dove visibly smooth cleveland VIP party

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

a few weeks ago i was contacted to host a Dove Visibly Smooth Deodorant VIP party for my friends in cleveland.

i think it took approximately 2.2 seconds for me to respond to the pitch email with an enthusiastic "heck yes!".

you don't have to twist my arm to throw a girl's night out party, especially when it's associated with such an awesome and well respected brand such as

so last saturday i threw said party where i was instructed to invite ten of my friends (muffin, MOB, beaver, court, the klutz, holler, martha, @lzone, allison, and moe), for a night out on the town.

everyone came over my apartment were i cooked up some dinner and even took the time to video blog about what my friends and i would be doing courtesy of Dove Visibly Smooth.

i promise if you can look past my mug and obnoxious laugh you get to see moe's butt.

so prior to receiving my goodie package full of Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth i had neve
r personally tried that deodorant variety, but even after using it for ju
st a few days i'm positive that they've made an enthusiast out of me and my friends.

the first thing we all noticed was the enticing wild rose scent, it smelled a lot more like a perfume than it did a deodorant in the best way possible.

next, th
e promise of staying stubble free for longer due to a unique Pro-Epil Complex and translucent moisturizers that minimize the look and feel of underarm hair over time was something that we couldn't pass up.

so with our lip gloss on, pits covered in Dove Visibly Smooth, and champagne on ice we headed to our limo for the ultimate girls night out.

since we wa
nted to take full advantage of the sweet ford excursion limo from the American Limousine Service we headed to bodega on coventry for martinis and wine, brennan's colony for some bombs and then back downtown to the house of blues to see who's bad, the ultimate michael jackson tribute band in concert.

with my new flip video in hand i documented parts of our night out. if you can get past my obnoxious laugh, singing and shaky camera work you'll get to see my friends being hilarious and some hot fist pumping.

by the way, you get some serious bonus points if you laughed at the song i chose to play in the background of the video.

in other news, i would like a limo every night

court, the klutz, muffin and MOB at bodega

martha, holler, lara, beaver, moe, AJP, allison, the klutz, court, MOB and lzone

lzone and moe proving that comedian's named mike polk love Dove Visibly Smooth

we closed out our evening at the
map room where once we all tried to go home there was a locked out of my apartment situation which caused the remaining party goers to scatter, thank goodness for a friend from out of town with a hotel room.

when all was said and done the night was completely epic and so much fun that i'm still laughing about it all. i can't thank Dove enough for putting this all together for me and my friends.

Dove Visibly Smooth = FUN

and because after all this you know you want to try the stuff out for yourself, i'm here to give you the opportunity to do so.

simply leave a comment on this post and you'll be entered to win one of five (5) sticks of Dove Visibly Smooth Deodorant that i'm giving away here on the plum.

I'll be picking the five winners next tuesday, so enter today and good luck!

to participate in the Dove Visibly Smooth VIP program i was provided with product samples to giveaway on my blog as well as for my guests, a Flip Video, car service and compensation for dinner/entertainment with my friends.


  1. I love Dove deodorant. Seriously. I always use it - but i've never tried the smoothing kind. I may have to check that out.

  2. bwahaha, my favourite line "Hello sir, yooooour attractive!". Hehe! Dove = awesome! x

  3. Sponsored night out is always a yes in my book, especially if it involves limo and my girl friends haha. Looks really fun!

  4. Love Dove.

    Looks like you had an awesome night.

    Oh and totally giggled at the song.

    A lalalalala lo a lalalalalala lo

  5. Deodorant never looked so cool! I'm totally jealous! Hook a sister up. :D

  6. For at least one night, Tyrone loves his job.

  7. that Lzone girl is hotttttt! Is she single??!

  8. I need some deoderant. I can vouch for its worthiness while sweating it out in the gym if its awesome.

    I have been trying to find the best deoderant for this situation. Fo realz. I'm a lifer of the lady speedstick. But alas it has failed me.

    Hey either way let us all know if it really cuts the stubble down!

  9. Fun party! I like Dove and haven't tried the visibly smooth either. Please may I!

  10. Oh man, I am a Dove beauty product fiend. I have refused to use any other deodorant for YEARS. Love.

  11. I use Dove already but I've never tried the rose scent--sounds like I should!

  12. Looks like a fun time was had by all! Would love to see how this works with the whole stuble thing that is what got my attention!

  13. Your laugh = not annoying. =)

    Also, I think I have to add Cleveland to one of my top 5 cities in which I'd like to live. Because seriously, if I could have girls nights out like the ones you have with your gal pals, well I'd be soooo happy.

  14. SO fun :)
    i've been using this deodorant since i got a bunch free at blogher this summer. i'm a total addict. would love another stick!

  15. I haven't tried Dove DO. I am completely jealous!! You always get to have fun!

  16. um. SO. FUN! (and i'm beyond insanely jealous!) what an awesome time - Dove definitely knew what blogger to go to for a kick ass time in the Cleve ;)

  17. Your posts always make me wish I still lived in Cleveland, you make it look like so much fun!

  18. Looks like you guys had a blast! Good thing you were able to shake your bootys all night and come out smelling like roses! :)
    Muffin always looks so cute! You and your friends are hilarious!

  19. my middle name is rose... so I must try all things that smell like roses.

    now I know that fist pumping IS hot and not lame...

  20. um, can i enter to win a night out in a limo with my friends?? that is what *i* need :-)

  21. oh man you guys crack me up, love both videos, so so funny. i'm going to a dove party in a couple weeks and i hope it's even half as fun as yours looked, haha. love it.

  22. What an awesome night. And perfect timing I am almost out of my deodorant. Hope I win.

  23. Looks like quite a fun evening! I think a limo is the only way to travel! :)

  24. Looks like you had an awesome night with the ladies. Nothing more fun than a girls night out! Loved the videos, too!

  25. That is AWESOME!!! I LOVE Dove! Do you hear me Dove people??!! I love your stuff!! I'm not kidding, I use their deodorant, shampoo and soap.

    Dove, I love you.

    p.s. My word verification: shaver.

  26. Also, you have a beautiful smile and gorgeous laugh!

    Don't ever say otherwise.

  27. What a cool event to be asked to host!

    I use men's deodorant (Old Spice) but could possibly be tempted away from it in order to be a girl...

    Also. Limo. EVERY NIGHT. I want.

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  29. promises staying stubble free longer? really?

  30. i love this deodorant! the scent is fantastic, and it holds up in the gym. i don't know about stubble free for longer but my hair is finer and i shave less often(but maybe i'm just getting lazier!)

  31. Friggin' hilarious. I suddenly want to flaunt my pits seductively. Apparently we ladies have had it wrong all these years shakin' the lady lumps and batting our eyelashes. It's all about those pits, baby!

  32. Looks like such a fun night out. I love Dove and their campaign for beauty. So glad that they realize you are a VIP.

  33. Dove must love you - hilarious post. The video was too funny.

  34. i'm actually out of deodorant right now. can you hurry up and get that to me?

  35. My favorite part of the video was...well all of it...but especially the song you chose to play in the background. A deodorant that claims "stubble has met its match" is totally for me.

  36. Looks like y'all had a blast! And you sold me on the Dove, I think I will have to give it a try. For sure. :) Ciao!

    and I don't know you but I just had to share that your captcha is asking me to type in "ilimp" like "I...Limp" HAHAHA sorry I just thought that was frickin hilarious!

  37. Oh my god, it looks like you girls had such a blast! Love it! Next trip, Cleveland! I'm coming to party with you guys.


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