fluorescent february party

Monday, February 22, 2010

this past saturday i threw a fluorescent february party at one of my favorite bars in cleveland, harbor inn.

and as i'm typing this on sunday night, it's safe to say i'm still feeling the side effects of the party.

that being said, i think the only blog writing i'm going to be able to handle is going to be in the picture/video variety.

good thing they speak for themselves....

famous cleveland blogger, narm, strutting his day-glo wear

nick, shibani, jason, karate jon, and lara

MOB, muffin, holler, me, maureen, and beaver

christina rocking boots with the fur, lzone doing the safety dance and kelly wearing overall coolots

foxxy mamma, muffin and bethany

keith, cara, katie, cara and katie's adorable sister who i forget her name (sorry!), colleen, courtney, chris and tim

sarabot, AJP and lara

crowd shot of the main bar room

the upstairs of harbor inn is perfect for parties cause while there is the main room (the shot above), there is also a pool table/dart room and a dance floor room. i turned the dance floor room into black light central which was completely hilarious.

my friend matt took the video below of my friend sean having a dance off - too bad the girl he was having a dance off with wasn't wearing any fluorescent cause you can't see her! you'll have that...

thanks to everyone who came, and who knows, maybe i'll turn this into an annual event!


  1. That looks SO fun! You guys look amazing!! I've never been to the Harbor Inn, I'm going to have to check it out next time I'm back in Cleveland visiting family!

    P.S. Hope you are recovered soon!!

  2. That party looks awesome. Daaaaaaamn Sean's got some skillz, yo.

  3. you all look amazing. and those overalls were hilarious.

  4. um why don't i live in cleveland???

  5. Ahh, what a great idea for a party! It sounds (and looks) like a great time. I'm sort of envious of those florescent boots.

  6. It's been a long time (if ever) since I've seen so much neon in one room. I love it.

  7. Amazing party. And that dance off was amazing and STILl didn't crack the top 10 list of awesome things I've seen at the harbor inn.

  8. I am still recovering from this weekend. Do you remember when I helped you down the flight of stairs? I think you were dunzo at that point. You should see the pics when we got home (ask Matt).

  9. This just goes to prove, America's most miserable city can have at least one cool thing.

    Only 4,752,516 more cool things to go to catch LA.

  10. i think i said it a million times. i had so much fun getting ready for the party! oh and the party itself wasn't too bad!

    can't wait for Fluorescent Feb II!!!!

    choo choo!

  11. Great theme + fun crowd = rad party. Please do this again next year :)

  12. I can see now that everything is better when it is located near, attached to, or draped in something fluorescent. I feel enlightened, and also a bit glowy.

  13. This is an awesome theme for a party. I love everyone's outfits and that kid has some awesome dance moves.

  14. How fun! If you do it next year, give me some notice and I'll be there!

    So, did you rent out the bar, or go to them with the idea, or what? I'm curious...

  15. I really dig your jacket. I might wear that on a normal day. Seriously.

  16. um this party looks awesome, i love that everyone dressed up, so funny.


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