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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

if you have been following me on foursquare or twitter you know by now that i've been on a serious workout kick.

and it all began back
in november when i started training with overload fitness in westlake - it's because of them that i got the jump start i needed to begin getting myself on the right track to healthy living.

i'm seeing results, and others have as well - which is the frankly the best compliment i could ask for.

so after two months of personal training and spending time at the facility the staff obviously knows about my blog, i mean i might as well tattoo my blog address on my forehead.

that being said, because overload fitness has been so good to me, i want to do anything i can (i.e. blog), to help spread the word about their unique program that has helped me so much.

their tag line (as you can read above), is "maximum fitness...minimum time" which is exactly what you get in participating in their program - 25 minutes of targeted strength training twice a week is all you need to see results. fact.

they push me and kick my ass in the best way possible, they say that they want to see me fail, that they want me to literally not be able to do another rep because that's when your body starts to change. also a fact.

i may or may not already have guns.

have a piqued your interest yet?

if so i have an special offer for you to try out overload fitness for yourself.

for a limited time a kick start package is going to be available just for being a reader of the plum.

this kick start package includes the following:
- initial consultation
- metabolic blueprint testing
- eight (8) one-on-one personal training sessions
cost: $360

with two convenient locations you can choose the facility that's right for you.

beachwood location:
24200 chagrin blvd #60
beachwood, oh 44122

westlake location:
2211 crocker road #120
westlake, oh 44145

pick up the phone, don't ignore your new years resolution this time, and do something awesome for yourself - oh, and tell them i sent you too.

good luck!


  1. It's awesome that you're so dedicated to this. I would totally join if I lived near either location. I don't care for my gym too much anymore. Too much drama there...how is that even possible? I have no clue. Anyways, ending this comment on a positive note, you rock!

  2. So cool. Wish I could figure out a way to only workout 2x a week for less than 30 minutes each time. Let me know when Overload moves west to Chicago and I'll sign up!

  3. Wooot! I think you should actually get a tattoo of a plum (does your mother hate me now?).

    I'm trying to take up yoga. That's my challenge for 2010.

  4. You're such an awesome reviewer, they better give you extra free sessions or something :D

  5. Please send me some motivation. Immediately. Thank you. That is all.

  6. its pretty sweet to have a trainer! i wish i did sometimes! but i also get to workout for free at our gym at work.

    so im not crying about it!

    its awesome when people notice a difference! its more incentive! congrats!!

  7. dude, that is SO AWESOME that you're sticking with this so well, and even AWESOMER to be seeing such great results already. go you!!

  8. You're awesome and that sounds like a fantastic deal. I think you're right about getting a tattoo of the blog, or at least a plum.

  9. the training program is so post-Avatar.

  10. PLEASE no more tattoos!! All you commentors quit planting bad seeds. Alexa, your Mother knows best....remember?!

  11. That's awesome that you're starting to see results - that's the best feeling!

  12. I love the feeling I get after a great workout. I have been doing yoga classes for a few months and have definitely felt a difference in my flexibility and upper body strength. I remember going to the first class thinking, "there's no way I can get through this.", but was so happy when I did.

  13. Which doesn't help me at ALL because I'm in Utah!

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