but i don't wanna...

Friday, January 29, 2010

it's coming.

whether i want to admit it or not.

but for right now, at this moment, i'm going to lock it all away and try not to think about everything going on until monday because this weekend is going to be nothing but awesome.

the real life shit can wait.

all i want right now is for everyone to have a great weekend!

and while you are out there having said great weekend, do me a favor and take a moment to do something unexpectedly kind for someone else

poor unfortunate souls

Thursday, January 28, 2010

yesterday morning started out normal enough with a couple of my colleagues and i attending a speaking/workshop style event at a local university.

the topic was supposed to be business related, something about sales and how to leverage them or something or other.

80+ business men and women were in attendance. with the breakdown of attendees being about 2.5 men to every woman and about 90% of them over the age of 40.

(the figures above are my very scientific results taken by my very scientific eye balls)

with eggs and coffee in my belly i crossed my legs, and sat up straight to become prepped and ready for the main speaker to begin.

unfortunately, it was quite obvious from the first twenty minutes or so of this woman's three hour presentation that my colleagues and i shouldn't have been there.

there wasn't so much discussion on business practices and leveraging sales as there was about exuding confidence and what to wear and not to wear to a business meeting.

i'm sure it was helpful to some, but i'm going to go ahead and toot my own horn and say i'm pretty sure i have the exuding confidence and sharp dressing down.

i felt like i was an extra in a self help vhs video as we were asked to walk around the room to practice our posture and shake various attendee's hands to work on our handshake grip.

when the speaker asked us to go around the table and discuss personal goals that we had written in our session workbook and the 60 year old men were getting all kumbaya on me i thought it couldn't get any worse.

until i started to hear singing from the other side of the room.

i glance to my left and the speaker had made a costume change.


she had on a crazy wig and was singing "poor unfortunate souls....", at the top of her lungs.

the crowd was blatantly confused and almost shocked, but she kept singing.

i'm 100% positive that i was the only one in the room who had a clue who she was pretending to be.

she was ursula the sea witch from the little mermaid - duh.

the woman was literally dressed as a giant squid, tentacles and all.

it was right about then that i couldn't stop laughing.

she looked and pointed at me and i yelled, "you're from the little mermaid!"

"correct!", she exclaimed.

cue more laughing, (from me) and singing (from her).

how this woman correlated singing and an elaborate ursula the sea witch costume to a group of over the hill businessmen is still a mystery to me.

at least i love the little mermaid right?

happy thursday, kids!

electronic displays of affection

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

over the last couple of weeks something has been bothering me on twitter and facebook to the point of obsession.

it has gotten so bad that i email/call/text my friends to bitch about it.and i need to stop, i'm better than this.

but it wasn't until my friend laura emailed me venting about the exact same thing and then actually putting a name to it that i knew i needed to blog about this newest bane of my existence.it's officially called Electronic Displays of Affection or EDA as i'll be referring to it from here on out.

you ALL know exactly what i'm talking about.

you also ALL know of someone in your twitter or facebook feed that is guilty of too much EDA, i.e. a little too mushy gushy about their significant other.

that gushes about them -

"i love mr. X, he's so amazing and wonderful!"

"i can't wait till my hunny bunny comes homes home for some snuggles! wink. wink."

"pouty face. i don't get to see my sweets for five whole hours today. what am i going to do?!??!"

"look how handsome my man is today, and look, he brought me flowers!!!! SQUEEEEE!!!"


raise your hand if you want to call bullshit on this crap.

over the top? i say yes.

awkward at times to read? i also say yes.

there's one thing i want to clarify though before you start to think i'm a jaded bitter old woman...

i'm a hopeless romantic, i would adore it if my yet-to-be-determined boyfriend sent me flowers, and want nothing more than to be oh so smitten that the thought of not seeing or hearing from my boyfriend for a significant period of time would
make me miss him all the more.

but you would never, EVER see me tweeting about it every ten minutes while simultaneously updating facebook about it as well.

i'm glad you're happy, really i am but let's chill on the EDA because to be quite frank, it's like you're trying too hard to affirm how wonderful everything is which in turn makes you sound fake.

next thing i know these serial EDAers are going to be twitpic-ing the following image saying, "omg i'm so glad my sexy stud muffin is home so i can tongue him, LOL ; )"

oy vey, classy.

end rant.

wow. i feel better now!

so hopefully you'll join my stop the EDA campaign because this is serious business people.

just what i needed

Monday, January 25, 2010

historically my monday morning blog posts are filled with recaps of my weekend in cleveland or beyond.

the posts are all look at my pictures, here's muffin showing her skinny arms, here's alexa drunk because she's shockingly posing for a picture or here's MOB wearing a black turtleneck.

but not this monday because i did nothing of the sort.

i actually stayed in this entire weekend.

no drinking, no socializing, no shooting the shit, no flirting with boys.

instead i did a lot of laying on the couch, laying in my bed, going to the grocery store, playing guitar hero, cleaning my bedroom like whoa and doing five loads of laundry.

i desperately needed this weekend to relax, to let myself rest from being sick all last week and allow myself to get healthy.

i'd say i succeeded.

not gonna lie though, saturday evening i started to get antsy. i was feeling better and all the going out invitations i was getting were starting to sway me towards the vodka.

but i buckled down and thought about the money and calories i would be saving by staying firmly planted in my bed.

thankfully because of my relaxing weekend at home i'm more than ready to hit the ground running this week - lots to do people, lots to do.

although i do have one picture to share with you all: the view i stared at for the majority of my weekend - my bedroom ceiling.

yes, that's a water sprinkler. did you forget that i live in a renovated warehouse?

it's good to know that if my bedroom catches on fire i have a nice sprinkler over my bed.

random? yes.

well have a great monday everyone!

and for you clevelanders, if you haven't bought your ticket for PlayhouseSquare's Jump Back Ball (yes, that's me in the promo video), on feb, 27th, head to chocolate bar tonight from 6 to 8 and have your ticketing fees waived if purchased during the happy hour. also, ticket prices go up on february 1st, so get yours now before the price goes up or worse yet, they sell out!

sports bloggers, just like us

Friday, January 22, 2010

it's a common perception in the blog circles i run in that 9 out of 10 bloggers are female.

well i'm here to break that myth.

now while it may be true that 9 out of 10 LIFESTYLE bloggers are female there's a massive group of male bloggers out there talking about one thing and one thing only...


go ahead and google your city's name with "sports blog" after it and see what comes up. i bet hundreds of sports obsessed men blogging about the teams that make them cry are what you find.

i'd even confidentially say there are more sports bloggers than female lifestyle bloggers.

true story.

this past wednesday night i headed across the street to the map room to meet up with some of my
sports blogging guy friends who were meeting up with other sports blogging friends

(see? they even have their own sports themed meet ups!)

and while i was drinking my wild turkey american honey on the rocks i had a bit of an epiphany.

i decided that male sports bloggers are, until recently to us twenty-something bloggers, an untapped blogging friend resource.

it's a fact in my lifestyle blogging circle that male bloggers tend to get more internet attention than female bloggers because there are less of them.

FACT - don't deny it.

ladies, don't tell me you haven't gotten all starry eyed while reading one of peter dewolf's posts, dreamed about caressing narm's beard, or prayed to the gods to turn ben boudreau straight.

just imagine the inappropriate email and gchat possibilities if we could suddenly increase the male blogger pool. well we can if we count sports bloggers - i think it's brilliant.

sports bloggers, just like us...

but with balls.

love harder

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

remember at the end of december when i posted a plea for positive thoughts and prayers from fellow blogger brandy for her "hot awesome dude"?

if not,
let me refresh your memory.

well we (the 20SB blogging community), felt terrible. just horrible. and oh so helpless... i mean, if only there was something we could
DO for them to help the situation.

but then, lilu snapped us back into reality by reminding us, "ummmmmm, did you forget that
WE ARE THE INTERNET?!??!? so yes we can!"

the result was the following:

brandy and your hot awesome dude, this one's for you.

the internet

talk about a 20SB all star cast - this video makes me so warm and fuzzy i can't even handle it!

[ i'm singing (if you can call it that), at the 00:13 second mark, btw. ]

now while getting getting A TON of bloggers from ALL OVER THE COUNTRY to sing pieces of a song may have been a challenge in and of itself, we aren't done just yet.

our plea:

our friend brandy is a brilliant writer, a wonderful teacher, and a generous friend. and she just so happens to have fallen in love with a man who has just been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.

so we are raising money for The Multiple Myeloma research fund in his name. for the price of a cinnamon dolce latte, half-caf, hold the whip, you can be a prt of an effort to cure a disease that affects approximately 750,000 people worldwide.

every dollar brings us a dollar closer to a cure. and every donation brings a sliver of hope to a girl who needs all the hope she can get.

it's time to love harder.

what you can do:

- visit www.loveharder.org and GIVE.

- pass it on. forward this story to five people, share this blog post, become our fan on facebook.

- simply love harder. life is short, love is unbending, and no one knows what could happen tomorrow, so tell someone you love them today.

for more information on The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation and where your donation will go, check out their website.

and if you are so kind to make a contribution, visit brandy's hot awesome dude's love harder donation page.

thanks in advance.


donate: http://loveharder.org
contact: theloveharderfund @ gmail.com
facebook: http://facebook.loveharder.org
more info: http://themmrf.org

overload fitness personal training offer

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

if you have been following me on foursquare or twitter you know by now that i've been on a serious workout kick.

and it all began back
in november when i started training with overload fitness in westlake - it's because of them that i got the jump start i needed to begin getting myself on the right track to healthy living.

i'm seeing results, and others have as well - which is the frankly the best compliment i could ask for.

so after two months of personal training and spending time at the facility the staff obviously knows about my blog, i mean i might as well tattoo my blog address on my forehead.

that being said, because overload fitness has been so good to me, i want to do anything i can (i.e. blog), to help spread the word about their unique program that has helped me so much.

their tag line (as you can read above), is "maximum fitness...minimum time" which is exactly what you get in participating in their program - 25 minutes of targeted strength training twice a week is all you need to see results. fact.

they push me and kick my ass in the best way possible, they say that they want to see me fail, that they want me to literally not be able to do another rep because that's when your body starts to change. also a fact.

i may or may not already have guns.

have a piqued your interest yet?

if so i have an special offer for you to try out overload fitness for yourself.

for a limited time a kick start package is going to be available just for being a reader of the plum.

this kick start package includes the following:
- initial consultation
- metabolic blueprint testing
- eight (8) one-on-one personal training sessions
cost: $360

with two convenient locations you can choose the facility that's right for you.

beachwood location:
24200 chagrin blvd #60
beachwood, oh 44122

westlake location:
2211 crocker road #120
westlake, oh 44145

pick up the phone, don't ignore your new years resolution this time, and do something awesome for yourself - oh, and tell them i sent you too.

good luck!

poo poo turns 30

Monday, January 18, 2010

i owe a lot to my friend poo poo.

for not only being an awesome friend but for pushing me towards making some of the most important life changing decisions i've ever made.

it was poo poo who called me right around this time four years ago when i was pretty down in the dumps on a personal level saying, "lex, i think you should move to cleveland. i want to live downtown and i think you should be my roommate".

cue my move to cleveland, which was the best decision ever.

it was also poo poo who coaxed me into starting this very blog over two years ago. for whatever reason she thought people would give a shit about what i do and think, and surprisingly she was right.

cue my starting cleveland's a plum, which was also the best decision ever.

so when poo poo decided to come home to cleveland (she currently lives in chicago), to celebrate her 30th birthday this past saturday i was the first one to sign up for the festivites.

we needed to bring in her 30's with a bang.

based on my hangover all day sunday (and into monday), i think we succeeded.

this picture sums up the evening perfectly...

poo poo in all her 30 year old glory at the public house

myself, beaver, patti-o, anthony, poo poo and her husband samson all met at the greenhouse tavern for dinner, poo poo's choice - thankfully she has excellent taste.

i got a huge kick out of getting to introduce her to amelia (chef's widow) and chef sawyer because she was absolutely tickled to meet them after having being reading their blogs for ages.

for dinner we of course had multiple orders of the famous chicken wings (i.e. the best chicken wings on the planet), and myself and anthony ordered one of their newest entrees the pan fried pork chop saltimbocca which was hands down one of the yummiest entrees i've had in a very long time. the magnitude of all the flavors combined with the juiciness of the pork was ridiculously good and a must try.

after dinner we headed to westpark to belly up to the bar at the public house (i.e. the blackout house) where our friend foxxy was working and the shots were flowing - really flowing.

i think i was pretending it was my 30th birthday, practice makes perfect right?

that being said i've decided that all emails, texts, etc from that night are null and void - in my head at least.

sunday brought round two at the public house with lunch and some hair of the dog cocktails, and then heading over to poo poo's parents house in westlake to spend some quality time with her and samson's son sammy.

seriously, i can't handle the cuteness of this little boy, and i'm sorry for cutting off your face poo poo. ha.

saturday night was so much fun, and i know that poo poo had a blast too - which was the most important part.

i'm very lucky to have you in my life my friend - so what are we doing for your 40th?

have a good week kids, and check back tomorrow for a sweet deal for you all from overload fitness.

um, yeah.

Friday, January 15, 2010

i think i get a D+ when it comes to writing, reading and commenting on blogs for this week.

and i don't think today's post is going to help increase the grade point average so i'm just gonna go ahead and call it a week.

let's regroup come monday shall we?

have a good weekend everyone, have a drink for me.

if you need a good blog fix check out some of the awesome ones i have listed over there on the right...

texting and driving? pssh.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i'm afraid i've reached a new low.

i'm actually hesitant to even tell the story of what happened to me last night.

as it's quite embarrassing...

but hell, 75% of my online identity is embarrassing, why stop now?

tonight after i got home from working out i was on my blackberry.

(shocker, i know)

i'm reading/clicking/typing/tweeting away on my phone when nature called, and of course i bring my phone into the bathroom - not even thinking twice about it.

so yeah, you don't have to be a brain surgeon to see where this story is going...

i flush,

dirty water goes bye bye,

clean water fills in,

as does my blackberry...

i yell, "F@CK!"

grab my phone out of the toilet and then laugh out loud to myself thinking, "i'm surprised this hasn't happened sooner...", and got all geared up to make a trip to verizon today

but instead of being completely broken, the phone is still working, even after almost being completely submerged in water.

go figure. the internet gods are obviously saying they still needs me.

i'm still thinking though that i need to get a new phone - like yesterday.

i don't believe i'm actually posting this

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

last tuesday when i pleaded for your help with coming up with some blog topics you all graciously obliged.

i noticed a couple of themes in the comments, one of those being my crush (that i hinted to awhile ago), and my current dating life - which i'm hesitantly going to discuss today.

anonymous asked: would you ever ask out your crush and does he know you like him? what would be your perfect date?

as for "my main crush" (cause you better realize there's more than one), knowing that i like him, that's hard to tell.

i think yes, and that there's no way in h-e-double-hockey-stick that he doesn't know how i feel. i know he reads this blog, and i highly doubt he's that clueless. that being said, if he does know, he obviously isn't interested in me so, um, on to the next one i guess.

so no, i'm not going to ask him out - sad face.

now as for what would be my perfect date, i would say dinner/drinks, a sporting event or concert, laughing, more drinks, and then "bedtime". that also being said you can do all the aforementioned stuff and be with a horrible unfun guy and it doesn't turn out to be a perfect date now does it?

it's all about the company, even the worst situations can be salvaged by being with someone you care about.

[wow, i'm being uber cheesy right now - sappy much?]

alessandro asked me a whole series of questions too good to pass up: what's your love life like these days?

um, nonexistent when it comes to actual dates, but i'm also not really putting myself out there, so shame on me. you could say it's more existent in those 2am princess situations.

what does a guy have to do to get a date with the lovely plum?

ask me out! seriously, it's not rocket science. i'll probably even say yes.

what's the first thing you put in your mouth every morning?

depends if i'm alone or not (kidding mom). truthfully, that would be water - i have to have a big 'ol glass of it on my nightstand.

can't we all just get along?

i ask myself this very same question quite often and while i would love to say, "yes we can!", i'm also a realist and there are just too many people in this world that clash and will never get along. like jon and kate, browns and steelers fans and me and men wearing ed hardy.


and that's that, perhaps i'll just have to answer some more tomorrow...


attention clevelanders: yesterday marked the start of my friends over at metromix.com's best of cleveland voting.

there are 30 categories to cast your vote in (sadly, no best blog), and voting is going to be underway until january 24th. so take a moment and vote to help promote your favorite local businesses!

a, b, c, yourself to the tavern

Monday, January 11, 2010

first off i want to say happy birthday to my love lexa, welcome to 29 baby, you're going to love it, promise. i heart you very much and hope you have an excellent day. xoxo

with this past friday night being all about catching up on my dvr, working out, painting my nails and being awesome, i had plenty of energy for saturday night's festivities.

it was my friend JV's birthday which was quite the cause for celebration.
a smaller group of us started the night out at the famous velvet tango room for lots of moscow mules (favorite drink ever), and an excellent dose of swank.

AJP, lara, the birthday girl JV, and jess

but something was off with me while i was at VTR - my outfit.

i literally, two moscow mules deep went home, changed my outfit and met back up with the girls.

the way i see it, is that by me going home to change into the most comfortable dress i own i secured my being comfortable which in turn allowed me to have fun.

comfort = good mood = smiles = fun

with my new outfit on i headed back out to continue the JV birthday party festivities at ABC tavern in ohio city.


and i can not say it enough, the food is amazing, the service is excellent and the crowd is the perfect mix of people.

i hesitate though talking it up too much because the second i see a west 6th style douchebag in my new favorite bar i'm going to be sad. that being said, if you AREN'T a west 6th style affliction wearing douchebag you must go to abc tavern soon - like yesterday in fact.

a super stalker shot i took from the balcony of abc tavern where there's a pool table and the perfect perch to sit and judge people. the best part of this picture though to me is my friend timmyb leaning on the table with his phone, probably checking into foursquare - too bad i'm the mayor of ABC tim, maybe next time.

the blueberri stoli was flowing like water and the next thing i knew i was what the french call, drunk.

good thing i had muffin there to stop, er, attempt to try to make me stop, from making irrational decisions.
that's what friends are for right?

some pics from the night...

narm's lady friend francesca, the birthday girl JV and the famous cleveland blogger known as narm

colleen, yours truly, muffin, katie and half of the klutz

dan, captain, timmyb, travis, hartzell being uber hood with the gang sign and the jerk

fun times were had by all, and surprisingly sunday i was able to function. which was a complete shock to me, i love it when the hangover fairy skips over me.

sunday found me spending the majority of my day at phoenix coffee working on a project but i wrapped it up just in time to finally take in a showing of avatar in 3D at the newly renovated capitol theater in the detroit shoreway neighborhood.

the movie completely blew me away, i was so visually impressed and i would go see it again in a heartbeat, so you should too. seeing this movie has created a new movie star crush for me in the australian hottie sam worthington, DAY-UM!

i may or may not have just watched a handful of his interviews on youtube simply to listen to his delicious accent. he can talk dirty, clean or whatever he want to to me.

on that note, have a sexy week kids - the weekend will be here before we know it.

example of what NOT to have on your facebook profile while looking for a job

Friday, January 8, 2010

so you know how people always tell you that when you are looking for a job you need to clean up your online reputation?

to make sure that there isn't anything scandalous online about you that could possibly hinder you from getting a job?

well not too long ago my firm was looking to hire a new public relations team member, and as the interviews were carrying on we found a specific gentleman that was our favorite.

he was good looking, had a great personality, and excellent experience.

we were in the process of bringing him in for a second interview when we did the good 'ol google and facebook search.

what we found on his PUBLIC facebook profile caused us to not only NOT bring him in for a second interview but to simply wonder how the hell a college educated, knowledgeable, public relations candidate was stupid enough to have the following be his facebook "about me".

i couldn't make this up if i tried - you need to read the whole thing...

About Me:
I am awesome. I run shit. I had relations with your girlfriend, and yes I got it on tape. I scoff at those less fortunate than me (read: everyone else). I tend to laugh at the handicapped as well as foreigners. I am a firm believer that women are without a doubt the weaker sex. I know more than you. I am a ridiculously huge deal. I'm utterly gorgeous, you (most likely as a result of terrible genes or an unfortunate run-in with the business-end of a shovel) are not. I make fun of ugly people, because they are ugly and they deserve it. My social life is clearly something that you will never experience because you are ugly, unpopular, or a severe combination of the two. I throw shit onto my neighbor's porch because I am better than them and they can't do shit about it. My friends are also better than you and they will let you know it. I break other people's stuff. I do whatever I want without any regard for the repercussions. I intentionally ruin the environment via littering, not recycling, and other harmful action. I am an asshole.

wow. right?

the obvious lesson to be learned here is, what you do and say online can and will cost you employment.

but hey, at least i'm hoping this specific situation caused you all to laugh at his stupidity.

happy friday kids!

[editor's note: in regard to some of the comments - i obviously have a sense of humor, i also obviously can tell sarcasm when i see/hear it, and of course we all took this "about me" with a grain of salt. but in this current economic climate, when you have 100 qualified candidates all fighting for a position, having something like the above tied to your name and public facebook profile is a quick way to be taken out of the candidate pool, sarcasm or not... ]

a wee little plum

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

thank you guys so much for your ideas/questions on yesterday's post - i have some fun upcoming posts in the works so stay tuned...

once upon a time there was a little girl named alexa.

she was a happy child, with a loving family and not a care in the world.

her biggest concern was which toy to play with and when her mother was going to give her more cheerios - life was good.

here's a smiley little alexa on her 1st birthday, circa 1981, with her handsome father and beautiful mother.

life continued for alexa, she was walking, talking, and eventually started preschool where she enjoyed making friends and being social - quite the prequel to her adult life.

she was the apple of her parents eyes, so smart, so kind, yet simultaneously starting to be a little mischievous, i.e. sneak attack kissing boys in school and stealing all the black crayons.

here's little alexa in her first school picture - preschool, age 3, circa 1983.

life continued for alexa, she started reading, writing and she even got her first singing solo in her 1st grade holiday program. she enjoyed writing her name over and over again on the chalkboard and playing on the tire swing in her elementary school playground.

now while she may not have been the apple of her parents eyes anymore because her brown-nosing little sissy arrived, she didn't mind because she was busy TCOB.

ya know, taking care of business.

you see, very early on in little alexa's life, around the age of 6, something changed in her. she no longer wanted to be the perfect over achieving daughter - she was done with it.

it was way more fun to be bad, more fun to do what she wanted - she could laugh in the face of danger all while wearing white tights, a plaid dress and a massive bow on the side of her head.

sesame street her ass, she was busy belting out whitney houston's greatest love of all on stage at augustino's restaurant in canton.

all while accepting cash tips.

looking back on it all her mother actually found the precise moment where the transition from good to slightly rotten occurred.

alexa, her cousin melanie, her sissy, and her cousin scott

everything is all fine and dandy in the above picture, but then - SNAP!

no more mrs. nice alexa.

and that ladies and gentleman, is the first known sighting of the plum that you have grown to know and love.

i heard she never looked back...

your turn

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

i've been starring at a blank screen for longer than i care to admit.

i hate it when blogging is hard, when i feel like it's forced.

when the above happens i should probably be smart and just not post anything, but then i feel guilty.

see what you guys, my faithful readers, put me through?


my name is alexa marinos, and i'm a slave to my blog.

am i going through a january blog slump perhaps? but aren't i supposed to be invigorated in the new year?


i'm begging you, someone, anyone, give me a blog idea, ask me a question - any question, tell me a joke, share a tip or give me a concept to discuss.

need advice? i'm your girl - help me help you. spill it.

i'll just go ahead, sit back and relax, and wait for the ideas/questions to pour in.

you guys are going to do some work for once...


the year that was and the year it's going to be

Monday, January 4, 2010

last year i thought that by making my 2009 new years resolutions public it would hold me accountable to make them a reality.

but who the eff keeps their resolutions anyways?

it's still interesting to me to look back at them and see how i fared though.

last year i believe i called them 2009 goals
, so here's an update on my "goals" a year later...

get on the howard stern show - FAIL - but in my defense i didn't event try to call in once.

stop freaking out over things that i can't control and stop being jealous - SUCCESS - i think i've calmed down remarkably this past year and dealt with things as they are.

get more involved in my community - SUCCESS - while i'm not officially on a board yet, i've gotten involved in multiple organizations through volunteering, event committees and young professional groups.

give people the benefit of the doubt - FAIL/SUCCESS - i've gotten better but i still evilly enjoy some harmless judging now and again.

have this blog mentioned in
cleveland magazine - SUCCESS - i won the readers poll for best blog in cleveland this past october, now i'm thinking jim vickers needs to write an entire piece on me. i'm totally entertaining enough right? call me.

get published - FAIL - i haven't written anything other then this blog just yet, perhaps i should write a piece about myself for cleveland magazine? yes? yes? call me.

diet, exercise, be healthy, think positive - FAIL/SUCCESS - it may have been way late in '09 but i'm finally making a conscious effort to take better care of myself diet and exercise wise.

keep on being awesome - TOTALLY SUCCESS - i mean, have you met me?

i'd like to make some goals for 2010 but, meh, i just don't feel like it - i'll just aim to improve on the ones that i failed for 2009 ok?

moving on.

as my holiday vacation ends today and i'm back at work first the first time since 12/23/09 there is one thing i'm proud of myself for doing for the first time since 2004.

go out on new years eve!

this year i headed over to MOB and pete's house in westpark for cocktails with friends and then headed to the public house to watch the ball drop. i surprisingly had a super fun time half in part to the vodka and half in part to the company.

i even got tongued at midnight - as in my friend middaugh literally licked my entire face. sexy.

the giff and hondo at MOB's before the bar

foxxy passing out some champagne at the public house - i adore this pic!

lisa, the giff, colleen, foxxy and myself at some point in the evening

it was a great way to ring in 2010 - i may even considering going out next new years eve too.

to wrap up my vacation myself, the klutz, muffin and MOB decided to go out with a bang this past saturday night.

you see i'm putting myself on social lock down until my trip to utah so we decided to treat ourselves to an awesome dinner at
fahrenheit in tremont, and a treat it was.

have you been to fahrenheit before? if your answer is no, you need to head to chef rocco wahlen's restaurant ASAP for a couple of reasons. the food is to die for, the chef is awesome, the food is to die for, and the chef is awesome.

what more do you need to know?

while you're there try the wedge salad and the beef tenderloin which are my personal favorites, the pizzas are delicious too and there's an awesome happy hour for after work playtime - you can check out the whole menu here.

alright kids, that's a wrap for today.

let's start this year off right!

they say it's your birthday

Friday, January 1, 2010

today is my blog's 2nd birthday and this is (gasp!) my 523rd blog post here on cleveland's a plum.
holy crap.
two years ago today i started this blog on a whim not having the slightest idea at the time what a positive effect it would end up having on my life.
from the amazing friendships i've formed to all the awesome opportunities that i've been given thanks to this blog i'm a very happy lady.
so today, on the first day of 2010, and the first day of a new decade i want to wish you a happy new year, and thank you all for choosing to read about my crazy cleveland antics over the last two years.