um, yeah.

Friday, January 15, 2010

i think i get a D+ when it comes to writing, reading and commenting on blogs for this week.

and i don't think today's post is going to help increase the grade point average so i'm just gonna go ahead and call it a week.

let's regroup come monday shall we?

have a good weekend everyone, have a drink for me.

if you need a good blog fix check out some of the awesome ones i have listed over there on the right...


  1. I thought that we've already discussed this.

    As long as you read and comment on mine, you are golden.

  2. Dude, margaritas always taste better when your google reader isn't hanging over your head. Have an awesome weekend.

  3. Regroup on Monday sounds good to me...

  4. I've been having the same problem.

    So regrouping on Monday and hving a fun weekend? I'll definitely drink to that!

    Enjoy your weekend, Alexa!

  5. This week is blaaaaaah.

    I'm having a getaway to Bali this weekend. Let's hope when I'm back I'll be in a better mood. Have a great weekend, alexa :)

  6. hope you have a good weekend, dear!

  7. I forgive you for not commenting on mine. Not everyone had today off like I did, after all! ;)

    I do not, however, forgive you for not having me listed among the other awesomes along the righthand side. See if I call YOU when I move back.

    OK, I'm kidding. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. I will join you in blogging suckitude this week. Have a good weekend, sweets. :)

  9. Hey, we all have our no inspiration/no motivation days. I have had quite a few of those since our last move.

    Take some me time and come back whenever you feel recharged! This is your blog after all, you are the boss ;-)

  10. lots of slackers. it seems to go in waves. i wonder if its 1 blogger who starts it, and it just trickles down.....


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