help me help Providence House and the babies!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

if you are reading this post right now, odds are you are either procrastinating at work, sitting on your comfy couch with your laptop or browsing the internet on your fancy smartphone.

you are blessed to not only have the simple necessities in life like food, clothing, and shelter, but also the luxury that is internet access.

but imagine if you didn't.

i know that i'm personally guilty of throwing a hissy fit when my internet connection is compromised, but imagine what it would be like if something as important as your home was compromised.

then imagine how much worse it would be if you also had children to take care of and no place to go?

how helpless would you feel?

thankfully there is a place in cleveland called Providence House for a parent to turn to that helps families get through moments of crisis.

being the oldest operating crisis nursery in the US, Providence House's goals are to protect, prevent and preserve by offering a round-the-clock crisis intervention program and an immediate on-sight placement solution for infants and toddlers where they are at risk of abuse or neglect.

i've personally been involved with Providence House for the last couple of years, and have previously mentioned the organization here on the plum as one of my favorite non-profits that i volunteer my time to.

when i brought up the idea to Providence House executive director Natalie Leek-Nelson, that i would love to use my blog as an awareness and fund raising outlet to help the babies i was glad she was receptive to it.

and while many item including diapers, formula, and clothing are all needed to care for a baby at Providence House, what resonates with me, especially during this cold winter season is the need for shelter.

by donating only $16 you will be providing one baby a day/night of warmth and shelter, and my goal today on the 16th of February is to try to gather 160, $16 donations, by march 16th.

are you sensing a theme?

only $16 will provide shelter to a baby that may otherwise be sleeping in their parents car, or worse the street.

will you help me reach my 160, $16 donation goal?

if your answer is yes, please click here to make a one time donation to help tuck a baby into bed today.

well, not literally tuck into bed, cause that would be weird.

also, if you are interested in providing shelter for a Providence House baby every month on an automatic basis, please click here to make a monthly giving donation to help tuck a baby into bed.

one time $16 donation: click here
recurring monthly $16 donation: click here

thanks in advance for helping to give shelter to the babies of Providence House and i know we can get 160, $16 donations!


  1. DONE.

    You're welcome, random baby.

  2. totally in. this goes along with my Year Of Charity thing - who needs to wait until a new month comes along? one baby: tucked in.

  3. I donated.

    I'm not gonna lie I put my title as Senator.

  4. I donated too! It's a small amount, but I hope it helps!

  5. I am on this first thing in the morning. Anything to help such a great cause! I heart you for all the ways you use your blog, you truly are a gem.

  6. Done. Thanks for getting the word out.


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