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Thursday, March 4, 2010

i've always had an infatuation with cars.

you can ask any of my friends how much i love to drive, short or long distance, i'm in one of my happiest places behind the wheel, windows down, music up - way up.

now while i've had many,
MANY speeding tickets, i've been lucky to have only been in one very minor accident in my 13 years of driving.

this accident occurred while i was a junior at the university of dayton. i was with a friend and we were driving from flanagan's to the hills (sober), and when i was trying to turn left i ran into a "mom's limo"* on brown street due to an illegally parked car obstructing my view.

no one was hurt, and i wasn't sited, but my car was damaged enough to need three days in the shop.

cue my talking to enterprise rental car coordinating my temporary transportation, and as i was on the phone with the clerk i stated, "i want something FUN!".

cue my filling out the rental paperwork when the clerk informed me that my "FUN!" car would be a pick-up truck. sweet, i thought, thinking i would be getting a smaller pick-up truck like a ford S10.

but when she directed me to my car it was a bright, cherry red, ford F150 extend cab that looked like the car below....

i went from a little nissan sentra to that hot mamma jamma.

obviously my friends and i were going to have some fun with this truck - there were going to be family shot guns a plenty, flat bed rides and ghetto cruises.**

cut to the end of a fabulous saturday night. i was driving my friends and i home in the hot mamma jamma red truck when i reached the part of the ghetto where stonemill dead ended into founders field.

but instead of turning right or left, i looked to my friends poo poo and foxxy who were in the truck with me and said, "i'm gunning it".

like, over founders field.***

pedal down, rubber burned, tire marks left on the grass.

i knew i was going to have "FUN" in this truck.

so what if i may or may not have committed a couple conduct violations in the process, it was college.

and man, it was fun.


*mom's limo - essentially a driver that gave UD students rides around campus. yeah, i hit a university owned taxi cab.

** ghetto cruise - UD's student housing neighborhood is called "the ghetto", and cruising the ghetto was hands down one of my favorite college pastimes. i may or may not have had a "crush stalking route" - don't judge.

*** founders field - the former field on UD's campus where rugby and many of the club sports were played. i.e. a big 'ol field of grass.


  1. I am clearly not getting the most out of my rental vehicles.

  2. I appear like a prime and proper adult. But, had you known me in college. Let's just say, I'd have matched your red truck through the field and then upped you one at the end. Bad girl, bad. But, oh so much fun! =)

  3. I only see a few holes in this story - but I won't get into them here as I'm not sure that the statute of limitations has expired. Good times w/ the extended cab though my friend!

  4. Note to self: Never buy a used car that came from a rental lot.

  5. that truck was a monster...i loved getting rides in it to class because lets face it, that 5 minute walk was just way too long!

  6. Haha, big truck ARE fun. I love that you gunned it and left tire marks in the field.

  7. Did they make you pay the $25 per day 'under 25 fee' when you rented the truck? Renting cars is so expensive when you're under 25. Definitely limits my desire to rent them.

  8. Didn't you feel a little invincible, too, in a truck that big? I love that. And what's the point, if you're not gonna have a little fun?

  9. NICE! I never pictured you as a truck kinda girl! LOL

  10. I've never had a rental car before, and this story makes me want to experience that fully whenever I get the chance...

  11. girls driving big trucks is super hot....yes it is.

  12. gotta love a girl who can drive a truck.

  13. Did you also rear end someone in front of your insurance agent's office? If I recall, the bumper was placed in the backseat of your car...or did I dream that all up?

  14. i have a feeling anon knows my secrets. haha.

  15. I don't know if I'm more impressed with the fact that you remember Mom's Limo or that you gunned a truck through Founders. Well played.

  16. Funny. I don't know what made me think of this (maybe the university owned cab comment) but one time I was out in college in the DEAD of winter at a perfectly fun party that my friends were planning to leave in 20 minutes to go to the bar. Me, being my bratty drunk self, decided that I HAD TO LEAVE NOW and so I decided to walk to the bar (I had on heels, there was snow/ice on the ground,etc). It would have taken a GOOD 45 minutes to walk. Miserable.

    So about 15 minutes into the walk I saw a public safety (university cops) vehicle and asked them for a ride. And they drove me, wasted, to what I said was my "friend's apartment" but I ACTUALLY went to the bar next door. Everyone thought it was HILARIOUS that public safety drove me to the bar.

    That's my story. It's not that good but I just randomly thought of it.

    The end.

  17. God I miss driving. Ughhhhh damn you city.

  18. I, too, am happiest behind the wheel... so many people don't understand that. I can't say I ever did anything that "FUN" in any of my own cars, but you've given me a few ideas for the next time I'm in a rental (that's not paid for by work)!

  19. Who hasn't had a speeding ticket or several before? Ha.

    I'm glad you took advantage of having the truck. I would've sent it back saying there was no way I could see over the dash, lol.

  20. A movie that was on CBS in the 90s where a girls legs get caught underneath a fuel semi truck and firefighter have to hurry and save her before the truck explodes,

  21. LOL I always wanted to go ride in one of those trucs with loud music blasting from the window. Wow.


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