patron xo and bailey's shot all around

blair dancing to the beat of her own drum and jilly being awesome as always

beaver laughing at MOB who was pretending it was her birthday (it is on tuesday!)

around 1am muffin and i headed downtown to meet-up with some friends for some wally world festivities at harbor inn, the event was winding down as we got there and so was i. all this girl wanted after over 12 hours of boozing was a gyro and her bed because if it's even possible to do i drank myself "sober".

"sober" is being used lightly though because sunday sure as heck didn't feel like i was "sober" the night before. dear lord no.

i hope that the giff has a blast cause i know i sure did and i can't wait for her wedding in july.

also, i have one more exciting bit of news to share. one of my very best friends poo poo had a healthy and beautiful baby boy named sam last thursday night and i simply cannot wait to meet him. congrats poo poo my friend, someone else is now going to call you mom instead of me now. xoxo.

friday share v4 - greek edition

Friday, June 12, 2009

an absolute huge part of my life growing up, and still to this day, has been my greek heritage.
being a full blooded greek i have a few guaranteed characteristics:
-i'm loud
-i have dark hair and eyes
-i have a family that's always in my business AND a family business
-i have big boobs and a big butt
-i'm allowed to yell OPA! at any given time
-i grew up in the greek orthodox church
the last item about growing up in the church is what this post is about - kind of. it's about growing up working at my annual church summerfest.

this weekend is the
st haralambos greek orthodox church summerfest in canton, ohio. it's a huge deal for the church and has been going on for as long as i can remember.
there's traditional greek food/dancing/music with standard american carnival rides and food as well. as i highlighted last year this time of year my family runs the saganaki booth (flaming cheese), and that's where i will be tonight - working the booth.

i'll be drinking beer, flaming some cheese, eating loukamathes, yelling OPA at random passers by, all while catching up with friends and family.
sounds like the perfect evening to me and i can't wait to eat all the greek food that i associate so much with my church and my youth.

i'll probably eat a candy apple too, cause i can't go to a fair without getting one.

so what's your favorite food festival item? traditional or nontraditional.

just click it

Thursday, June 11, 2009

today i'm guest posting over at everyday adventures of me in the city and because jess was so wonderful to ask me to take over her slice of the internet the least i can do it try to get people to go read it.

so to sway you to go read my guest post i have come up with a little song to persuade you.

please sing the below lyrics to the tune of michael jackson's very own
Beat It.

i told you don't you ever stay around here
don't wanna see your stats you better disappear
the plum is in her eyes, and the font is very clear so
you better move you better do what i say
don't wanna see you here until my friday share
you wanna be cool, you better do as i say so
click it, cause you wanna be there
no one wants to be plum beaten
showing how bloggers put up a fight
it doesn't matter, you know i'm right

the cellphone invitation rule

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

what's the point of this blog if not to share some of my words of wisdom?

and do i have an amazing gem of knowledge to throw down on you today.

it's called "the cellphone invitation rule" (i just made that up, it took me hours to concept), and while the title is quite literal, it's a rule that has been generally unknown to the public until today, june 9th 2009.

you can go ahead and thank me in advance, because this rule is going to blow your mind.

when a bride/groom or mother/father-to-be are planning the following festivities,
-bridal shower(s)
-bachlorette party
-bachelor party
-baby shower(s)

...and the time comes to put together the invite list it's a great rule of thumb to put "the cellphone invitation" rule to use.

go through your cellphone to find the friends that you are inviting to the event. if you don't have their number in one of your cellphones then THEY SHOULDN'T BE INVITED - you obviously don't talk to them enough.

think about it, if i don't know you well enough to have your phone number then there is no way in hell that you are coming to my wedding (that'll be the day, but work with me here).

you see i have some experience on this, one could possibly call me a wedding whore - i have a huge group of friends, and a huge family causing me to have a lot of events.

i swear i'm not complaining about the events, i love everyone, but when i get an invite to something from a random acquaintance (whose phone number i don't have) - a friend of a friend, i can't help but think why the hell am i invited to this and why the hell would they think i wanted to go?

being invited to a non-cellphone number wedding is almost as bad as getting an invitation to an event via your mother's house. if you don't care enough to send me an invitation at my home for the last four years, i'm not coming. (i actually wrote a whole prune of the week post about this very topic last year)

so for all of you brides-to-be who are struggling with your wedding invite list being too large consider the cellphone invitation rule as your savior. start crossing off those friends from high school that you haven't spoken to in 6 years and those coworkers from three jobs ago.

don't waste the money on the plated dinner, because they probably don't want to go anyways.

maxie's blogger face

Monday, June 8, 2009

i'm finally back in cleveland from the great state of texas but i'm exhausted and i still don't have internet at home - apparently i have to get a router of some sort. shouldn't that come with the internet set-up?!?


but i have lots of randomness to discuss, but not enough time to do so right now so instead i'm going to share the newest (and greatest) blog anthem from my very good friend maxie of the blog i hate so much.

when she sent me this youtube link end of last week i was literally cackling with laughter, this is the best video i have seen in a long time and although you may have to be a blogger to fully appreciate it's brilliance, anyone should be able to get a kick out of it out of this lady gaga cover.

i mean maxie has a feather in her hair!!

just watch it.

remember the alamo

Thursday, June 4, 2009

i'm typing this from the middle of a plush king sized bed while watching conan o'brien's monologue.

i just ate a late dinner at a restaurant called 'the texan'.

i've seen carpet with cowboy hats, horseshoes and cactus'.

there's a lazy river outside my window.

to my right is a leather bound chair and ottoman that smells of rich mahogany.

to my left is this:

yee-haw! ride um cowboy.

i think it's safe to assume that i'm not in cleveland anymore.

goodbye ohio, hello texas.

grapevine, texas to be exact, for a client convention - and i've shacked up at the gaylord texan hotel and convention center.


get it? gaylord? get it?


yeah, that was a pretty bad joke - i'll stop - i have a sexy cowboy (or indian) to find.

p.s. could i have been anymore stereotypical in my texas comments? i think not.

i'm a celebrity get spencer out of here

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

last year this time i wrote a post about how my favorite new guilty pleasure summer reality television show was 'wipeout' and 'i survived a japanese game show'.

well it's 2009 and i officially have a new train wreck that i can't take my eyes off of called '
i'm a celebrity get me out of here' airing on NBC.

there are two main reasons that i'm watching this show: heidi and spencer.

and boy do i want to punch these two in the face after last nights episode - i want to kick spencer in the face after i punch him in the face though too.

as i sat on my couch with my jaw dropped at almost everything spencer said all i could think about was what a hey day joel mchale and 'the soup' were going to have with spencer's clips from this show.

spencer had such brilliant gems as:
"i'm too famous for this"
"it's spencer vs the world"
"king of america, king of the costa rican jungle"
"i see them [other contestants] as servants. i don't fear no man. I've a black belt in jujitsus"

he got in a fight with another (female) contestant because as heidi put it, "she messed with the mamma bear (heidi), so the papa bear (spencer) is going to protect his cubs (heidi again?!?)"

and what was this fight about? someone jokingly ripping the label off of one of heidi's haircare products. oh wait, i'm sorry, "VANDALIZING" haircare products.

between all their "god blesses" and prayers it took all of my power not to throw things at the tv and boo everything that is spencer.

but unfortunately i'm doing EXACTLY what spencer wants me to do, hate him.

and i hate me for falling into the marketing trap. i can't help it, i'm part of the cattle.

all i want is during one episode for john salley to bitch slap spencer across the face.

do it for me john, do it for america.

yet another successful weekend (minus the cavs)

Monday, June 1, 2009

oh hello there - miss me?


honestly, my life has gotten bad enough without internet at home that right now i'm typing this blog from my mother's house in canton so i can mooch her wifi while she is in NYC with my sister.

see what my life has come to? sad.

but the weekend? that wasn't so sad, it was super awesome actually.

(minus the cavs, but i'm still in utter denial that saturday's loss blow out actually occurred)

friday night found me at d'vine wine bar with muffin and the klutz, osteria to celebrate beth's birthday, the barley house to i don't know drink vodka, suite sixx to i really don't know and finally maproom because, well, that's where i almost always end up.

birthday girl beth, lastic, lounge singers rick and sharona, and muffin at osteria

saturday night found me in good 'ol canton for my friend mishler's birthday party at fedeli where i got to spend some quality time with not only mish, but biscuit, j-birdie, sweet moves and aly. we ate, we drank and we laughed and after fedeli went to legends in north canton to watch the rest of the game that i can't talk about.

sunday found me sleeping in longer than i have in years (something about my bed at my mom's house that is the BEST), that caused me to almost be late for aly's bridal shower. almost.

aly (the bride), biscuit, me and j-birdie

it was a great time this weekend visiting with my friends, celebrating birthdays and weddings. cause that's what friends do, celebrate.

hope you had as good a weekend as i did.

also, happy birthday mommy (love you).