my nashville day trip

Friday, February 5, 2010

so yesterday i was picked up at 5:30am in the morning, dropped off at home at 11pm in the evening, traveled through two time zones and went on a bar crawl in nashville.

wasn't a bad day if i do say so myself.

after business meetings from 9am to 2pm myself, jason and salami rose realized it was only right to use the remaining 4 and a half hours we had before we needed to be at the airport for a bar crawl down broadway in nashville.

it. was. so. much. fun.

having never been to the city i was excited to have those few hours to check it out. between the music history, the whiskey, the miller high life, the live music, and salami rose singing on stage it was an excellent taste of nashville.

the business meetings were too bad either.
now i just want to go back for more - soon.

with stops at second fiddle, tootsie's orchid lounge, legends corner and lonnie's western room.

so which one is the second fiddle exactly? oh wait, one is a banjo, never mind.

listening to some country at tootsie's - my inner hip hop goddess was confused.

i don't care if they don't authorize dancing on the bar, telling me i can't do something just makes me want to do it all the more.

salami rose got on stage with jason link and company at legends corner and sang an entire patsy cline song, very well might i add. randomly, jason link was a fan of nicknames and called salami rose "pants" and me of all things "kim kardashian"...... i don't think he's ever seen kim kardashian though because i look NOTHING like her.

the scary guy lurking outside the window in this picture awkwardly stood there looking in for literally a half an hour. it was SO creepy - he was just staring at us.

for whatever reason jason thought this dog was the funniest thing he's ever seen and i also think he wanted to take the dog back on the plane with us

i love you john lennon, that is all. also do you think that's a scary ronald reagan head on the left?

through all the country music albums on the wall at legends corner i was happy to find michael jackson in the mix - thriller!

all in all an excellent little thursday adventure.

have a great weekend kids!


  1. I'm missing my annual trip with my buddies to Nashville this year. This post made me incredibly depressed.

  2. Nashville is one of my favorite cities in the US. Having a shot of whiskey at Tootsie's is tradition each time I arrive in the city.

    I got up on stage once in Nashville to sing (badly) -- it was awesome, I had a spilled drink on my shirt and didn't notice until the pictures were uploaded LOL.

    Such a fun city. I have so many friends who live there now - I can't wait to go back some time this year.

  3. You never cease to amazing me Ms. Non-Stop-On-The-Go! I've always wanted to go to Nashville...

  4. Nashville is one of my most favorite places to visit. Broadway on a summer evening is the best.

  5. I didn't realize High Life was such a southern thing?

    I had several very, very memorable experiences as Lonnies when I lived in Nashville, including a twisted ankle and a very bizarre birthday. Love that place.

    Next time you go, go to Robert's. It's on Broadway a few doors down from Tootsies and the Stage and by far the best (but not the best known) of the honky tonks.

  6. Tootsie's!!!!!! Oh, god, I love Tootsie's. I vote we have a blogger meetup in Nashville even though NONE of us live there, just because it would be so freaking bad ass. Love that city.

  7. okay that is so awesome you went for a day and managed to get a bar crawl in, haha. and that creepster outside? um. yeah i feel like he's on an episode of law and order svu, shudder.

  8. What's your secret for having all this energy to do all the awesome stuff you do? Please write a book about it cause I needs to know. ASAP.

  9. Sounds like an awesome business trip.

  10. Nashville is definitely I place I would love to visit. It just seems like such an awesome city.

  11. Looks like you guys had so much fun! Too bad all my layovers (or time spent waiting for planes) are too short to accomplish anything fun... oh yeah, and I'm always by myself! Now I want to go to Nashville, damnit!

  12. I love exploring new cities and check out the cool places for fun and drinks too :)

    "Inner hiphop goddess" line made me laugh. I'm confused whenever a music other than hiphop, house ( or mash of both /eclectic ) are played in the bars / clubs.


    I need to never go to Nashville.

  14. Patsy Cline def. needs to be sung out loud! LOL Glad you had fun! :)

  15. On my one-time trip to Nashville, I found I don't instantly fit in because of my hatred for country music. However the bars were awesome and I wish I could've spent more time there. I would like to go back.

  16. I've only been to Nashville once and it was definitely interesting and eclectic. I have to go back sometime!

  17. Even I and Uncle David have been to Tootsies........LOVE Nashville.

  18. I never wanted to visit Nashville 'til I moved to NC and everyone raves about how awesome it is. This only makes me want to check it out even moreso. Ha.


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