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Thursday, February 25, 2010

when my friend michelle (cleveland foodie), contacted me about an opportunity for a shopping excursion courtesy of NEXT in beachwood place my first thought was... NEXT? the urban store by nordstrom's with the tiny dresses and colorful sneakers?

yes, that was my first thought - true story.

being an avid shopper, trips to beachwood mall are quite frequent for me, especially to my beloved nordstom's wing. and seeing that
NEXT is next to the second floor nordy's entrance, i've passed the storefront hundreds of times.

i've never really stopped in NEXT prior to this past tuesday night simply because i thought it was a bit too urban street wear for me. but it wasn't until i actually shopped in the store and spoke with the owner robert and his helpful staff, that i realized my initial perception of this store was wrong.

do they have hot party dresses and super sexy heels? yes!

but do they also have classic jeans, sweaters, jacket/blazers and going out tops? YES!

affordable trendy accessories like scarves, purses, watches, sunglasses, earrings and necklaces? YES!

oh, and i suppose i should mention they have an extensive men's department as specifically their men's shoe selection is off the chain. (yes, i just said that)

there are currently
five NEXT stores in cleveland and you should be sure to check out their blog for additional information about brands they carry.

throw together a group of cleveland bloggers and give them the opportunity to shop and you'll get some very happy women...

allison striking a pose

amelia showing what a bad ass she is

charity picking out her shoe of choice

my shoe of choice? hells, yes. too bad i'd never be able to pull those off...

the loot i picked up from NEXT: a crinkly black top that ties on the side, two sexy necklaces, a pair of earrings, and two t-shirt circle scarves.

i did good, very good.

so to all my lady (and gentleman) friends who may think that NEXT isn't for them, i urge you to stop in the store as you're walking from j crew to nordstrom's - you may be surprised!


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  1. OMG, I LOVE those sneakers! I had no idea about this store! I must find one near me IMMEDIATELY! Thanks for the post!

  2. Will you please demand that NEXT open a shop in Chicago. And then make sure to send them my way for some shopping. =)

  3. UM - HOW FREAKING FUN!!!! (im totally jealous!) love your loot, especially the necklaces, I'm sort of obsessed with jewelry lately! did you get the shoes too??

  4. note to self: you are not a model.

    p.s. your word verification for me is "flexa."

  5. Great Post Alexa! It WAS a very fun evening. I LOVE your silver necklace and scarves, great finds.

  6. That sounds like fun!

    Although sadly, I dont have a j.crew or a Nordstrom's much less a next. I will however go check out their stuff online. =)

  7. Too urban streetwear for YOU? Is there such a thing?

  8. never even heard of that store! but i do most of my shopping at southpark. blah. great stuff

  9. WANT. Especially the shoes. I'm not much of a shopper but thank you for the idea.

  10. i would totally rock those gold sparkly shoes! can't wait for the snow to go away so i can wear sneakers again.

  11. *ooooooooooo, shiiiiinyyyyyyyy*

  12. Your sissy Nicolette would totally wear those gold shoes. I can see her in them now in her gray jeans. You should go for them.

  13. oh those necklaces look so cute, send some my way okay? :)

  14. You got some really cute stuff! What a cute store. I'll have to check them out if I'm ever there... or online, I suppose!

  15. yeah. i'm afraid to go in there, too. but i guess i'll have to stop by.

  16. This store looks awesome. I wish they had one wear I live.

  17. first of all - you would totally be able to pull off those shoes

    second of all - jealous! i LOOOOVVVEE next, such a great store -- so many unique finds ;)


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