donate to Veggie U and possibly win 2K in dining gift cards!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the blogging community as a whole is a pretty tight little group - specifically for me, the cleveland blogging community.

i'd like to say that we are all here to support each other so when my good friend michelle, the author of the blog cleveland foodie, emailed me awhile back about a cause very near and dear to her heart, the least i could do was help spread the word here on the plum.

here's the deal:

a national program called Veggie U is an organization that promotes the well-being of children through a healthy lifestyle with a focus on making wise food choices and teaching the importance of sustainable agriculture. the program is embraced by teachers and students a like, and locally 150 schools in the cleveland metro school district have been using the 4th grade Veggie U science program.

unfortunately, they are lacking the proper funding to continue all of the programs as $200 per classroom is needed.

and michelle isn't about to let that happen so she is asking that you donate $5 to help keep Veggie U in the schools.

by donating a mere $5 you're not only going to help an excellent cause, but you are going to be entered into a raffle that will allow you to literally spend the year eating and drinking your way through the city of cleveland.

the cleveland food community has really gotten behind michelle and Veggie U by donating some amazing prizes to entice you to make a donation.

one incredibly lucky person will win ALL OF THE FOLLOWING GIFT CERTIFICATES totaling almost $2,000 - amazing.

western reserve wine - $50 gift card
tartine - $50 gift card
momocho - $50 gift card
lola - $50 gift card
the greenhouse tavern - $50 gift card
heinen's - $100 gift card
blue canyon - $50 gift card
the flying fig - $100 gift card
fire - $50 gift card
erie island coffee - $50 gift card
fahrenheit - $50 gift card
miles farmer's market - $50 gift card
jekyll's kitchen - $50 gift card
moxie - $200 gift card (!!)
touch supper club - $50 gift card
parallax - $50 gift card
l'albatros - $50 gift card
chinato - $50 gift card
crop bistro - $50 gift card
north end - $50 gift card
hyde park - $50 gift card
AMP 150 - $100 gift card
muse (the ritz-carlton) - farmer's market dinner for two
the chocolate bar - $50 gift card
michaelangelo's - $50 gift card
john Q's steakhouse - $50 gift card
melange - $50 gift card
bistro on lincoln park - $50 gift card

and to top it all off the winner will receive one ticket to their choice of upcoming dinners at the culinary vegetable institute AND the chef's garden will send you one of their e-commerce family boxes.

um, all of that is worth a $5 donation don't ya think?

you have until this saturday, february 13th to donate, and to do so simply call 419.499.7500 and reference cleveland foodie.

for additional chances to win, try donating $10, $15, $20, etc, and every $5 increment will give you another entry.

thanks in advance for your help, and don't forget to call 419.499.7500 to donate (and enter to win) today!


  1. This is incredible. Plan to call later tonight. Thanks for the info (as always!)

  2. I heart you!! Thank you so much for helping me spread the word!

  3. I'm still amazed at how much one person could possibly win. It's such an amazing prize.

  4. do i have to tell the IRS about that HUGE prize i'm gonna win??

    seriously. it's tax time.

  5. What a great idea! I hope the program is able to get the funding it needs. For some reason, the kids and the school system always seem to suffer first when there is a funding shortage! I'm jealous all you Clevlanders have so many fun places to frequent!

  6. wow. an incredible cause and an incredible gift for giving back!

  7. This is a really great thing to do. I'm behind you 100%. I live in Cleveland, too and even though it snows a lot, I'm still loyal to it. Especially to Cavaliers ;-)

  8. It is a great cause! thank you so much for posting this!

  9. Yeah I don't live in Cleveland but I would totes take part if I did.

  10. That is an awesome cause. This really needs to be done everywhere in the US.


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