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Monday, January 25, 2010

historically my monday morning blog posts are filled with recaps of my weekend in cleveland or beyond.

the posts are all look at my pictures, here's muffin showing her skinny arms, here's alexa drunk because she's shockingly posing for a picture or here's MOB wearing a black turtleneck.

but not this monday because i did nothing of the sort.

i actually stayed in this entire weekend.

no drinking, no socializing, no shooting the shit, no flirting with boys.

instead i did a lot of laying on the couch, laying in my bed, going to the grocery store, playing guitar hero, cleaning my bedroom like whoa and doing five loads of laundry.

i desperately needed this weekend to relax, to let myself rest from being sick all last week and allow myself to get healthy.

i'd say i succeeded.

not gonna lie though, saturday evening i started to get antsy. i was feeling better and all the going out invitations i was getting were starting to sway me towards the vodka.

but i buckled down and thought about the money and calories i would be saving by staying firmly planted in my bed.

thankfully because of my relaxing weekend at home i'm more than ready to hit the ground running this week - lots to do people, lots to do.

although i do have one picture to share with you all: the view i stared at for the majority of my weekend - my bedroom ceiling.

yes, that's a water sprinkler. did you forget that i live in a renovated warehouse?

it's good to know that if my bedroom catches on fire i have a nice sprinkler over my bed.

random? yes.

well have a great monday everyone!

and for you clevelanders, if you haven't bought your ticket for PlayhouseSquare's Jump Back Ball (yes, that's me in the promo video), on feb, 27th, head to chocolate bar tonight from 6 to 8 and have your ticketing fees waived if purchased during the happy hour. also, ticket prices go up on february 1st, so get yours now before the price goes up or worse yet, they sell out!


  1. Welcome to the club of regular human beings who spend the weekends hermiting. You'll like it here.

  2. LOL.. I love Ben's comment. It's sad, but true.

    About the sprinkler over the bed, it gives a a new meaning to 'hot sex'....sorry couldn't resist.

  3. I've been going overboard every weekend since Christmas. Me thinks it's high time I just sit around and relax for a few days too.

  4. What Ben said! :D Glad you're feeling better!

  5. And here I thought you said lots of people to do regarding your plans this week. Muaahahahaaha!

  6. Sounds like my weekend... i was sick all last week too. But I think we both needed it!! :) Have a great Monday, lady! ;)

  7. Pretty much what Ben said.

    Glad you're feeling better!!

  8. ben - don't even get on here pretending like you don't do something fabulous every weekend. i'm on to you!

    little ms blogger - don't worry, i initially went in the same direction with the "hot sex", but i figured i'd spare my mom...

    deutlich - take my advice DO IT. you'll feel so much better

    shannon - don't worry, i won't let this relaxing weekend happen again for awhile. maybe..

    nilsa - how do you know that's not what i REAAAAAALLLLY meant? you know this blog is rated PG-13 and that i leave all the good stuff out... wink wink.

    rachel - you too lady!

    marie - obviously i've given myself a bit of a party girl reputation on this here blog... haha

  9. thats good, because lots of people die in a burning bed. you are lucky!

    Sometimes staying in is fabulous! i stayed in on a saturday night. Weird, but nice!

  10. Sometimes a relaxing weekend is needed like this. I had a weekend like yours too...I have to admit, I do feel a bit more alert on this Monday than normal Mondays. BUT, I have no material for my normal Monday "weekend review" post.
    too boring! :)
    Happy Monday!

  11. I know theres a dirty comment about setting your sprinkler above your bed off because it was too hot in your bed but I just cant find the words.

  12. i'm glad to see a sprinkler above your bed rather than a mirror, or pictures of Sizemore or Quinn.

    i stayed in on Saturday night too.

    we'll make up for it tomorrow though :D

  13. this weekend will be anything but relaxing, but I will get to hang out with your plum ass!

  14. i love a good do-nothing weekend!

    ...uh, but only one, and then i start feeling lonely and bored and need to socialize STAT :-)

  15. see i love doing nothing too. It's one of the best things to do lol. It sounds like you had a good time. I too am trying not to drink as much to save calories. I rather have a meal than a drink! lol

  16. I'm all for hibernating every few weekends. It honestly makes me feel so much better on a Monday. (Probably would make me feel even better if I could avoid the alcohol while staying in...)

  17. I originally read the one line "lots of people to do" not "lots to do, people"

    I have to say my way was WAY more interesting.

  18. i'm pretty sure that sprinkler would freak me out in the middle of the night, haha.

  19. Other than leaving the house Saturday night to eat at La Strada (and that's just because it was expiring on Thursday), I did the super chill, stay at home weekend also. I think everyone was burnt out from that four day work week!

  20. Way to go you staying in. Wow. I'm shocked, but in a good way.

  21. I've always wnated to go to JumpBack Ball! Mu best friend sis obsessed. Maybe next year? My triumphant return should be coming soon... I hope...

  22. I am hoping to do the exact same thing next weekend.

  23. Sometimes you just need a few days to chill and unwind. Especially if you've been sick. Love the picture and glad to know you and your bed will be spared in the event of a fire.


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