st patrick's day in cleveland, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

my st. patrick's day festivities were full of fun and friends, how about yours?

my day started with breakfast at my apartment and lots of irish mimosa's (did you watch the video yet?). with stops at HOB, winking lizard for the thunder::tech party, flannery's, map room, dinner at sushi rock (how irish of us), and dancing at the harp i was up drinking from 7:30am to 1:30am.

i also pretty much followed the boys from the county hell around to all their shows (HOB, flannery's and the harp) - i might as well become a groupie now.

some of the t::t crew at winking lizard - jason, christina, K$, salami rose, me, jerbear, and bruce

for company on the smaller side t::t sure has a lot of red haired team members - jerbear, bruce, K$, josh and christina

AJP, me and JV at winking lizard gateway district

the best outfits of the day - salami rose and keith

BEST PICTURE OF THE DAY! that would be slider, ketchup, me, lara, onion and mustard all decked out in their st pat's gear. go tribe!

i can't wait for next year already, for serious.


  1. man i need to come celebrate st. patrick's day with you next year, that looks like so much fun!

  2. I have to ask the obvious question. Was Keith wearing underwear under that kilt? :)

    Looks like a great time. You Clevelanders know how to party.

  3. If I got St. Patrick's Day off as a sanctioned holiday from work, I'm pretty sure I'd be obligated to go big like you did. Looks like a blast!

  4. Apparently I should be friends with you and your friends. I want a big Irish drinking awesome festive party with people on foam costumes pronto.

  5. I'm coming to Cleveland for St. Patty's day next year and partying with you guys! You know how to do it!

  6. I totally wish I was a close friend so I could have a sweet nickname. I mean, 'Salami Rose' is just killer. I think there should be a "Plum Irish" party next year, or anytime for that matter. I'm in!

  7. I fully agree with this day. this day is very important in me life.


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