poor unfortunate souls

Thursday, January 28, 2010

yesterday morning started out normal enough with a couple of my colleagues and i attending a speaking/workshop style event at a local university.

the topic was supposed to be business related, something about sales and how to leverage them or something or other.

80+ business men and women were in attendance. with the breakdown of attendees being about 2.5 men to every woman and about 90% of them over the age of 40.

(the figures above are my very scientific results taken by my very scientific eye balls)

with eggs and coffee in my belly i crossed my legs, and sat up straight to become prepped and ready for the main speaker to begin.

unfortunately, it was quite obvious from the first twenty minutes or so of this woman's three hour presentation that my colleagues and i shouldn't have been there.

there wasn't so much discussion on business practices and leveraging sales as there was about exuding confidence and what to wear and not to wear to a business meeting.

i'm sure it was helpful to some, but i'm going to go ahead and toot my own horn and say i'm pretty sure i have the exuding confidence and sharp dressing down.

i felt like i was an extra in a self help vhs video as we were asked to walk around the room to practice our posture and shake various attendee's hands to work on our handshake grip.

when the speaker asked us to go around the table and discuss personal goals that we had written in our session workbook and the 60 year old men were getting all kumbaya on me i thought it couldn't get any worse.

until i started to hear singing from the other side of the room.

i glance to my left and the speaker had made a costume change.


she had on a crazy wig and was singing "poor unfortunate souls....", at the top of her lungs.

the crowd was blatantly confused and almost shocked, but she kept singing.

i'm 100% positive that i was the only one in the room who had a clue who she was pretending to be.

she was ursula the sea witch from the little mermaid - duh.

the woman was literally dressed as a giant squid, tentacles and all.

it was right about then that i couldn't stop laughing.

she looked and pointed at me and i yelled, "you're from the little mermaid!"

"correct!", she exclaimed.

cue more laughing, (from me) and singing (from her).

how this woman correlated singing and an elaborate ursula the sea witch costume to a group of over the hill businessmen is still a mystery to me.

at least i love the little mermaid right?

happy thursday, kids!


  1. What then....? I'm so confused...but would have definitely recognised her (as long as she looked the part!!) x

  2. That's insane! And clearly awesome.

  3. I love when absurdly awesome things happen like that.

    (Plus, I'm a huge Little Mermaid fan, which makes this story even better!)

  4. I would've loved a picture of that.

  5. What?! No pictures??! Not fair.

  6. No picture????

    God I would have had to leave. I can't handle situations like that. I can barely handle REAL business meetings but one with Ursula and Sebastian would have been too much.

  7. Wow, that is hilarious. I'd love to hear her thought process behind that. Love the graphic- it made me smile and sing "Under the Sea" in my head.

  8. And you didn't take any pictures? Hilarious. Reading this story has made my day. Thank you.

  9. Oh god, I cannot stop laughing. Remind me to shoot business seminars/workshops right to the top of my Stupid Shit I Don't Do list.

  10. I'm pretty sure that's when I'd exit stage left never to return. Awful that people make money doing stints like that.

  11. Um, did she explain WHY she was dressed like Ursula? Bizarre.

  12. HA! that is great!!! i hadn't even started reading your post (just the title) and began singing, "...so sad, so true..." little mermaid is my fav disney movie. that sounds like the most RANDOM thing ever. it's like she had some whacked version of tourette's. good stuff! wish i could have seen it

  13. I knew it was coming, from the title of the post, but...I'm flabbergasted. WTF?

    Also, I so wish I were you, so I could have seen it.

  14. Little Mermaid is a classic. This made me laugh :)

  15. And now I know what I'm wearing to my next business meeting! I hear tentacles exude confidence.

  16. lol. oh i love this. definitely a workshop win.

  17. How do I get to go to a conference like that? Disney characters? I'm in.

    Except Maleficent. She scared the shit out of me.

  18. HA! i saw the title to this post and immediately starting singing ursula's song from the little mermaid, then was all "gosh, what's wrong with me, this post is OBVIOUSLY not about the little mermaid. how embarassing." and yet! it was! AWESOME.

  19. Laughing. Oh, I am laughing.

    This sounds like a . . . SURREAL seminar.

    And hey, better than having to actually do work.

    That's always my opinion. :)

  20. This would have made an awesome video.

  21. I'm soooo sorry I missed out on that one!

  22. hahaha wow. that is just amazing.

  23. Too freakin' funny! How did no one else know who she was though? I was OBSESSED with The Little Mermaid when I was a kid...silly old people.

  24. What the? LOL and why didn't you take pics? I love the little mermaid :)

  25. I recognized her from the title of your post, but what the heck was she doing there?!

  26. i mean - you must be lying. URSALA?? at a business seminar???

    awesome. :) you just made my friday!

  27. My mother (who has owned her own business for 34 years) was at the same event, and she actually liked it.

    I didn't really glean why she dressed up from my mom's relation of the event. I think the point of the story was that after she'd been embarrassed out of classical singing training when she was 12, she persevered and decided to pursue her dream anyway and got involved with musical theater.

    Might not have been the appropriate venue for the actual sing-along, but I think the message was a nice one, anyway.

  28. hmmmm... maybe she'd rather work at Disnyland than teach workshops?

    who were the poor unfortunate souls she was referring to, anyway?

  29. Oh my god, that sounds like the ultimate train-wreck of a workshop!

    "Ursula" the workshop instructor reminds me of one of my professors in university. One day she showed up to class dressed in a Robin Hood costume..for no apparent reason.

  30. As soon as I read the title to this blog, the song popped in my head and I sang it while reading. And now it's stuck. Ha. Absolutely nothing wrong with loving the Little Mermaid.


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