things i *should* be writing about

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i should be writing about last friday's happy hour at flannery's with friends, dinner at johnny's little bar, drinks at nauti mermaid and debauchery at barley house and beyond.

i should be writing about how saturday afternoon i saw crazy heart at the capitol theater with my mom and sissy, bought an awesome ring and FINALLY got to meet the famous danielle at room service, and my ridiculously awesome meal at luxe kitchen & lounge.

i should be writing about how saturday night i had an epic solo dance party on the drive from cleveland to canton to get me excited for a night out in NC with my friends from home that took us everywhere from a strip club, to my favorite bar in the world geisen haus where i could drink out of my "sexy lexy" stein, and had me falling asleep as the sun came up.

i should be writing about the oscar watching party we had at my aunt's house sunday night and how good the awards were... but i was sleeping by the time the opening credits even started.

it was a long, unexpectedly random, very fun weekend to say the least, and i should be writing about it.

but instead, i'm going to sleep.


  1. LOL Have an awesome rest, Alexa. From all those awesome weekend festivities.

    We want pics when you're up though!

  2. I heart you alexa.

    sounds like you had a great weekend.

  3. It does sound like a very fun weekend. My problem is that sometimes I have wonderful weekends and I dont feel like sharing them, even though I probably should.

  4. You are always so busy (aka awesome)! I get tired just reading your posts!

  5. My goodness - this is the kind of weekend I WISH I were having in Ohio...

    I'm doing something wrong.

  6. Jesus Alexa. I got tired just reading about all that.


  7. CHEATER!!! you blogged about all those things without blogging about them!!

    mm... good idea...

    forever yours,
    your bff from boston

  8. What did you think of Crazy Heart? I still want to check it out. That song that won the Oscar is so good!

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  10. Damn you, woman! I was stuck at home sick all weekend, and am always looking forward to your weekend recaps... And all I get is this? Jeez! Well, I'm glad you had fun anyway!


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