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Monday, January 11, 2010

first off i want to say happy birthday to my love lexa, welcome to 29 baby, you're going to love it, promise. i heart you very much and hope you have an excellent day. xoxo

with this past friday night being all about catching up on my dvr, working out, painting my nails and being awesome, i had plenty of energy for saturday night's festivities.

it was my friend JV's birthday which was quite the cause for celebration.
a smaller group of us started the night out at the famous velvet tango room for lots of moscow mules (favorite drink ever), and an excellent dose of swank.

AJP, lara, the birthday girl JV, and jess

but something was off with me while i was at VTR - my outfit.

i literally, two moscow mules deep went home, changed my outfit and met back up with the girls.

the way i see it, is that by me going home to change into the most comfortable dress i own i secured my being comfortable which in turn allowed me to have fun.

comfort = good mood = smiles = fun

with my new outfit on i headed back out to continue the JV birthday party festivities at ABC tavern in ohio city.


and i can not say it enough, the food is amazing, the service is excellent and the crowd is the perfect mix of people.

i hesitate though talking it up too much because the second i see a west 6th style douchebag in my new favorite bar i'm going to be sad. that being said, if you AREN'T a west 6th style affliction wearing douchebag you must go to abc tavern soon - like yesterday in fact.

a super stalker shot i took from the balcony of abc tavern where there's a pool table and the perfect perch to sit and judge people. the best part of this picture though to me is my friend timmyb leaning on the table with his phone, probably checking into foursquare - too bad i'm the mayor of ABC tim, maybe next time.

the blueberri stoli was flowing like water and the next thing i knew i was what the french call, drunk.

good thing i had muffin there to stop, er, attempt to try to make me stop, from making irrational decisions.
that's what friends are for right?

some pics from the night...

narm's lady friend francesca, the birthday girl JV and the famous cleveland blogger known as narm

colleen, yours truly, muffin, katie and half of the klutz

dan, captain, timmyb, travis, hartzell being uber hood with the gang sign and the jerk

fun times were had by all, and surprisingly sunday i was able to function. which was a complete shock to me, i love it when the hangover fairy skips over me.

sunday found me spending the majority of my day at phoenix coffee working on a project but i wrapped it up just in time to finally take in a showing of avatar in 3D at the newly renovated capitol theater in the detroit shoreway neighborhood.

the movie completely blew me away, i was so visually impressed and i would go see it again in a heartbeat, so you should too. seeing this movie has created a new movie star crush for me in the australian hottie sam worthington, DAY-UM!

i may or may not have just watched a handful of his interviews on youtube simply to listen to his delicious accent. he can talk dirty, clean or whatever he want to to me.

on that note, have a sexy week kids - the weekend will be here before we know it.


  1. A dress change in the middle of the evening? Impressive. Next stop - presenting the MTV awards, no???

    Sounds like a fun weekend anyway! I stayed in and hid from the cold so mine was pretty boring in comparison...

  2. you would have had more fun in dc!!!!!!!!!

  3. Avatar was AMAZING. I left the theater depressed that no forests like that actually exist.

  4. Avatar. Visually amazing. Stale (and possibly offensive) storyline, though. Then again, as my brother pointed out, it's not like George Lucas was exactly PC when he made Star Wars. Therefore, Avatar should be known for pushing movie-making technology to a new high.

  5. Avatar is definitely one of my favorite movies. EVER. I love every scene and I could day dream being a na'vi already and jump all over those magical pandora forests :)

    ps. love the pics!

  6. Thanks, darling.

    Also, the gang signs really make this post.

  7. when i win the lottery and buy my australian island, im totally going to adopt the accent. Its way hott!

    eh im undecided on avatar. i think im gonna red box that one!

    I cannot wait to see valentines day!

  8. Famous? I'm famous!

    Although I get the sneaking suspicion I am the DJ Jazzy Jeff to your Fresh Prince.

  9. I'm not sure I'd even go home to change my outfit if mine was on fire.

  10. Who is this famous Narm you speak of? Never heard of him.

  11. My goal in life is to be the mayor of ANYTHING on foursquare.



  12. i'm still a bit torn over avatar but my crush on sam worthington is definitely increasing the more i see him in previews, haha.

  13. you like blueberi stoli?! i knew i liked you...:)

  14. Your uber hood friend looks kinda cute. Just sayin'.

  15. I envy both your Saturday and Friday nights.

  16. Way to go mayor. Blueberry stoli? Awesome. Makes me love you more

  17. Yeah, you probably shouldn't have proclaimed your love for ABC Tavern on your blog. Now we're all going to find it. I went there last night for the first time, and we loved it! Bartenders were hilarious, food was excellent, and they have a bar bowling machine ('nuff said). Thanks for the tip!


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