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Thursday, February 4, 2010

i'm in nashville for work today, but don't you worry, i have an amazing guest post out there on the interwebs for you to read.

it's my second ever TMI thursday post and it's not plum rated so i can't share the link with you here - if you can find it, more power to you. but if you can't, simply email me at clevelandsaplum @ gmail . com and i'll send you the link.

happy thursday kids, the weekend is almost here.


  1. Read it. Thank you. Thank you so much.

    In fact, my word verf is "forme", as in, that post was like a gift...uh...for me.

  2. You are amazing. That is all.

  3. i knew where to look, and i laughed. i commented over there!

    i may or may not know someone who can get the security footage.

    just sayin.

  4. Just arrived here from your TMI post (what a hilarious story) and noticed that you went to UD. Class of 2000 here.

    Go Flyers!

  5. I almost seriously WET myself at work reading that! OMG!! LOVE IT!!!!

  6. Just came to say your story was awesome, and perhaps the best (and most enjoyable) I've read in a long time.

    Also... how big are they?

  7. which was a totally awesome blog btw :)

  8. FYI, I'm sooo good, I found it on my first try... I'll be leaving comments over there!

  9. By the way, loved it... I've read it to anyone within listening distance! Best story of the week!


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