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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i wanted to come home tonight and write about a a very funny story from my freshman year in college.... but i decided to go out instead so that story is going to have to wait till tomorrow.

tuesday night i kidnapped JV and headed to the cleveland international film festival where we met up with the lovely amelia and checked out the flick the baby formula. we all laughed out loud and all bawled like a baby throughout the film and i would recommend renting it.

i would go into the whole storyline but frankly, i'm a little buzzed up and i think that my synopsis wouldn't do it justice.

moving on.

while we all enjoyed the film, i more so got into the energy of the festival as a whole, as hippy dippy as it sounds it's just effing cool to participate in - not to mention a great event for the city of cleveland.

after the film we all headed to tower230 for some wine and cocktails where JV may or may not have eaten her weight in maraschino cherries and i may or may not have been caught on film by amelia tying said maraschino cherry stems into a knot with my tongue.

you'll have that.

but the icing on the cake came when while walking home from tower city with JV and ran into my new friend angelina who informed my that my blog turned real life friend allison from green dog wine was in crop bistro - cue happiness stemming from FINALLY getting to meet her.

all i know is happy hour is in our very near future.

it was a wonderful evening with great friends in the great city of cleveland.

and now, sleep.


  1. And *this* is why I adore Alexa so. She makes any old Tuesday night into a night to remember!

  2. I saw the video of you last night. It made me laugh. Sometimes your posts and tweets are almost enough to make me abandon small town life along the river for a big city.

  3. AHHH! :) It was SO00000000 GREAT to meet you! I'm so glad Ang saw & grabbed you! :) Happy Hour VERY SOON! (in my drunken stupor - I relayed the fact that "I MET PLUM!!!" to my husband five times - if that helps you understand my excitement about meeting you) ;P

  4. We should visit Tower230 more often. I will bring them a bottle of Maraschino cherries. I really do owe them.

    Thanks for kidnapping me! I had a BLAST!


  5. So fun! I love getting out to do cool Cleveland stuff. Absolutely fabulous.

  6. can you realllly tie knots? i had a friend who had me fooled for YEARS. she finally fessed up that she takes it out when im not looking and ties it! Years! how gullible!

  7. Sounds like fun, girl!

    You make me want to visit Cleveland. Badly.

  8. i have tried and tried and TRIED and i cannot tie cherry stems into knots. this makes me almost as sad as the fact that i can't raise just one eyebrow at a time.

  9. I look forward to seeing the cherry stem trick in person.

    Which would require us actually being in the same room at some point before I'm 80.

  10. I cannot tie cherry stems into a knot. Apparently I have bad tongue skills.

  11. YEAH! We need to grab drinks with Allison soon!
    I will bring a jar of Maraschino Cherries to keep us occupied! ;)

  12. I love maraschino cherries :D Did you manage to tie the knot woth your tongue?
    I wanna learn how to do it too haha


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