cavs game and baby wu-tang

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

last night i headed to the cavs vs grizzles game where i and approximately 16,000 of my closest friends watched the cavaliers win another one.

random fact: in the last four years of my routinely attending cavs games i've never been in attendance when they've lost.

so if anyone would like to donate floor seats to me during the playoffs so i can guarantee a win i will more than graciously accept.

anything for the team right?

during the game i took two pictures that i'm pretty much obsessed with for two very different reasons.

1. i love my camera, (this shot was taken from section 104) 2. superstars!

this is a bberry camera picture so it's not as clear but it doesn't matter because my friend kelly's baby girl ruby is too busy rockin' wu-tang tiger style to care

i'm still bitter that we didn't ruby on the jumbotron though.... the camera man obviously doesn't recognize the cute.


anyways, don't forget to enter to win one of 5 sticks of Dove Visibly Smooth Deodorant (because i don't want any stinky blog readers), by leaving a comment on yesterday's post - good luck!


  1. It's hard to believe I have only been to one NBA game in my entire life. Now, college games? Going to games during the season my (now) alma mater won the national championship? Closing down the main street in town to party with thousands of other students after winning the national championship? That I can definitely claim to have done in this lifetime. =)

  2. HA, awesome. I used to have a Wu-Tang shirt just like that.

    Also? If the cavs play the nuggets? Please stay at home.


  3. Aaaww what a bad ass little baby!

  4. That child is adorable and I agree, obviously the men running the jumbotron don't recognize cute.

    I firmly believe that you should contact the Cavs about special VIP courtside seats during the playoffs. You're a celebrity in Cleveland. You had your own promo code for Gods sake!

  5. The sad thing is that little girl will likely consider Wu-Tang "old" by the time she's our age.

  6. I used to say the same thing about the Rays games. Every game I went to they won and I was all "gimme box seats". Then they lost one. Lame

  7. Every time I turn on a cavs game they lose, but mostly in the playoffs.

  8. Um that shirt is AWESOME!

  9. oooh love the pic of lebron and shaq, lebron nation? king james? yes i am a secret cavs fan at heart.

  10. will ruby's cuteness plus appearance on your blog up her chances of winning a dove visibly smooth deodorant stick? i hope so.
    ruby's mom
    p.s. i hope you get floor seats to the playoffs miss good luck charm!

  11. I haven't been to a Cavs game for about two years, & the last time I went, they lost to the Wizards at the buzzer. I wanna go againnnn.

  12. I drove in from Pittsburgh last year when the Cavs played the Lakers (Cavs fan, not a Lakers fan) and it was the ONE HOME GAME they lost in the regular season. It was still an absolute blast, but my Cleveland friends have banned me from visiting the city now.

  13. That baby obviously knows how to protect her neck.

  14. the only reason to have a kid is to dress them in stupid clothes!!

  15. Anything for the team... I like your logic, even if I'm not a Cavs fan! And no, the camera man does not recognize the cute. He sucks!

  16. Just discovered your blog today by accident. Just added to my favorites.

    The Cavs have never lost a game I've attended in the last two seasons as well. Maybe I can ride your coat tails to floor seats for the playoffs?

    Also: Baby picture of the year!


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