CIFF, providence house, and a big red truck

Monday, March 8, 2010

i'm typing this sunday night from my mother's house in canton, on her old, slower than molasses laptop.

(love you mom!)

my super fast and awesome laptop is in cleveland.

(missing me.)

that being said you
should be reading a recap post of my randomly fun weekend but since i'm working on fred flintstone's laptop i'm going to have to go and post that for you guys tomorrow.

but while you are anxiously waiting for me to write it, don't forget to enter to win one of 3 pairs of movie ticket vouchers to this year's cleveland international film festival by commenting on this here post.

also, don't forget 2.0, that i'm still raising money for the
Providence House babies and am nowhere near my goal of 160, $16 dollar donations by March 16th. so if you would be so obliged, please click here or here, or here, or here, to make a one time $16 donation to help tuck a baby in tonight.

oh, and one last thing...

remember my post last thursday about my turfing founder's field on UD's campus with my big red rental pick up truck? well my friend teen emailed me a picture of us in the bed of the truck from 2001 and it pretty much says it all - awesome.

teen and i in the backyard of our junior and senior year house, 520 lowes, having way too much fun pretending to be girls that drive big trucks.

totally normal.

have a good monday kids!


  1. You're a brave girl. When I'm without my laptop, I go through a little bit of withdrawl!!

    Hope you have a good week!

  2. I spoke to my cousin yesterday (I was not to far from CLE), she works with the Cleveland International Film Festival. I grabbed a program guide and may be headed that way!

  3. Parents with their slow things!

    doing some great work with Providence House chica!

  4. I donated to Providence House because of your post a few weeks ago. Hope you meet your goal!

    Can't wait for the film fest!

  5. ive been w/o a home computer for almost 3 years. i didnt think id make it but luckily i get the net at work! plus i get more tv watching done that way!

  6. I just read your Friday blog, thought about last night, and laughed when I read: "being an avid movie goer/fanatic".......... LOL!!

  7. oh, fantastic picture!! i secretly wish i had a big truck... instead i have a honda civic. TOTALLY THE SAME THING.

  8. I always cry a little inside when I have to leave Lulu at home when I'm gone. She misses me.


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