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Monday, January 4, 2010

last year i thought that by making my 2009 new years resolutions public it would hold me accountable to make them a reality.

but who the eff keeps their resolutions anyways?

it's still interesting to me to look back at them and see how i fared though.

last year i believe i called them 2009 goals
, so here's an update on my "goals" a year later...

get on the howard stern show - FAIL - but in my defense i didn't event try to call in once.

stop freaking out over things that i can't control and stop being jealous - SUCCESS - i think i've calmed down remarkably this past year and dealt with things as they are.

get more involved in my community - SUCCESS - while i'm not officially on a board yet, i've gotten involved in multiple organizations through volunteering, event committees and young professional groups.

give people the benefit of the doubt - FAIL/SUCCESS - i've gotten better but i still evilly enjoy some harmless judging now and again.

have this blog mentioned in
cleveland magazine - SUCCESS - i won the readers poll for best blog in cleveland this past october, now i'm thinking jim vickers needs to write an entire piece on me. i'm totally entertaining enough right? call me.

get published - FAIL - i haven't written anything other then this blog just yet, perhaps i should write a piece about myself for cleveland magazine? yes? yes? call me.

diet, exercise, be healthy, think positive - FAIL/SUCCESS - it may have been way late in '09 but i'm finally making a conscious effort to take better care of myself diet and exercise wise.

keep on being awesome - TOTALLY SUCCESS - i mean, have you met me?

i'd like to make some goals for 2010 but, meh, i just don't feel like it - i'll just aim to improve on the ones that i failed for 2009 ok?

moving on.

as my holiday vacation ends today and i'm back at work first the first time since 12/23/09 there is one thing i'm proud of myself for doing for the first time since 2004.

go out on new years eve!

this year i headed over to MOB and pete's house in westpark for cocktails with friends and then headed to the public house to watch the ball drop. i surprisingly had a super fun time half in part to the vodka and half in part to the company.

i even got tongued at midnight - as in my friend middaugh literally licked my entire face. sexy.

the giff and hondo at MOB's before the bar

foxxy passing out some champagne at the public house - i adore this pic!

lisa, the giff, colleen, foxxy and myself at some point in the evening

it was a great way to ring in 2010 - i may even considering going out next new years eve too.

to wrap up my vacation myself, the klutz, muffin and MOB decided to go out with a bang this past saturday night.

you see i'm putting myself on social lock down until my trip to utah so we decided to treat ourselves to an awesome dinner at
fahrenheit in tremont, and a treat it was.

have you been to fahrenheit before? if your answer is no, you need to head to chef rocco wahlen's restaurant ASAP for a couple of reasons. the food is to die for, the chef is awesome, the food is to die for, and the chef is awesome.

what more do you need to know?

while you're there try the wedge salad and the beef tenderloin which are my personal favorites, the pizzas are delicious too and there's an awesome happy hour for after work playtime - you can check out the whole menu here.

alright kids, that's a wrap for today.

let's start this year off right!


  1. close call on that awesome one ;-)

  2. "i even got tongued at midnight - as in my friend middaugh literally licked my entire face. sexy."

    I couldn't help but laugh out loud at that ...

  3. Screw the resolutions. You're one big success in my eyes. And clearly that's all that matters. =)

    Happy 2010 and happy blogoversary, too!

  4. let's not forget about the kick ass martinis at fahrenheit either

  5. That sounds like a pretty great year. :)

  6. Resolutions schmesolutions, you've accomplished A LOT and you will never be anything but awesome!

    Happy 2010!

  7. Hope your 2010 is even better!!

  8. sounds like a great way to ring in the new year and you can always get on the howard stern show this year right?

  9. you should be happy! There was a lot of success in this post!!!

  10. Look at you being all successful and awesome and stuff!

    May this year be more awesome than the last.

  11. Yeah, you are totally all over the awesome one. My resolution is to be more awesome. I may be coming to you for advice.

  12. Happy New Year, looks like the year was still successful overall :)


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