new york may be the big apple, but cleveland's still my plum

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ok, i love new york city.

the energy, the hustle, the anonymity, the possibilities.

it's contagious.

i arrived in the city saturday afternoon and headed directly to my little sister's harlem apartment (which is amazing by the way), and it's pretty much straight
GO from there.

we get ready, we being my sister and
our friend jason (the ugly furniture dude), and head to the williamsburg area of brooklyn to the radegast hall and biergarten for my sissy's 27th birthday party. the bar itself was way rad - massive beers, rows of picnic tables and lots of kielbasa and brats to choose from. the crowd was pretty cool too, heavy on the hipsters but still cool.

 scott, monique, sissy, me and jason

it was great getting to meet some of my sister's friends and getting to hang out with the leah's. yes, the leah's - our good friends, both named leah, both greek, and both from canton living in brooklyn. the leah's.

from the beirgarten we walked across the street to this bar called the levee where even in my black top, black skinny jeans, visible tattoo and heels i was the yuppiest person in the bar. this bar puts the hip in hipster and it smelled. at least when you ordered a beer it came with a koozie.

 some awesome graffiti outside of the levee - impressive.

next stop we walked to the cove where some of my sister's friends knew the DJ - and the dance party began. the 90's light techno dance party that is. so random.  

finally we landed at K & M where the DJ was awesome, i was drinking bud heavy and we danced till 4am to jay z. as we stumbled into the cab back to harlem i didn't even mind that this "mainstream girl" smelled like hipster.

jason, sissy, dave and eddie enjoying a jay z dance party USA

after only 5 hours of sleep it was time to get up and start drinking again - yay!

brunch with sissy, jason, brooke, leah m, nina and rachel at calle ocho in the upper west side was glorious. they had this little thing called an unlimited sangria bar - it was amazing. i was pretty hungover from the night before but two glasses of the good stuff later and i was ready for round two, three, four and five.

and that would be a sangria bar...

after a delicious brunch me and sissy, brooke and jason headed to mcaleer's pub for some post sangria beers and then to blondies sports to watch the cavs game. it was at blondies where we got to met up with my friends alymcjew and jewfroblu it was so wonderful to see them!!

by now it was around 7pm and we've been drinking for seven hours and food was required. so we crossed over to the east village where sissy and jason's favorite burger in the city is served at paul's "da burger joint". now while i didn't get a burger i took bites of my sister's and damn was it lovely. i won't make the mistake of not ordering one ever again.

now while paul's had the burgers we didn't order any fries because those would be consumed two doors down at pomme frites. yes, a food joint that only serves pomme frites, it was heavenly and i would like one to be opened in cleveland ASAP.

my last and final stop of this sunday funday was at dempsey's to meet for the first time a blogger/author named jason mulgrew that i've been reading/internet crushing on since '05.

fact: the whole time we were hanging out i was
attempting to be way more sober than i actually was and was probably nervously talking out of my ass or doing the opposite of nervous talking and just shutting my mouth for fear of what would come out.

although, now that i think about it perhaps i did a horrible job of pretending to be sober, i'll have to ask him. i'm sure it was an awesome first impression.... or not.

regardless of my meeting jason eight hours deep into a sunday funday it was cool as hell of him to come out and meet me especially, since he's a famous published author now. his book, everything is wrong with me: a memoir of an american childhood gone, well, wrong came about about a month ago and is laugh out loud funny. having finished it last week i need to tell you all about it, but that's another post in and of itself for later this week.

after recapping all of the above i'm pretty confident that i took full advantage of my two nights in NYC and i can't wait to go back - thanks for hosting me sissy!



  1. it's amazing at how fast those few days flew by, right?

  2. Sounds like an amazing time. Its so great that your sister lives in NYC and you can go visit any time you want.

  3. That sounds phenomenal. I was actually in New York, too, this past weekend, but had a much more low key time.

    Although, I am sad that I didn't know about that sangria bar beforehand...

  4. Ooh fun! I love the Sangria bar. Although, not sure if I like Sangria.

    Bud Heavy... is that as opposed to Bud Light? If so, I love it!

    Glad you guys had such a great weekend, and Happy Birthday to your sis!

  5. So fun!

    Your sister is adorable! Happy Birthday Sissy Plum! :)

    Now I keep saying lines from Ugly Furniture over and over again - my colleagues are probably going to be displeased with you for reminding me of that hilariousness.

    UM - I'm driving to NY right now so I can get my ass to that sangria bar.

  6. Glad you had a good time! I've grew up in Cleveland and lived for a short time in NYC, and I'm with you, I'll take Cleveland ANY day!!

  7. that sounds like one hell of a ny trip, haha, glad you had so much fun and happy belated birthday to the sissy! ps. you two have the same smile, it's quite cute, haha.

  8. I want the 1st picture of all of you guys together.....soo cute. I do think it was nice 'my girls' were together in NYC....even minus 'the mom'. Too many cocktails.....XO

  9. The anonymity? I guess the whole city of Cleveland does feel like a high school sometimes.

  10. Dear lord.. just reading that makes me exhausted! had a great time sissy!

    oh and I'm going by "Sissy Plum" from now on! ha ha ha

  11. Oh hipsters, haha. My neighborhood is actually packed with them. You really did make the most of two days. I love NY too, but it's nothing like a hometown.

  12. Pommes Frites is THE BEST THING EVER!! Especially when you're drunk haha. I also love the radegast hall and biergarten!! Next time you're in NYC you should check out the one in Astoria.

  13. Pommes Frites is THE BEST THING EVER!! Especially when you're drunk haha. I also love the radegast hall and biergarten!! Next time you're in NYC you should check out the one in Astoria.

  14. Pommes Frites is THE BEST THING EVER!! Especially when you're drunk haha. I also love the radegast hall and biergarten!! Next time you're in NYC you should check out the one in Astoria.

  15. I'm too distracted by this attractive Jason character to focus on NYC.


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