CIFF opening night film, TiMER

Friday, March 19, 2010

last night i had the privilege to attend the cleveland international film festival opening film and gala with my friend JV.

as we headed to tower city cinema's i had the general idea of what the opening film,
TiMER, was all about.

essentially a revolutionary device has been created that is implanted into your wrist that counts down to the specific moment that you meet your one true love.

it's a science - when the day you meet your soul mate arrives, the moment you make eye contact with him/her your TiMER goes off, as does his/hers alerting both of you that whether it's today or ten years from now, this is the person you are going to be with for all eternity.

it's an interesting concept to say the least.

as a sucker for all things romantic comedy as well as technology geekdom this movie was right up my alley. specifically because much like the protagonist in the film i'm about to turn 30 with zero knowledge or direction of who this mysterious soul mate of mine is, let alone if he even exists.

but i promise you this movie isn't all self reflective bitter old women style - it's actually VERY FUNNY. i don't recall the last time i laughed out loud as much during a screening.

but between all the laughter and awkward jokes you can't help but wonder, if given the opportunity to install a TiMER alerting you of when you're meeting your true love, would you do it?

would it be worth it? would it just cause you to stop looking for love at not, never taking a detour, simply waiting till your TiMER goes off?

would it take all the fun out of it?
it being dating, random sex, mystery, flirting, etc

personally i'm torn as to what i would do - as i'm admittedly a hopeless romantic i'm also lazy as all hell and if someone had the ability to tell me who and when i would meet the person i'm supposed to be with i'd probably do it.

what about you? would you get a TiMER?

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  1. I think there are people in this world who need that kind of control over their lives and other people who don't. A similar concept is the ultrasound to find out the sex of your baby. Do you really need to know? Will it make a difference? For some people, absolutely. For others, absolutely not. I fall into the camp of, I don't need to have that much control over my own life that I need to know every detail - the element of surprise is pretty remarkable.

  2. I would TOTALLY, 100% take the Timer! I would still take detours and date around....but I think it would be AWESOME to know when I would meet my soulmate-or maybe more of just a relief to know that I will meet him. I want to see the movie!

  3. That movie sounds pretty cool. I don't know if I'd get a timer, I'd be paranoid that it would turn on a say 30years. And then I'd cry hahah

  4. What would be weird is if you met someone, fell in love with them, and the "timer" DIDN'T go off...then what would you do? Would you move on and forget how you feel? I've always been a "listen to my heart" kind of gal. Great post :D

  5. At this point, I think I'd take the timer. It'd be a whole lot easier than the mess that is the single man's dating scene that is my present day life. Sign me up.

  6. oooh interesting! it would be so hard NOT to ignore anything you encounted until the timer went off - all "well, this DOES seem absolutely lovely, but i know something even BETTER is coming along, so....." although i'd be all sad if my timer was like "you'll find your true love... at age 65" or something.

  7. I wouldn't want a timer, because a) I like surprises, b) I'd probably keep counting down the time till that supposed true love happens, and c) I'm lazy.

  8. Upon first glance, I thought the name of the movie was "Titter" and I was wondering what the hell it was about.

    Now that I've been schooled, I don't know that I'd go for the timer. Dating sucks, but the stories that go along with it are entertaining, and we learn from our mistakes! At least I hope we do.


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