poo poo turns 30

Monday, January 18, 2010

i owe a lot to my friend poo poo.

for not only being an awesome friend but for pushing me towards making some of the most important life changing decisions i've ever made.

it was poo poo who called me right around this time four years ago when i was pretty down in the dumps on a personal level saying, "lex, i think you should move to cleveland. i want to live downtown and i think you should be my roommate".

cue my move to cleveland, which was the best decision ever.

it was also poo poo who coaxed me into starting this very blog over two years ago. for whatever reason she thought people would give a shit about what i do and think, and surprisingly she was right.

cue my starting cleveland's a plum, which was also the best decision ever.

so when poo poo decided to come home to cleveland (she currently lives in chicago), to celebrate her 30th birthday this past saturday i was the first one to sign up for the festivites.

we needed to bring in her 30's with a bang.

based on my hangover all day sunday (and into monday), i think we succeeded.

this picture sums up the evening perfectly...

poo poo in all her 30 year old glory at the public house

myself, beaver, patti-o, anthony, poo poo and her husband samson all met at the greenhouse tavern for dinner, poo poo's choice - thankfully she has excellent taste.

i got a huge kick out of getting to introduce her to amelia (chef's widow) and chef sawyer because she was absolutely tickled to meet them after having being reading their blogs for ages.

for dinner we of course had multiple orders of the famous chicken wings (i.e. the best chicken wings on the planet), and myself and anthony ordered one of their newest entrees the pan fried pork chop saltimbocca which was hands down one of the yummiest entrees i've had in a very long time. the magnitude of all the flavors combined with the juiciness of the pork was ridiculously good and a must try.

after dinner we headed to westpark to belly up to the bar at the public house (i.e. the blackout house) where our friend foxxy was working and the shots were flowing - really flowing.

i think i was pretending it was my 30th birthday, practice makes perfect right?

that being said i've decided that all emails, texts, etc from that night are null and void - in my head at least.

sunday brought round two at the public house with lunch and some hair of the dog cocktails, and then heading over to poo poo's parents house in westlake to spend some quality time with her and samson's son sammy.

seriously, i can't handle the cuteness of this little boy, and i'm sorry for cutting off your face poo poo. ha.

saturday night was so much fun, and i know that poo poo had a blast too - which was the most important part.

i'm very lucky to have you in my life my friend - so what are we doing for your 40th?

have a good week kids, and check back tomorrow for a sweet deal for you all from overload fitness.


  1. Aw, shucks Lexipoo! Thank you...for everything. Love you twice, Poopoo

  2. Friends like that make our journeys so much more enjoyable and worthwhile. I'm glad that you were able to celebrate your friend's 30th with her!

  3. You're the first person who's made me look forward to 30. :)

  4. Looks like you girls had fun! And happy 30th Poo Poo!! :)

  5. Your friends are so lucky to have someone like you holding down fort in Cleveland. Because when it's time to party or to celebrate something big, you know just where to take them! Yay for good times with friends from Chicago!

  6. I am soo glad Poo Poo asked you to move too because you were pushing me to my all time limits, missy. XO

  7. You guys always have a great time no matter what you're doing. Happy 30th to poo poo. Our 30s are going to rock!

  8. Least amount of comments on a post ever! I am not very cool.


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